31 August 2009

The second Pies and Tarts parcel arrived today - more gorgeous fabrics:

One of the machine embroidered placemats and serviettes from last week. I've made 4 so far - think I'll do another 2.

26 August 2009

Sweet Christmas Dreams

Last doiley for quite a while I think. This one has taken a long time - lots of filling with backstitch. Designed by Leanne Beasley for last year's Honeysuckle Cottage Christmas Club. Only change I made to the kit was to use larger ric-rac. Christmas finish for this month.

25 August 2009

A Lazy Day

I had a day off work yesterday with plans to quilt "Sweet Pea's Quilt" but it didn't happen - couldn't find the energy to sit at the machine for more than a few minutes.

Instead I cranked up the embroidery machine and decorated 4 napkins

and 4 placemats
for an upcoming engagement present. Might do a bit more quilting during the week. Baby Emily still has a few more weeks in hospital so there's no rush.

17 August 2009

Little Blue Bird

Last block: The quilt top is now together (except for outer borders).

12 August 2009

They're All Here

The last of the Quilt Aid blocks arrived today and I'd already received the finishing kit and backing fabric, so I'm all set to go one day ...

11 August 2009


Sweet Pea's Quilt, Block No 7. I have to hurry up and finish this quilt because Baby Emily was born on Sunday 9 weeks early.

08 August 2009

A Very Hungry Caterpillar

My stitching/sewing life these days revolves around bugs and grubs. Last night I finished the "Very Hungry Caterpillar" quilt for one of Jenni's friends. Had enough fabric to make a pillow case.

05 August 2009

Deja Vu

In 1971 I was in Year 11. During one school holiday I was one of 25 or so girls from school who caught a train to Sydney (the big smoke) to see "Love Story". Easy to picture a whole row of 16-17 year old girls in the theatre crying, sobbing loudly etc. Fast forward 38 years and last night I was in a picture theatre with 7 friends crying, some sobbing etc as we watched "My Sister's Keeper". I enjoyed the movie (even with the ending different to the book) but found I was so mad with the Mum throughout - don't want to say too much as the movie has just been released here. I can only be so very thankful to have 3 healthy children.

04 August 2009

Sewing and Shopping

The photo on the top right-hand side of my blog is of Jenni when she was approx 7 years old - here she is 14 or so years later making my heart sing. On Sunday Jenni is going to a baby shower. She is making a toy bag from Bronwyn Hayes's "Little Chicken Feather" book.

Instead of the applique chickens around the top of the bag, Jenni decided to applique a little stitchery

which is now finished

Poor kid - she was horrified each time the camera flashed.
I had an excellent day yesterday wandering around Ikea and we also had time for a quick visit to DFO. I bought these hanging shelves and drawers (much sturdier than the el-cheapo version). The plastic crates have been moved to the top shelf. The two boxes below are full of paper patterns - not often that I dressmake these days. It will take me some time to work out what goes best where.


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