14 August 2018

Rainbow Quilt

Over the years I've made a few quilts with Me and My Sister fabrics - the girls use such lovely colours and all their ranges mix well.

Basket Case designed by Cluck Cluck Sew
Jelly Rolls Gone Wild designed by Me and My Sister
Snippets designed by Bonnie Olaveson (Cotton Way)
Churn Dash
and Sylvia's Bridal Sampler which I've been making on and off (mostly off) since May 2010.  Some blocks are sewn into rows.

I currently have three quilts on the go using Me and My Sister fabrics - all the blocks (plus a couple of extras) have been made for the Jacob's Ladder Quilt.

Decided to use a rainbow layout for this one (as in Jelly Rolls Gone Wild above) and might start sewing the blocks together later in the week (there are sashings and posts between the blocks and rows).

Had such a fun day with Gulliver on Friday - we visited Centennial Park so he could ride his bike and play in the park before going home to make lots of Lego vehicles.

Gulli loves a selfie

09 August 2018

And Another One ...

... just because I could :)

"Frolic" designed by Cluck Cluck Sew using "Frolic" fabrics designed by Me and My Sister.

The spotty fabric should be all gone by the time the three little quilts are finished.

08 August 2018

New Starts

Lots of orange sewing last week to finish making "Sugar Plums" blocks.

Felt the need to work with some other colours so made a few "Summertime" blocks - I love these FigTree & Co "Coney Island" fabrics and decided to make the quilt larger so cut more fabrics.

I need a couple of smaller quilts to give away and have been inspired by some quilts I saw on Instagram:  "Checkerboard" designed by Lori Holt

and this layout for Jacob's Ladder blocks

My stash of Me and My Sister fabrics is perfect to use up in the fun designs.  I have one more design in mind using a charm pack of Me and My Sister's "Frolic" fabrics.

Weekend plans changed at the last minute and it turned out to be a fun weekend with little sweetheart staying over on Saturday night along with Jenni and Kurt, then Sunday lunch at a first birthday party followed by "Mama Mia" with Mum - I loved the movie (had tears streaming down my face from start to finish - I'm such a sook).  Great choreography and lots of fun. I'm looking forward to some Gulli-time on Friday.

30 July 2018

Change of Plans

I came across a pattern called 'School Days Charm Quilt" and thought it would work well to use up a load of Bonnie and Camille charm squares I had in my stash. Made one block on Wednesday night to try out the pattern.

Started sewing up the rest of the blocks on Thursday

and had a completed quilt top by very late Friday night.  Really enjoyed sewing with some larger fabric pieces.

I've bought the pretty bow fabric for the backing and hope it will arrive in the next week or so.

The border fabric is probably my most favourite Bonnie and Camille fabric ever.  It's from their "Vintage Modern" range and I bought all the fabric on the bolt when Sarah and I went to Quiltsmith in Sydney for a class with Camille in 2014.  I have a bit less than a metre left now.

My weekend plans changed so I had some extra sewing time - thought I should try to finish up the "100% Charming" quilt top.

This is the finished quilt top as per pattern.

Borders were added (to use up more fabric) - the quilt will fit better on a bed now.

Yesterday I starting making "Sugar Plums".  I love having a few quilts cut out and ready to sew when I feel like a change.  I'm thinking of making this quilt in "The Good Life" as well.

Dropped my Bernina and embroidery machines off for a service yesterday

so have been using the Pfaff - gosh this machine sews fast.  I bought it at the end of 2011 to use on my quilting frame and it's hardly been used.

24 July 2018

Apple Pie

In May I bought a newly-released pattern - "Apple Pie" by FigTree & Co.  I'm a big fan of Joanna Figueroa's patterns and fabrics and was pleased to find I could make the charm square version of this quilt with only having to buy fabric for the backing.

Karen quilted it with "Featheration" and it looks wonderful.

Karen was also able to provide the backing fabric.

I have the layer cake version of this quilt cut out in Bonnie and Camille's "Vintage Picnic" fabric, which will make a completely different looking quilt.

Saggy Baggy Elephant

Around 10 years ago I made a quilt using a "Pokey Little Puppy" cloth-book panel for a dear friend to give to her newborn great-niece.  At the same time I bought a couple of "Saggy Baggy Elephant" cloth-book panels to keep to make a quilt for my friend when she became a Nanna.  Her first grandchild will be born in just over two months

The quilt has been finished for over a month:

but I needed to write on the label (it's always the final, little jobs that hold me up).  This page of the book made a perfect quilt label.

I was able to see my friend over the weekend and give her the quilt.

A few more "Long Time Gone" blocks have been made - I love the colours in these fabrics.  they are so saturated.  Working with such small pieces is a challenge but very enjoyable and satisfying when it all works out.

I have been making the blocks in the order they appear in the pattern book but there are a couple I will leave till the end because they will use up a lot of leftover small pieces.

More "100% Charming" blocks have been made too - these are great for chain piecing.  Many more have been made since the photo was taken and I hope to put the quilt top together over the weekend.

20 July 2018

Scrappy Crossroads

Quite a few months ago I started collecting mini charm packs and cutting 2-1/2" squares from my Bonnie and Camille stash to make a "Scrappy Crossroads" quilt.  I've previously made a couple of quilts with a similar Goodnight Irene block but I love the multi-coloured look of these scrappy blocks.

I made a test block and then put it all away for a good while.

The blocks were made over the a couple of weeks, Karen did the quilting and I picked it up on Friday.  Finished stitching down the binding last night.

I love "orange peel" quilting and it works so well with this quilt design, and the border fabric.

On Wednesday night I cut into my "Vintage Picnic" layer cake - I've been saving this for a while and decided to use it to make the larger version of "Apple Pie", with Ruby Ice for the chain blocks.

Drew lines on the Ruby Ice for the half-square-triangles at lunchtime yesterday

and made two blocks last night - think I'm going to like how this will turn out (when I eventually get back to it).

Elizabeth, Matt and ChaCha gave me this gorgeous bundle of fabric for my birthday a couple of months ago.

The bundle was added to the Alison Glass fabrics I have left over from Jenni's "Tessellation" quilt for "Long Time Gone", a quilt designed by Australian Wonder-Woman Jen Kingwell.  Made the first block last night - thrilled to bits with the beautiful colours and very keen to make some more blocks.


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