27 July 2010

Big Weekend Coming Up

Karen (a friend from work and brand new blogger) and I are heading off to Sydney on Friday night to attend a workshop on Saturday and Sunday with Kellie of Don't Look Now fame.  I've been looking forward to this weekend for so long and have been assured by many (including the Lovely Loz) that the workshop will be fabulous.  Both of us have new sewing machines, so this will be a great opportunity to test them out.

Working on Butterfly Garden block 4 at the moment - seems to be slow going (lots of backstitch in those "patchwork" blocks).  No Sylvia's Bridal Sampler block this week.

24 July 2010

Bonaparte and Ellie

Last night was opening night for our on-line group's Softie Swap.  Jenny made Bonaparte (from a recent Homespun magazine) for me - her work is beautiful and he is gorgeous.  His hat is fantastic.

My other partner was Karyn and I made Melly & Me's "Ellie" for her.  Ellie is such a sweetie.  She was the sneaky-peak photo from a little while ago.

18 July 2010


"Tennessee" - the second Sylvia's Bridal Sampler block for this week.  The diamonds are foundation pieced and the rest of he block is hand-pieced.

The centre still isn't quite right.  I've unpicked it twice and have decided to leave it as is for a little while before having another go.

Beautiful. sunny winter's day on the South Coast.

14 July 2010

Block 3

Block 3 of "Butterfly Garden"

Needleturn still isn't great although there is some improvement.  Haven't made up my mind yet whether I'm a fan or not.

The three blocks sewn together.

Diann has decided that we need to make a second SBS block this week and she's chosen another doozy ("Tennessee" - more set in seams, foundation pieced diamonds).  I think it's a job for the weekend as it's too much for my brain to cope with after a day at work.  I'm also thinking it's time Miss Diann found an alternative method of choosing blocks - close your eyes and point is no longer working for me.  I prefer a system that chooses easy blocks and then slowly brings in the more difficult blocks (being the chicken that I am).

11 July 2010

Giddy Up Again

The filly is finished and waiting to be taken to her new home on Tuesday.  Pretty obvious that I love this pattern.

This week's Sylvia's Bridal Sampler block - Bright Hope.  Nice to make an easy block after last week's.

The blocks so far:

09 July 2010

Lots of Pink

My blog is looking pinker and pinker by the week and this week's Sylvia's Bridal Sampler block - Laurel Wreath adds more pink.  This was another doozy with lots of set in pieces and Y seams.  I decided to hand-piece this one and the points turned out well but the block is still a smidge larger than the 6-1/2" it should be.  Accuracy is definitely an issue with this quilt.
Sneaky peak at softie finished last weekend for our on-line group's next swap.  She will be flying to a warmer climate next week.
A few strips have been added to the Hexagon Quilt

and this is a filly version of Giddy Up - hopefully John will have some time on the weekend to cut and drill the dowel so I can finish putting it together to give to a little tot when her new baby sister comes home from hospital early next week.

I've been to the pictures twice this week - last Sunday with our family to see "The A Team" (great characters, funny one-liners and as much action as would be expected) and on Wednesday night Jenni and I went to see "Toy Story 3" - as much as I enjoyed this movie, there's no way I'd take small children to see it.  There were children crying in the theatre, which I found upsetting.  Buzz Lightyear's Spanish dancing is sensational.

02 July 2010

Today is ...

... Batman's 28th birthday.  This photo was taken when Michael was 2 - we were having a big wedding anniversary party for Mum and Dad and he wouldn't wear anything but his Batman outfit.

A few years later - asleep on the top bunk.

I've shown the photo before of Michael dressed in his 'A-Team' outfit - he didn't see much of the show when he was little but he loved Mr T and the rest of the guys.  On Sunday we're all going to see the new movie - I hope it lives up to Michael's expectations.

This week's Sylvia's Bridal Sampler block - Contrary Wife or "Lynda's self portrait" as John calls it.  Think we should make "Contrary Husband" next - it is in the SBS book.


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