28 July 2008

Christmas in July Swap

This is the present I received from Lyndy (no blog) in our on-line stitching group's Christmas in July Swap. I was thrilled to bits when I opened the parcel because no-one has ever made me anything with Hardanger and I don't know many other people who do it. The stitching is absolutely beautiful.

Close-up of the stocking cuff:
Suzi has photos on her blog of what I made for her. Photos of other presents sent and received in the group are here and here.

25 July 2008

Finish 5 in July

No 5 in Peg's Challenge is finished - I've sent a photo to Peg of the finished quilt so that she can see it's really done. This is all I'm going to show for the time being.

24 July 2008

Girls Day Out

Blocks 2 and 3 of "Girls Day Out".

Have a look at Julie's "Girls Day Out" blocks - they are gorgeous.

Tomorrow night am hoping to finish sewing down the binding on No 5 of Peg's Challenge. Have a couple more quilts I'd like to make/finish before the end of September (quick machine pieced and quilted on the doover). The Challenge has been a great opportunity to practise on the doover and I feel a bit more confident. Can anyone recommend where to buy easy pantograph designs for all-over quilting?

20 July 2008

Another one's gone ...

No 4 in Peg's Challenge is finished - the all pink "Ruth's Quilt" which is made entirely from stash (except for the backing). This quilt is finished with meandering and small loops - my tension is improving a little. The biggest decision was which fabric to use for the binding - decided to use the last of one of my favourite fabrics, the pink paisley from Robyn Pandolphs "Hanna Bella" range.

Thank you Peg for all the encouragement - hard to imagine how many quilts have been finished off around the world as a result of your challenge.

17 July 2008

And another one's gone ...

This is the first "Travel Quilt" finished with large meandering quilting - No 3 in Peg's Challenge. I'm really happy it's finished in plenty of time for Peta's birthday in early August. It's the second quilt I've completed on the frame (first one was a couple of years ago). This version of the quilt is one row wider than the pattern and I've managed to use up pretty much all of the fabric bought, so I'm very happy about that.
"Ruth's Quilt" is ready to be pinned onto the frame for quilting over the weekend. Might do a meander with a small loop and try a pantograph on the next quilt. Feeling like being a bit adventurous.

Anniversary flowers from Jenni and John. So beautiful.

14 July 2008


Over the weekend I decided the time had come to set up the quilting doover again - it's been dismantled since Christmas and I have a couple of quilt tops that would suit all-over meandering. I need all the practice I can get. This is the first of 2 Leanne Beasley's "Travel Quilts" I'm making - it's for our daughter-in-law Peta and is in Woodstock fabric.

Today is our 30th wedding anniversary. 15 July 1978, a beautiful sunny but chilly day (just like today), was the start of an enormous adventure. 4 days after the wedding we travelled to Holland where we were based for the next 11 months while travelling around UK and Europe and working for some of the winter. The adventure continued as our babies arrived and we've had the joy of seeing them grow into wonderful adults.

Early this year I received an email from the editor of "Homespun" telling me one of her staff had been reading blogs and had come across pictures of some dolls I'd been making. She then asked if I would send her some photos for the mailbag section and here they are in this month's magazine. I was the lucky winner of some Clover products.

09 July 2008

Sweet Pea's Quilts

My first two finishes in Peg's Challenge - two Sweet Pea's Quilts all done, except for the labels, which can't be completed until the babies are born in September. I've added sashings to make the quilts a little larger than the original design and one of Peg's Peepers to the pink quilt. 95% of the fabrics in the quilt tops are from my stash - have been trying to use up some of the stash this year.

This is "Miss T Tipsy" the next installment in "Truly Scrumptious" and two buckets (minus handles) that my daughter Jenni has been making - they are from the new Bronwyn Hayes book "Little Chicken Feather". A friend of hers had twin boys in January (3 months premmie) - the boys are doing really well now ("chubbin' up" to quote Jenni).

04 July 2008

Baby, It's Cold Outside

It sure is cold - winter has arrived with a vengeance. Won't complain too much though as I don't live in the northern hemisphere (I have lived through a very cold winter in Holland) - my favourite season will be here soon.

The next installment Lynette Anderson's "Noah's Ark" should be available any day now. The kangaroos were last month's. Running a little behind on these stitchery BOM's - have yet to start Capricorn Quilt's block for last month.

This is Melly & Me's "Sherbet" bag. A friend of ours will be turning 17 tomorrow and Jenni thought it would be a good bag for her.

Lastly, a sneaky peak photo (haven't done one of these before) of something I'm making as a surprise present for a up-coming Big Birthday. I'm really pleased with how it's turning out, considering I've been making it up as I go.

Looking forward to a quiet weekend at home.

02 July 2008

Happy Birthday Baby Boy

Today our gorgeous baby boy is 26. He was a perfect baby - could have written a text book about him but all that changed once he realised he could move around. Michael was so cheeky and cute (still is) and has grown into an independent, wonderful young man.


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