29 September 2011


In amongst some secret sewing, a few blocks have been made:

Civil War Quilt - Kentucky Crossroads
On-line group's 6-12" BOM - Shoo Fly
Sylvia's Bridal Sampler - Rosebud
The Whirligig quilt has been on the frame for quite a while and the quilting is now finished.  I still love the Patisserie fabrics.

Binding has been sewn on and I'm waiting for some free time to put on a movie and sew down the binding on Whirlygig and Fig Tree Floral Bouquet.

Long weekend coming up in NSW and it's roster day tomorrow so 4 days off - think I'm ready for a break from the normal routine.  Jenni and I are going to Ikea on Saturday and we will be visiting friends and family on the other days.  I'm hoping to pin baste the Pirate Quilt ready for ditch-stitching in amongst the socialising.

23 September 2011


Forgot to mention that I went to see "The Help" on Monday night with a girlfriend and her daughters.  Fantastic movie and so thought-provoking.

We had such a great time on Wednesday night when we went out for the birthday dinner - lots of laughs.  We went to a new restaurant in Redfern called "Eat Here" - delicious food.

Michael, Elizabeth, John, Matt, Peta, Lynda
Fig Tree Floral Bouquet on the frame

21 September 2011

Busy Time of the Year

Lots happening at our place this month.

This gorgeous girl turned 24 on 2nd September

This gorgeous girl is 32 today:

The eisteddfod where John and I volunteered over the previous 8 weekends finished last weekend; we are going to Sydney tonight for dinner with the Birthday Girl; tomorrow John is going to Sydney to help Michael and Peta move house; we are attending a wedding on Saturday and on Sunday will go back to Sydney to help finalise the move.

Floral Bouquet is quilted and the binding is ready to be sewn down.  Whirlygig is finally on the quilting frame but not much progress made lately.  Lots of knitting in the car on the trips to/from Sydney.

Spring on the South Coast is so beautiful this year, except for the huge wind that hit us yesterday afternoon.  Magical day today.

01 September 2011

Up-to-date ...

... until the next Civil War block is released on the weekend.

Carolina Lily
Comfort Quilt

Cotton Boll
Indiana Puzzle

Irish Chain
Peterson's Stars and Stripes


Seven Sisters

Star of the West

Tears for Texas

35 Blocks

Present for a Friend

Our on-line stitching group has a birthday swap each year.  This year's presents had to be items starting with the intial of the giver's hometown.  My partner happened to be Chookyblue and I was so happy to be able to meet her at this year's Quilt Show in Sydney.

In July I showed a peak of what I was making for her:

It was part of this:

Which became a Punchneedle Purse.

Lynette Anderson design.
I sent a couple of other "P" presents - photo from Chookyblue.
Think I'll have to make one for myself sometime soon.


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