21 November 2014

2nd Last Block

Another Best Friends Forever stitchery block completed at lunchtime - one more to be stitched and I can put the quilt together; then I'll find a new home for the blocks I don't need.

I want to make an orange and white quilt for someone in my family and thought "Swoon" would be a great pattern choice.  This pattern requires 18 fat quarters plus background.  I had a few oranges in my stash

and plenty more are on their way in the post.  Last night I cut out and started to assemble one block - these are very large blocks (24") and I love the orange and white.

Finished this little cotton crochet cardy recently.

Road trip to Bathurst tomorrow!

18 November 2014

I've Got Mail

A parcel was delivered to my place yesterday - Sarah had sent back my Red Letter Day quilt.

Love the quilting!  The quilt is going to look so fantastic when the binding is finished.  Might get to that on the weekend.

Finished another Best Friends Forever stitchery block last night - 1 and a bit stitcheries to go.

Saw two movies over the weekend.  Lynell and I went to see "Love, Rosie" on Saturday - was very enjoyable.  Mum and I saw "My Old Lady" on Sunday - much different than I expected but loved it.  Can't go wrong with Kevin Kline and Maggie Smith.  Turns out there was a huge wind storm while we were out - came home to find this big branch fallen in the back yard.  Very fortunate it landed where it did.

Stitching with the girls tonight - might finish off another stitchery block, then again might chat all night.

13 November 2014

Stitchery Blocks

Another two "Best Friends Forever" stitchery blocks are finished.

I enjoyed stitching this block as there is no satin stitch:


Starting to feel like I'm on the home straight with 2-1/2 stitchery blocks to go.  There will be 11 stitched blocks in the quilt, excluding a few I had stitched before deciding to change the purpose of the quilt.  There has been very little progress since this photo was taken - am hoping to sew some more blocks over the weekend.


11 November 2014

Red Letter Quilting

Last Friday, Sarah started quilting my Red Letter Day quilt.  It's looking fantastic and I can't wait for it to arrive back at my place.

10 November 2014

Sewing on Buttons

Another weekend has come and gone so quickly.  Had a lovely time stitching withe the girls on Saturday afternoon.  Made some good progress on a "Best Friends Forever" block

and felt motivated enough over the weekend to stitch more.  I really like this block.  Need to stitch another 4 blocks.

Saturday night was spent sewing buttons and ribbons onto some knitting that has been done over the last few weeks - not all pink.  I have a couple more knitted garments to sew together.

Yesterday the housepainters (my brother and sister-in-law) came over unexpectedly to do some more work.  Their grandchildren also turned up and they did a fantastic job painting the garage and watering the gardens.

04 November 2014

Short Attention Span

Lots happening at my place - can't seem to concentrate on any one thing so I've been knitting a little cardigan in 12 ply Bendigo wool, crocheting granny squares and little shoes as well as sewing together some of the Best Friends Forever blocks.

Not so much sewing/stitching/knitting time since I started back at work last week.

The weather has been quite warm and flowers have started blooming in the garden - this is pretty exciting for me.

Mum and I went to see "Pride" on Saturday afternoon (great excuse to sit in air conditioning - it was a sweltering day).  Loved the movie, especially because it's a true story.

28 October 2014

A Little Trip

Last week was another big event for our family.  Elizabeth graduated with a Masters of Business Management Degree from Monash University so that meant a trip to Melbourne for the ceremony.

My friend, Lynell who is Elizabeth's Godmother, came along for the trip too and it was lovely that she could share in this happy time with us.

Lots of happy times ahead for us as Elizabeth and Matt are awaiting the arrival of their baby daughter at the end of January.  Not much stitching/sewing happening but there has been lots of knitting and a bit of crocheting.  Elizabeth said "not too much pink" but there had to be some pink. 

 Everything else I've knitted is lovely bright colours or white.

The day after the graduation ceremony Lynell and I flew to Hobart to spend the rest of the week with our Schoolfriends.  Hobart is such a lovely city and we could have done with a few more days there.  A visit to the Museum of Old and New Art (MONA) was highly recommended - some very unusual pieces on display as well as some fun items.

The Chapel at MONA
One of the stained glass windows inside the Chapel at MONA


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