27 June 2012

Not Quite Civil War Blocks

On Monday evening after work I cut out 5 more Civil War blocks and sewed them up last night.
Yankee Puzzle
Christmas Star
Ohio Star
Port and Starboard
Right Hand of Friendship
I have made 42 of the 53 Civil War blocks and have decided this is enough.  I have left out some of the applique blocks and some blocks requiring templates.  Next step is fix the bottom left-hand point on the last block and to decide how to set the blocks - something simple as there's plenty of variety in the blocks.

On Monday night I also finished off this little cardigan

and it's now in the post to our friend for her new little boy.

Michael's new jumper is also underway and the secret stitching is almost finished.  It was good to spend some time at the machine last night - feels like it's been a while.

24 June 2012

Cutting Out

I had some pieces of Hunky Dory fabric that I bought from Bec a while ago and I've been wondering what to make with them.  Saw the Spin Cycle pattern on Cluck Cluck Sew's blog, bought it and thought it would be just right then found some more Hunky Dory fabrics at Bella's Patchwork and I was all set.

Cut out a load of squares and triangles this moring

and made one block.  Think I'm going to really like these blocks when I get around to making some more.

I also dragged out my Not Quite Civil War blocks and made one more.

Hovering Hawks
I now have 37 blocks.  Don't think I'll make all of them - just a few more to fill one more row and that will do.

We went to Sydney yesterday and had lunch with Elizabeth and Matt at Una's in Darlinghurst - so much for the diet.  Great company and food.  Then we visited Michael and Peta and saw all of their wedding photos (1,623 of them!).  Bad news:  the jumper is way too big for Michael.  Good news:  Peta loves it (even though it swims on her) and wouldn't take it off.  So, I have more wool and will start another jumper for Michael.

21 June 2012

Michael's Jumper

Michael's jumper is finished.  I'm so happy with how it's turned out but I fear the jumper will be too big for him.  Michael doesn't like tight-fitting clothes so I decided to make the jumper medium sized but ...  My own silly fault as I should have measured him first rather than keep it a surprise.  Anyway, I may see him on the weekend and then I'll know.

This photo shows the true colour.

The wool is Paton's Inca colour number 7036 and the pattern is from Paton's Inca pattern book number 1232.

This wool knits up beautifully and so quickly being 14 ply.

No machine sewing the last few weeks but I have managed a bit of secret stitching for a present that needs to be posted off soon.

Sydney weather made a liar out of me on the weekend - Friday and Sunday were such beautiful days, but we're back to the very chilly winter weather.

I've loved reading all the blog posts about visits to the Sydney Quilt Show.

19 June 2012

Sydney Quilt Show

I, along with many of my blogging and on-line friends, had a fabulous weekend in Sydney at the Quilt Show.  Well, the Quilt Show was the excuse for all of us to get together.  Met some long-time friends for the first time and met some new friends - truly wonderful time.

The next photo I borrowed from Peg.  This photo was taken after dinner on Friday night.  As I've recently taken on a temp assignment I wasn't able to make it to Sydney for the lunch-time blog meet so it was lovely to be able to catch up with a lot of the girls at dinner.

Dale, Peg, Sue, me, Kerry, Dzintra, Chooky, Anita - thanks Sarah for the update.
Saturday morning I met up with more of the girls from our on-line group at breakfast then headed off to the Quilt Show.  I took about 4 photos all day.  Too much to see, too many shops to visit, too many people to chat with.  I ran into one girl from our stitching group and two girls I went to school with.
Dale, Kerry, Peg, Pam and Chooky in Marg Low's class

The girls head down working hard - is Chooky trying to copy?
Afternoon tea with the girls - sorry there are more girls whose names I don't know - please let me know so I can add some links.
That's Sue sitting next to me.
Dinner on Saturday night before the fireworks.
Sarah, De, Vicki, Peg, Helen, Jenny, Chooky, Me, Maree, Dale, Christine - Jenny is updating her blog.
Sunday I took my roomies (Helen, Jenny and Teresa) in to the City to have a wander around some shops and arcades before they headed off to the airport. These photos are from Teresa's blog.
With Jenny and Helen in the Strand Arcade
The girls thought I really was in Wonderland - one of my favourite shoe shops (Zoe Wittner).
Some of the goodies I bought at the Quilt Show.  The scarves and Posh Pendants are presents for friends and the rest is stuff that I absolutely need.  I think Anni's little turtle pincushion would be the most popular item at the show - it's so sweet, I had to buy a kit along with nearly everyone I know.

11 June 2012

Thank Heavens for Design Sheets/Walls

Today I've been playing with Ruby Chain, the quilt that our stitching group is making. It is based on Island Chain from "Scrapbook Sensations".

Having the design sheet makes laying out the blocks so much more manageable and is much easier on the knees.

My quilt will be mostly Ruby fabrics with a couple of Bliss fabrics to make up the number required.

What a wet, chilly long weekend we've had but a lot to look forward to next weekend.

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10 June 2012

Lots of Trimming

All my time in the sewing room this weekend has been spent trimming half square triangle blocks ... I thought I'd never finish.

These are for the Stepping Stones blocks. Might do a bit of sewing tomorrow in amongst ironing etc. Next weekend I'll be in Sydney to go to the Quilt Show ... definitely looking forward to the that.

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09 June 2012

Buttercup Squares

This quilt is a present for a wedding we will be attending next month - the bride's mother chose the fabrics ("Buttercup" designed by Joanna Figueroa - Fig Tree).  Sewing down the binding on this very large quilt has been a pleasure on these very cold winter nights.

Buttercup Squares 75" x 86" (191 cms x 218 cms)

Can't say I enjoyed quilting this one so much just because of the size but it's turned out well.

Knitting is going well - the back of Michael's jumper is finished and I'm halfway up the front.

So very cold here lately and looks like the cold snap will continue for the long weekend.  Beef and vegie soup in the crock pot today and I think I'll cook a chilli in the crock pot tomorrow.  We have my sister-in-law and nephew here for the weekend which is lovely.

03 June 2012

A Bit of Sewing

This weekend I've been catching up on the on-line group's Mystery BOM.

Block 1 was made a couple of months ago.

Mystery BOM Block 1

I made Block 2

Mystery BOM Block2
and Block 3 yesterday.

Mystery BOM Block3

No machine sewing during the work week but I did manage ten minutes of stitching one lunchtime.  I've been doing some knitting at while watching tv at night.  The back jacket is almost finished.

and I've started Michael's jumper.

This wool is really quick to knit - 14 ply.  Love it.

Miserable weather this weekend.  Mum and I are going for a drive to Thirroul to have a wander around the shops.


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