24 April 2019

All Wrapped Up

This Christmas quilt top was finished in January but the backing fabric took ages to arrive.  It's a pretty quilt designed by FigTree and Co.

Bonnie and Camille's "Vintage Holiday" fabrics were used for the quilt top and backing.  I love the silver dot fabric for the sashings, the pretty aqua ribbon fabric backing and candy stripes are always the perfect binding.

I chose "Rainbow Hearts" for the quilting and I think Karen was relieved to have a change from Orange Peel.

One more quilt to come back from Sarah and then I will be up-do-date for a while.


Maria said...

Your Sylvia's Bridal Quilt, Butterfly Quilts and the Christmas one are all beautiful..
Such a treasured gift of the Butterfly for an engagement/wedding. Lucky couple..

marina said...

So gorgeous! I love the quilting design too.
Just perfect


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