27 December 2008

Lots of Presents

Another Christmas has come and gone - we've had a wonderful few days. We're so fortunate to have our family living within reasonable distances and to be able to spend time together. Our family spent Christmas Day at Elizabeth and Matt's house along with Matt's family which was lovely as his sister has 3 little children who made the day lots of fun. Elizabeth and Matt outdid themselves - the table was gorgeous, excellent turkey cooked by Matt, loads of other food brought along by everyone, great company and lots of laughs.

One of the presents Elizabeth bought me is "Dancer" - how gorgeous is this reindeer? It's a Patience Brewster design and is so detailed and beautiful.

I made this quilt, "Ruffles & Rows" designed by The Birdhouse, for Matt's 5yo neice, Emily - it was finished on Christmas Eve.

Received this lovely cushion, which is more than a cushion, from Jenny - the cushion is explained on Jenny's blog. Was a lovely surprise when the parcel arrived in the mail. I know people won't believe me, but I didn't open any parcels until Christmas Day - didn't even squish them.

I took part in 2 swaps this Chrismas - one with the on-line group I belong to, Prim Treasures: Vicki made me this fabulous Cinderberry Stitches wallhanging - it will be on my wall straight after Christmas. Vicki also made me 2 stars from Nancy Halvorsen's "Star of Wonder" book (but I haven't taken a photo of them yet). We both love her designs.
My partner to send to was Kerry and I made a Bareroots sewing bag and accessories - have had this pattern for ages and this swap was a great time to make it.

The other swap I was in was organised by Wildcraft Farm. My partner, Julie (who doesn't have a blog yet) send me ths wonderful sewing caddy, which is a great size to fit into my handbag to take to work.

Lots of goodies inside.

I sent Julie a wallhanging designed by "Country Cupboard"

plus an oven mitt, after Julie provided a subtle hint that she LOVES black and white.

I found the pattern somewhere online but have no idea which site so that I can put a link to it. Was pretty happy with how this one turned out so made some for my girls and some other friends.

Boxing Day was spent mostly recovering from Christmas Day, as we didn't arrive home until 11.30 pm (a very long day for the Nannas), then a bunch of friends came over for a bbq dinner - always enjoy the Boxing Day bbq.

Today was brunch with another group of friends - we arrived home at 6.30 pm, then went off to visit other friends to exchange our Christmas presents. We usually spend Christmas night with these friends but we thought visiting them after 11.30 pm was a tad late.

Wonderful Christmas this year.

17 December 2008

Miss Jenni Joy BA

Today was a milestone day - our baby girl, Jenni, graduated from Wollongong University. We are so happy for her and so unbelievably proud of all her achievements. In mid-January Jenni will commence Dip Ed studies so she can become an infants/primary school teacher.

Last Saturday night we went to a Mexican-themed 21st birthday party. I was at the hairdresser that morning and, when John came to pick me up, he persuaded the hairdresser to dye his moustache black for the party. Couldn't believe she used a permanent dye! Thought I was going to pop a foo-foo valve. So, that explains John's El-Gringo look in the photo.
Monday afternoon I arrived home from work to find a box waiting on our verandah table. I wasn't expecting any mail so this was pretty exciting. Ripped it open and found it full of presents - one for each day 15-26 December. I'm very lucky to have such a fantastic friend.

14 December 2008

Nativities and Precious Artworks

Our first Nativity was coloured in by Jenni at pre-school (about 16 years ago), then she decided it should be mounted and she chose (the very traditional) pink laser cardboard for John to draw up the stable shape.

My dear friend, Barbara, bought me this Nativity teapot for Christmas 1998. The colours are really lovely. The teapot is well used each Christmas.

We bought this nativity in the post-Christmas sales 2002 - loved it as soon as I saw it - all the clothing is slightly stiffened fabric, the figurines are porcelain and the trees and backdrop are metal.
The following Christmas Mum turned up with these porcelain figurines for us and John whipped up the stables from wood off-cuts and glued the shavings/sawdust to the floor.

Made Nancy Halvorsen's "Joy to the World" during 2006 and finished the quilting in 2007.

I found these little cute guys in Launceston on the first day of our Tassie holiday last year and bought the Jim Shore stable in the post-Christmas sales in January (thought it was a lucky find).
I've bought a couple of other nativities as presents for friends and think I have a spot for one more in our house.

This swag of Christmas decorations in the family room is my favourite of all our Christmas goodies - all the pre-school artwork of our three children.

This year's Christmas cakes - stupid me made double the mixture but forgot to double the flour - had to taste test one and it's actually ok.

05 December 2008

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

Tonight was the night to start putting up some of the Christmas decorations. I have a growing collection of Willow Tree figurines (started by Peta and Michael) and a few Christmases ago I bought the Willow Tree Nativity. I think it's beautiful.

I also love this Christmas Krinkles "12 Days of Christmas".

Another "The Wish Quilt" stitchery block is finished. They are such sweet designs.

Am hoping to finish off a couple of swap presents in the next few days - too many other activities to be able to get into the sewing room.
Yesterday was Mum's 81st birthday - she wanted to see "Australia" and have tea at Subway so we did. I have very mixed feelings about the movie. I hope I have half Mum's energy when I'm her age - she's truly amazing.


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