17 January 2017

Lots of Trimming

Last Monday was the first day back at work after the Christmas break.  It was a long week but ended with a nail-biter of a basketball game.  How the Hawks held their cool to win was fantastic.  I also went to see "La La Land" during the week - it's a really good movie but I didn't love it as much as I was hoping to.

There was so much trimming to be done on the Snippets blocks - I brought some in to work to do at lunchtime for a couple of days.

Finally all done by Thursday (448 blocks)

and one Snippets block made.

Snippets is packed away for a little while - I have a few other things I want to work on just now - some birthday presents for my sweethearts

I came across a pile of blocks for My Pink and Green Heaven that needed trimming - so brought them to work to do this week.  This quilt will be one my 2017 donation quilts.

 Over the weekend I put together the last of the Colorway blocks - these have also been put away for a while

Backing for Medley has been made to add to the pile to go to Karen when she's back from holidays

and just for the heck of it, I've cut out another medallion quilt:  "Summerville" designed by Thimble Blossoms using Vintage Picnic fabrics designed by Bonnie and Camille.

ChaCha stayed over on Saturday night - she's such a delight - never still.  Loves to sing.  We visited some friends in the afternoon and had dinner at Mum's (GG).  Friends came over for dinner last night so that was a nice way to finish up the weekend.

Michael sent through some photos of Cheeky Chops Gulliver at the park.  Looking forward to seeing them next weekend.

Going to see "Aladdin" next Saturday afternoon - can't wait!

10 January 2017


Towards the end of the year there were a few works in progress and, as I have been on holidays for a few days, I started watching "West Wing" again and got stuck into finishing off a couple of these WIP's.

First up was "Medley", designed by Coriander Quilts.  I have only made one other medallion quilt and I found this pattern fantastic - everything worked out and fitted so well.

The colours are showing up much better in the first two photos.  I love this quilt top.  All the fabric is from my Fig Tree stash and I've used leftovers from other quilts for the background fabrics (Bella Solid Ivory, Snow, FigTree Cream and Butter).  The pattern would work really well as an all-scrappy quilt.

Next top finished was "Cakewalk" designed by Thimble Blossoms and using Bonnie and Camille fabrics with black spot background fabric I bought during my holiday in Singapore.

This is a lap-sized quilt and, if I hadn't gone out for dinner and to the pictures, it would have been finished in a day.  A great pattern when a quilt is needed in a hurry.

Some progress has been made on "Colorway", another Thimble Blossoms design using the same fabrics as "Cakewalk".

Another 15 blocks to be made for this one.

Last quilt I've been working on is "Snippets" designed by Cotton Way and using Fig Tree & Co fabrics.  The fabrics for this quilt have been cut out for about a year and I've been procrastinating - 448 half-square triangles to be sewn and trimmed and then 224 of these turned into hourglass blocks.


There's a lot of pressing and trimming in my future but these will be put aside soon to start something for my little sweetheart who turns 2 in just over 3 weeks.

09 January 2017

Christmas 2016

Christmas decorating seemed to take longer this time and I didn't put out all the decorations.

The little ones are still a bit too young to be interested in decorating the tree but their faces when all the lights came on were priceless.

Our family had three days of Christmas this year:  Christmas Eve lunch at Jenni and Kurt's place - so beautifully decorated. 

Christmas Day was spent with many different family members and Boxing Day was lunch at my place.  All so entertaining with the little ones - opening presents is the best fun - they don't care so much about what's inside.

Wipe Out

Second weekend of December I was sidelined by a virus that turned into a chest infection and hung around for the rest of the month and into the early new year.  Consequently I didn't finish as much Christmas sewing as I would have liked but, thankfully, I had most of the Secret Santa presents made that I needed to send to Teresa.

I didn't take photos of the smaller Advent presents, only the Christmas Day gifts:

"Super Tote" designed by Noodlehead


"Sew Together Bag" designed by Sew Demented

I received the most wonderful gifts from Lorraine:

Days 1 and 2:  Christmas Tea Towels and Christmas Coasters
Day 3:  Christmas Potholders
Days 4 and 5:  Ornament (pink antlers and tiara) and Clotted Cream Fudge

Christmas Day's present was this fabulous Doctor's Bag in beautiful Union Jack/UK fabric - so beautifully made and Lorraine also sent some coins in the zipper pocket.

I made each of my sweethearts a pair of Christmas pj's

 and a couple of little dresses for ChaCha with patterns I'd made for her mother and auntie.

Finished off a couple of Annie Downs decorations for the sweethearts

and a Christmas stocking for Kurt to add to the family swag that hangs in the loungeroom.

08 December 2016

A Big Year

2016 has been a very big year in many ways, one of which is quilt finishes - 23.  20 of them are in the photo below.  Some were started a long time ago, some were orders for customers and some were made just because I liked the pattern and wanted to make them straight away.

05 December 2016

Spool Sampler

On Friday night I looked after Gulliver overnight in Sydney.  I took Spool Sampler with me to stitch down the binding when he went to sleep for the night - think I managed to stitch down one side and turn a corner, so that was pretty good considering how hot it was.  Stitched the rest down on Saturday night.

My Instagram friend, Amy, wanted to make this quilt and asked me to make one too but, being me, I decided to change the design a bit.  So happy with how it's turned out - the original pattern has a plain background block between each sampler spool and I decided to make the quilt larger by adding more sampler spools and a three-fabric-spool between each sampler spool.  I'm not a big fan of lots of plain space.

Love the Baptist Fan quilting (Quilting on the Coast) - another lovely texture and the design doesn't overwhelm the patchwork.


Saturday morning Gulliver and I went out for breakfast,

then hit the shops, bought a few Christmas presents, waved to Santa and he generally had a good time singing very loudly and chatting to anyone who wanted talk to him.  Finished the morning off with a couple of turns on his favourite ride.

He wasn't happy when it was time to leave but soon changed when he saw that his Daddy was home.

Mum had a lovely birthday yesterday - most of the family was there to celebrate with her and we saw the rest at my nephew's engagement party late in the afternoon.  Thankyou to everyone who sent birthday wishes.  Mum's up with the times - has her own Facebook page - I show her what's on it every now and then :)

One little piece of Christmas sewing has been completed - a heart for the Hugs N Kisses swag that hangs in the loungeroom.

Kurt has been around for long enough now.  I've also ordered a little nameplate from Nikki Tervo for the stocking swag.

02 December 2016

A Beautiful Surprise

Arrived home from work on Monday afternoon to find a parcel had been delivered - such a wonderful surprise present from a quilt customer who has become a friend.  I love the red foil packaging.

The mohair/wool throw is so soft and the colours - wow!  Exactly what I would choose.  It will look wonderful anywhere in my house.

The Stitching Girls had dinner together on Tuesday night - next week Paula is leaving for Christmas in Finland so it was lovely to be able to spend some time together to wish her bon voyage.  Karen brought along my quilted Spool Sampler.  I love the Baptist Fan quilting - first time I've chosen this design.

The binding has been stitched to the quilt ready for stitching down over the next few nights.

Not much sewing this week - Christmas decorating has taken over.  Mum came over on Wednesday night to help make a start.  Mum's 89th birthday is this coming Sunday and the family is coming for lunch so I wanted the tree up for the little ones to add some decorations - the lounge room is finished and I've made a start on the family room.

Going to Sydney this afternoon to spend some time with my favourite little man and hopefully do some Christmas shopping tomorrow.


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