29 April 2012

Back to our regular scheduled programming ...

Miserable weather here today after a beautiful couple of days.  Had lunch with The Schoolgirls yesterday at a garden centre in Heathcote - great little cafe.

Excellent cutting out day today.  Background blocks for machine embroidered clown alphabet - these have circles vliesofixed onto the back to cut out tonight while watching 'Waking the Dead' - the cut out circles will be used for another quilt.

Another "Floral Bouquet" - this one in "Breakfast at Tiffany's"

Pieces ready to make small bowtie blocks:

Sample Bow Tie Block 4" sq finished
There are over 100 different Fig Tree fabrics in the bow tie blocks - think it's a bit embarrassing to admit that I have so many Fig Tree fabrics.  Some are the very last pieces.

The next instalment of our on-line group's mystery block is together.  Very unsure of the colours I've used but I'll wait till a few more blocks have been made before deciding if anything needs changing.

While Diann was down here we shopped a little bit; we didn't go to one fabric shop but I did visit my favourite shop and this cardigan was 20% off the reduced price, so it was telling me to bring it home.

Back to Sydney tomorrow with my friend, Barbara, to pick up my new glasses and maybe visit Peters of Kensington.

22 April 2012

Another Celebration

This week we celebrated John's birthday - although the party was a bit more low key than last year's big bash, we had a lovely time with a group of our friends and Mum and Jenni at our favourite local pizza restaurant.

Phil and Louise
Jenni, John and Bill with the wombat cake Jenni made for John
Barbara, Sharon and Gary
Serge and Barbara
Gary and Mum
We look a bit tired after our big weekend.
We returned home late yesterday from a few days in Sydney with Diann and Bill - lots of eating, laughing and quite a bit of walking.  Bill's birthday was Thursday so another celebration.

Back to the real world today?  Washing, grocery shopping?  Maybe/maybe not.

18 April 2012

A Few More Photos

The night before the wedding our family and Peta's family went out for dinner together.  Elizabeth and Jenni gave Michael a present for his wedding day - a pocket watch which was engraved with "M & P" and the wedding date.

Photos are arriving in my inbox from so many people.  I can't wait to see the photos from the wedding photographer.

Pinning on the buttonhole
My favourite photo (so far) of my baby boy from The Day
With our friend who took loads of photos for us.
With dear Diann
The Bride and such a happy Father-in-Law
The Bride

15 April 2012

The Wedding

I gave a friend my camera and here are a few photos he took of the happiest, most wonderful wedding. It was such a joy to see our son and Peta marry.

The boys waiting.

Michael, Brook, Nic, Garth, Cameron

Peta and her Dad walking down the aisle.

When Peta made it to the end of the aisle she gave Michael a a big hug.

 The Bridesmaids:

Jenni, Elizabeth, Wendy, Jana

A very happy Dad with two of his babies:

Jenni, John, Elizabeth

Our family:

Matt, Elizabeth, John, Peta, Michael, Lynda, Jenni, Joy

The top hat John is wearing was his father's, worn at his own wedding in 1950.

Beautiful table settings:

The cake:

Some of the unbelievable flowers - all Peta's own work

13 April 2012

One Sleep ...

... until The Big Day.  Heading off to Sydney this morning to spend the day with our boy - not too sure what kind of shape he's in after his big day/night out (I hope his daddy looked after him).  Peta is spending today doing the last of the flowers and later this afternoon we'll move all the flowers to the reception venue.

Here are a couple of photos from the night-time hens party:

The Harijuku Girls


The embroidery machine has been chugging away during the last few weeks and the clown alphabet and numbers are done.  I have plans for these little fellows.

Last night I got around to finishing off the first instalment of our on-line group's mystery BOM.

Think I'm going to like this quilt.  I was hoping to make it all from stash but got it into my head that I wanted a black/white spot in the mix and, of course, didn't have any pieces large enough to make a pinwheel so I bought a f/q when I was out the other week - would have bought more but that was the last in the shop.

I'll be back soon - we have some VIP guests staying with us next week, so we're having a little holiday.

11 April 2012

Twirling Bliss

So happy to have this quilt finished.  It's been on the pile of unfinished tops for a while (not as long as some).  I love the Bliss range of fabric.

Border and binding

Michael and Peta were thrilled to bits with "Hot Cross".  3 sleeps till The Big Day.

Received the latest "Homespun" magazine today and there we are on page 6 showing off our aprons Paula made for us.

Sharon, Rhonda, Kerryn, Me, Paula and Karen

08 April 2012

High Tea - lots of photos

Yesterday was Peta's Hens Party - what a fantastic afternoon we had.

All packed and ready for the drive to Sydney
Half of the fun is getting ready.

Jenni, Mum and Elizabeth
Jenni and me
Me with Mum
Mum, me and Elizabeth
The bride-to-be arrived

The high tea was held at the Tea Parlour in Redfern - delicious food and decorated beautifully to suit a 1920's theme.

Some of the other guests - everyone went to so much trouble and looked wonderful.

Wendy, a bridesmaid, and Barbara
Clair and Jana, Maid of Honour
Peta's Mum and my girls.
Afterwards all the girls went back to Michael and Peta's place to get ready for hens day part 2 - dressing as Harijuku girls and dinner at a Tepenyaki restaurant followed by I don't know what.  Peta had a wonderful time.


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