31 December 2012


The doctor bag is finished.

I made a couple of changes:  used a magnetic closer instead of velcro, added "feet" to the bottom of the bag; no ruffle on the front pocket; left an opening in the side seam to turn the bag through so that I could machine sew all around the top of the bag; sewed a divider on the inside pocket to hold a phone more securely; added a row of piping at the top of the outer pocket..

It's a great bag design and I love how the top opens up completely - makes it easier to find your stuff.

2012 has been a big year for our family.  Last April we celebrated The Wedding

and in less than 6 weeks we celebrate another wedding.

Lots of stitching, sewing, knitting, patchwork, quilting and blogging has happened here

and hopefully in 2013 there will be lots more of the same.

Sewing Again

Yesterday morning I ventured into the sewing room and cut out a bag.  The Tuesday Girls are going to make a doctor's bag this year.  Thought I should make one first so that I know what I'm talking about if the girls have any questions.

Cutting Out
Sewing some of the bits
Quilting the bag body
Just might be a last finish for 2012 - depends how today goes.

I want to make a doctor bag for myself in hexagons (maybe 1") using hot pink, lime green and white fabrics.  Should be working on UFO's but as it's a new year I think something new and fresh is a good idea.


29 December 2012

On the Air

New wifi is up and running so we're back on the air.

We went to see "Les Miserables" on Thursday - fabulous, wonderful, emotionally draining - loved, loved, loved it and can't wait to see it again.  Mum and I are going to see "Quartet" later today - looking forward to that too.

Had a fantastic day out shopping with Barbara yesterday - we went to the Macquarie Shopping Centre in Ryde (haven't been there before) and also to DFO.  I'm starting a new full-time job on 2 January and this was a good opportunity to pick up some nice clothes for work.

One more Christmas present:

Gorgeous Santa tablerunner from Diann with Santa salt and pepper shakers and serviette holder.

I have had a wonderful Christmas and received such beautiful presents - I am very fortunate to have such lovely, talented friends.

Last photo - Jenni bought this beer for her soon-to-be brother-in-law:

27 December 2012

More Presents

We had a lovely Christmas.  Lots of time with family and friends - what more could we ask for?

Elizabeth and Matt opening presents
Peta and Jenni opening presents at Peta's Mum and Dad's (we went there for Christmas lunch)
And this is Boxing Day sweets - Caramel, Choc, Banana Trifle - the recipe is in the latest "Family Circle"; DE-licious

This beautiful tablerunner is the Christmas Day present from Christine for our on-line group's swap.

I don't have photos of all of the presents I made for Bec.

Some are - fun:  one of these punchneedle lollipops wrapped in a machine-embroidered tea towel.

Tree:  one of the reindeer star decorations.

Christmas Day present - Brigitte Giblin hexagon bag made in Fig Tree fabrics

On Christmas Eve just after dinner there was a huge lightning strike.  All the power went out and, luckily, it came back on when we flipped the circuit breaker/earth leakage switch.  Found out later that our wifi had copped the bulk of the lightning strike and it has blown.  Thanks to Chooky I can now access the internet through my mobile phone till we get to the shops to buy a replacement.  I am most thankful that no-one was on the landline phone at the time.

24 December 2012

Presents and Preparations

These are the beautiful gifts I received last Wednesday from the stitching girls:  iPad cover, fat quarters, candle, ring binder, fabrics from Hawaii, patterns, elephant pin cushion, soap, cute dacshund kit and more.

Our online group, Friends in Stitching, has a mini Advent before we open the main present on Christmas Day.  My lovely partner is Christine and she has sent me the most wonderful gifts.

Day 1:  Something for the tree

Day 2:  Something for the table - the candle smells beautiful - all candles are lit on Christmas Eve

Day 3:  Something for the hands

Day 4:  Something fun - have a good look at the book - it's made from recycled poopaper!

 Day 5:  Something for the tummy - excellent choice - I LOVE lollies (especially jelly beans)

So looking forward to opening the main present tomorrow.

The weekend was pretty much about getting ready for The Big Day and the day after (we always have a crowd for Boxing Day dinner):  housecleaning etc on Saturday, followed by a 50th birthday party; and grocery/fruit/veg shopping yesterday, cooking and then another birthday party.

Elizabeth and Matt arrive this afternoon and I'm looking forward to the Melbourne Carols tonight - always great discussion over the dresses/gowns worn by the singers.


20 December 2012

Fanastic Time

Last night our little stitching group had a Christmas party - final get together for the year.  We had such a wonderful time at Kerryn and Nathan's home.

Karen, Moi, Sharon, Kerryn, Rhonda and Paula
Kerryn and Nathan are wonderful hosts - they even provided a very cute chef/waiter (and he does all the cleaning up!).

Karen had an almost-finished quilt top to show us - a Thimbleberries design using all Thimbleberries fabrics - so lovely.  It's going to be huge when the 3 borders are added.

Such a lovely night and I received some beautiful presents (need to take photos).

Parcels have been flying across the countryside.  These were sent for my on-line group's Secret Santa swap

We can start opening the presents today.

11 December 2012

One Bizillion Years BC

This quilt is a custom order for a friend for her baby great-nephew's Christmas present.  She wanted a bed-sized quilt rather than a cot quilt.

I love the bright colours and the dinosaurs are very cute.

I hope baby Levi has many years fun playing, dragging, sleeping with the quilt.

10 December 2012

And we're done

Time is passing in a blur lately.  Very busy week at work and another busy-ish weekend.  Housework and washing on Saturday morning and the rest of the day was taken up with Christmas decorating.

One of the many boxes of decorations
Mum came over later in the afternoon to decorate the tree while I worked on the loungeroom (the family room was finished last weekend).  John had gone to work by this stage of the day (probably a good thing for him).

We were finished by tea time.

Kitchen through to family room
Family Room:


I took Mum out for tea to her favourite take-away (Subway) then came home to a night of wrapping presents - I miss having my live-in present-wrappers.

Yesterday I was able to quilt for most of the day (in between changing threads on the embroidery machine).  One Bizillion Years BC is a custom quilt for a Christmas present.  Finished the quilting late yesterday afternoon.

I decided to give the stitch-in-the-ditch attachment for the walking foot another go.  Can't say I like it any better than when I first tried it - I think I ditch-stitch better without it.  Anyway, the quilting is done, the binding is attached and almost stitched down.  Will be finished tonight while watching tv.

I really enjoy seeing all the decorating and Christmas sewing all around the world.

05 December 2012

Spot the Difference

Photo 1 - "The Wish Quilt" 2012
Photo 2 - "The Wish Quilt" 2011
Trick question - there is no difference from last year.  The quilt is still not finished:  not quilted or bound but it will look nice on the table once it's ironed.  Maybe Christmas 2013 it will be finished?

03 December 2012

Made a Start

Had a lovely day in Sydney on Saturday with Elizabeth and Jenni.  The bride-to-be tried on a few dresses and, although she didn't find one to buy, she's starting to find more in her style.  I was looking for shoes and came home without buying anything, which is unusual for me.

Yesterday we made a good start on Christmas decorating

Family Room
Lounge Room
 Anyone who walked up the front stairs was roped in to help.

Elizabeth sorting out the lights tangle
Mum repotting the begonias.
The family room is pretty much done - some every-day stuff to be put away and a vacuum and it will be finished.  The lights are up outside (we hang a few strings, we don't decorate the whole house with lights) and I have made a small start on the lounge room - will try to finish it off in amongst my socialising this week.

Elizabeth actually came down to see Mum because it's Mum's birthday tomorrow so we had a nice lunch on the verandah (the dining room table was covered with Christmas stuff).

Jenni and Elizabeth giving Mum her presents
but the big excitement of the afternoon was seeing Elizabeth's engagement ring, which Matt gave to her on Saturday evening.

02 December 2012


The sixth Gingham Girls block is finished.

 So now I am halfway.

The embroidery machine has been working overtime.  Teatowels for stocking stuffers and to wrap a couple of presents.

Thursday week ago I went shopping with Jenni and my girlfriend Barbara - I bought a dress for Elizabeth's wedding - very happy.  Spent yesterday in Sydney with my girls - Elizabeth found 3 dresses that are on the "possibles" list so I am extra happy for her.  Matt picked up the engagement ring yesterday so I am very excited to see it.

Today is the day to start decorating the house (also means the house gets a good clean).  I need to find some time today to trace off another stitchery.  Considering I spent most of this year not working I am amazed at how quickly time has flown.


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