28 December 2007


I know I'm shouting in the title but Christmas is the BEST time of the year.

Our family had 4 days of Christmas this year:

Day 1 - lunch with our son's girlfriend's family and friends.

Day 2 - Christmas Eve. This was the day when all our family could be together and one of the best times of Christmas is when we're all sitting around in the loungeroom tearing into the presents. Doesn't matter how old are children are, this is such a fun time.

On Christmas Eve, I have to watch the Melbourne Carols. After dinner John took Michael back to Sydney, Jenni was out at her boyfriend's family and Matt was asleep. Elizabeth made cocktails for the two us and we had such a lovely time watching the Carols and discussing the frocks. After John came home we decided we needed to have sweets (we were all too full after dinner to eat any sweets), so here we are at 1.00 am on Christmas morning.

Day 3 - Christmas Day - Elizabeth and Matt left after breakfast to spend the day with Matt's family; Mum and Josh (Jenni's boyfriend) came over for lunch and more presents. In the afternoon we picked up Michael from his girlfriend's parents and then everyone spent Christmas night playing Guitar Hero - good fun. Michael stayed over.

Day 4 - Boxing Day - we drove Michael back to Sydney and visited Elizabeth and Matt quickly. We generally have a bbq on Boxing Day to catch up with our friends. Was a lovely time this year.

20 December 2007

What a busy few weeks. The last of the Christmas sewing was finished tonight - a Christmas stocking for Jenni's boyfriend. As this is Josh's second Christmas with us, I think it's time for him to have his own stocking.

Natalie Lymer's "Three Sisters":

Monica Poole's "Safi" bags:

Christine Book's aprons:

Was a bit late making the Christmas cakes this year - just hope they taste ok.

Have also been making presents for a Secret Santa swap - will post those photos after Christmas.
Today was my last day at work until 7 January 2008. Love being on holidays and am looking forward to all the family being here and then a couple of days at home on my own after John goes back to work, so that I can spend some uninterrupted time practising on the quilting frame ("the Doover").
"Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good-night."

08 December 2007

First Saturday in December is the day John traditionally goes to the Christmas Tree Farm to chop down a tree. This year my brother and his family were staying at our place while they were here to celebrate Mum's birthday, so John, Philip and Ziggy (our dog) drove off to the tree farm and came home with a beautiful tree.

I'd spent Saturday afternoon packing away all my bits and pieces from around the house to make room for all the Christmas goodies. Sunday Mum came over to have breakfast with us before Philip, Tracey and the boys left to drive back to Lake Cathie, so I talked Mum in to staying for a while to help me decorate the house and tree. She left after 3.00 pm. I love Christmas. By Monday night I was reasonably happy with how everything looks - a bit of tweaking here and there and I'll be thrilled to bits.

06 December 2007

What a Woman!

Last Tuesday was my Mum's 80th birthday. We are all so fortunate to have Mum in our lives. Mum is the truest friend anyone could have, she is unbelievably brave, she is honest and upfront and she loves each one of us unconditionally.

The previous Saturday we went to Ruby's Country Cuisine for dinner. It was wonderful to have so many of our family there plus Mum's closest friends.

I took Tuesday off work to spend the day with Mum - went to housie (Mum's usual Tuesday outing) - didn't even come close to winning a game; did a bit of shopping and had afternoon tea with a friend.

Below are pictures of what I made Mum for her birthday -

"For a Special Mum", (c) Bareroots from Homespun Magazine No 35.

This started out as "Love a Mum" Quilt in a Card, (c) Wildcraft Farm and ended up a lap quilt. The star in the top right-hand corner is Jackson Star - my maiden name. Mum loves all these pretty colours.


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