31 March 2011

All's Well ...

because my machine is back where she belongs.

 So last night I was able to work on some more secret sewing for swap presents due in mid-April

and I sewed together Block 8 of Butterfly Garden

Butterfly Garden - Block 8
Next step in this quilt is drawing up the applique pieces for Block 7, the embroidery was done while watching tv this week. 

I'm hoping to make a large dent in the Big Birthday quilt sewing over the weekend.  Back to stitching The Wish Quilt at lunchtimes - although this quilt is taking forever the end is in sight.

27 March 2011

The Wedding

On Friday we drove to the Hunter Valley to attend Shaun and Kellie's wedding.  Shaun is our dear friends' son and we have known him since he was a twinkle in his Dad's eye.

Shaun and I as he was ready to leave for the chapel
Kellie was a stunning bride.  The wedding ceremony was beautiful.  Kellie is a huge (and that is an understatement) Elvis fan - she walked down the aisle to "Can't Help Falling in Love".

Shaun and his beautiful bride, Kellie
 I was given one of the flower arrangements that were on top of the candelabras on each table. 

The wine glasses were our placecard holders (very appropriate for the Hunter Valley) and the glasses were given to guests in place of bonboniere.

The reception was such fun - great speeches (laughs and tears), a photobooth and lots of dancing until very late.

Many of the guests stayed overnight at the venue and we all met up for breakfast before leaving for a wine tour, golf or to make our way home (via visiting some old friends).

23 March 2011

Weekend Away

Seems as though last weekend was the weekend for many bloggers to have a trip away.  The three photos below are the only photos I took all weekend:

Kitchen in the unit we stayed in on Thursday night
View from the loungeroom
Barbara and I on our way to see "Wicked"
Photos that don't show what a fantastic time we had.  We arrived at the Gold Coast on Thursday night, booked into our accommodation (beautiful 2 bedroom unit) and then had dinner at a very friendly Italian restaurant just across the street.  We spent Friday shopping at Pacific Fair and then stayed overnight with Diann.  Saturday morning Diann's extremely cute grandson came to visit us and after morning tea Barbara and I left to drive to Carindale for some more shopping.

We were staying in Brisbane on Saturday night, had dinner at our hotel and met up with Diann and Angela (Diann's daughter), who were coming with us to see "Wicked" - what a fabulous show.  Such wonderful singing and the costumes!  Sunday morning we had a good look around Brisbane cbd and then it was time to drive to the airport for our trip home.

Last week I saw Anna Bligh on Adam Hills' show asking people to have a holiday in Queensland to help boost the economy - Barbara and I have definitely done our bit to help out.

Rain started falling just as our plane landed in Sydney and we drove into rain all the way home - the rain was here to stay for a few days.  It has been torrential on the South Coast.  No damage around our area but loads not too far away.

John and I are driving up to the Hunter Valley on Friday to attend a wedding - maybe I'll take more photos this time.

16 March 2011

Secret Sewing Started

On Sunday afternoon I started the Secret Sewing for the Big Birthday.

The background is made up on nine patches and then there's some applique to go on top.  There won't be any machine sewing happening at my place over the next 10 days or so as both machines are going on a trip.

The machine in the blue case is going in for its first service and the machine in the red case is going on a plane ride tomorrow night to Queensland to stay with Diann till we go to Kingaroy in May.  So looking forward to my weekend away.

13 March 2011

Cake Recipe

During the week I came across a recipe on Bloom's blog - Roast Plum and Blackberry Cake.  Friends were coming over for dinner last night so I decided to make it.  It is delicious!

So many lovely flavours.  Thanks for posting the recipe, Bloom.

This morning I sewed together Block 9 of Butterfly Garden - I have to admit I am starting to enjoy needleturn, well, at least on these blocks.

Butterfly Garden - Block 9
Some more secret sewing prepared this morning using my favourite Fig Tree fabrics.

12 March 2011

10 March 2011

Lots Happening

Progress has been made on "Floral Bouquet" - all the blocks are sewn and have been sorted into rows.

"Floral Bouquet" blocks sorted into rows and packed into storage bags
Last night I sewed the first 2 rows together.  I love how quickly this quilt comes together once all the components are made.

"Floral Bouquet" - rows 1 and 2
I started quilting "Vintage Valentine" last Sunday afternoon but it needs to be put aside for a while so I can get on with some secret sewing - a present for a family member having a large "0" birthday next month.  I'm hoping I can make a good start over the weekend.  More secret stitching is going on at lunchtimes for some swap presents.

Secret Stitching
Lots of fun coming up in the next few weeks - friends coming over for dinner on Saturday night; a shopping trip to Queensland with my dear friend Barbara next week when we will catch up with dear Diann and her daughter Angela as well as see "Wicked"; a wedding in the Hunter Valley the following weekend.

04 March 2011

World's Greatest Shave

A dear friend of our family is participating in the World's Greatest Shave on Saturday, 12 March 2011.  Any sponsorship would be going to an excellent cause and would be so gratefully received.

02 March 2011

Little Patchwork Village

Jenni bought me a present - a sweet necklace.  John asked me if I knew what the middle charm was - oh, he's so funny.

The Stitching Girls came over last night - I made Peg's mixed fruit and walnut slice - delicious.  Thanks for the recipe Peg.  I'll definitely be making this one again.

The next block in our on-line BOM - Steps to the Altar.

Sunday afternoon and Monday evening were spent quilting Little Patchwork Village.

Here's the backing Bec.
I finished sewing down the binding and adding the label last night.  The label came about because I traced one stitchery twice and hadn't realised until about halfway through the second version (thanks Diann)

"Little Patchwork Village" is now hanging in my sewing room

where "Leanne's House" has been hanging for the past 4 years.

Think I'll have to visit Bunnings for some more Commander hooks and a piece of dowel so they can hang side by side.


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