27 May 2013

Quiet Weekend

After a busy few weeks, I had a lovely quiet weekend, mostly at home.  On Saturday I had lunch in town with Jenni and Mum came to visit later in the afternoon and spent most of yesterday afternoon in the sewing room.

I've been sewing the "Kiss Me" blocks for a while now.  The main blocks are made - next up my least favourite part of quilt-making:  block placement.

The flying geese blocks for one of the borders are ready to be sewn together too.

There was also a little more secret sewing.

See that little silver gizmo in the bottom right-hand corner of the photo?  It's a little music player that my friend Barbara bought me for my birthday - what a fantastic toy it is.  It takes a tiny SD card onto which you load your music and this little thing then vibrates through whatever it's resting on and that provides the volume.  I have no affiliation with this product - I think it's a lot of fun and very clever idea.

The crock pot worked overtime.

Chilli Con Carne
Osso Bucco

At last I'm making some headway with my current Gingham Girls block - don't often feel like sewing at night lately.
Those purple glasses are a little off-centre; just like mine sometimes.

Barbara and I are looking forward to seeing "The Great Gatsby" on Thursday then in June I'm going to see "Jesus Christ Superstar" and Kristen Chenoweth as well as the quilt show with Diann and Lorraine.  Should be a great month.

21 May 2013

17 May 2013

That same weekend in May

Last Saturday was a busy day - we were invited to Wil's 3rd birthday party.  He is such a lovely little fellow.

The party was held at a putt putt venue with lots of activities for the little ones.

Later that day we were off to Sydney to have dinner with the kids.  We went to the Bavarian Bier Cafe in Fox Studios.  The tent behind is for the show Cavalia.

Again, lots of delicious food.  The kids love this place - the beer menu is more extensive than the food menu.  Lots of very raucus happy birthday singing when the strudel arrived followed by a butterscotch schnapps delivered on a metre-long board with the waitress ringing a cowbell - apparently I was a very bright shade of red (from embarrassment not the schnapps).

A birthday puzzle card - think I'll find a frame for this one.

A Mothers' Day present from the kids

to hold my patterns on the sewing table - love it.

The state of my sewing room after opening all those presents.

Mothers' Day I spent visiting my brother and his family, some friends and then spent a few hours with Mum before going home to tidy the sewing room mess and then start work on my wedding photo albums - so many photos to upload.

Fabulous weekend thanks to my lovely friends and family.

16 May 2013

One Weekend in May ...

... is all about me!  My birthday is always close to Mothers' Day so there's lots of eating, partying and presents.

My birthday was last Friday and lovely friends held a dinner party.  Lesley is a fabulous cook and sets a beautiful table.

Great menu:

First course Choice No 1

First course Choice No 2

Forgot about taking photos of the main course.

Sweets Choice No 1

Sweets Choice No 2

Barbara and I shared sweets so we could have both.  I can't remember ever feeling so full.

I received so many beautiful presents:

One of the presents from my children.

The lovely goodies I received from my Friends in Stitching made by Bec - everything is wonderful.

I am so thrilled to receive one of these pincushions and it's in my favourite colours.

Diann sent a parcel with this box inside.

This is what was inside the box.

What a great idea for a present.  Diann also sent a book, bedsocks, chocolates and a pretty pink shower cap.  Love the card she included:

Can't go wrong with a Village People song.
There's more to come.

08 May 2013

Gingham Girls Block 8

At stitching last night I finished off block 8 of "My Favourite Things", Gingham Girls, by Bronwyn Hayes.

This was the block that originally attracted me to the quilt - love the two girls going off to a retreat.

Eight blocks finished now - 2/3 done.

A few hearts to be appliqued here and there and then some buttons and beads to be added once the quilting is finished.

Paula was stitching down the binding on her bento box quilt last night - it is looking fantastic.

07 May 2013

She's Back

Paula came over on Sunday afternoon to have another play on the frame - this time she finished quilting her lovely Island Chain quilt in record time (even with my Pfaff Grandquilter mucking up big time and us replacing that machine with my faithful Bernina).

A picture of concentration.

I'm seeing the girls tonight and hoping that Paula will bring along her quilt all bound and finished.

04 May 2013

Secret Quilting

No 1

No 2

Started out a beautiful day; now it's quite blustery and feels like winter has arrived.

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02 May 2013

Hexagon Bag

Finished at last.  It was actually started at New Year - feels like this bag has been on the go for so long.

Didn't need to be at work quite so early today so I had a spare half hour to start strip-piecing the Kiss Me block centres.

The colours/fabrics look pretty even from the underside.
Diann is making excellent progress - she has four blocks finished.

I am so looking forward to Saturday night - I'm going to see the "Thank God It's Friday" crew in Wollongong - Wendy Harmer, Jean Kitson, Richard Glover, etc. Should be hilarious.


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