31 October 2013


A parcel was delivered yesterday:

Gotta love the packaging tape!  Inside was my replacement Wii console and balance board.

More secret sewing is underway:

The climbing roses are blooming away - can't believe my good luck.  They are beautiful (Pierre de Rosnard) - start out cream with crimson tips and fade to pale pink.

30 October 2013

Secret Sewing - Birthday Present

Now I know the Birthday Girl has opened her parcel, I can show what I made for Kylie's birthday last week - I showed as a sneak peak a couple of weeks ago.

I know Kylie loves red and Bonnie & Camille fabrics, so what to use was an easy choice.  I've been wanting to make Nancy Halvorsen's sewing basket from her "Sew Necessary" book for ages and was very happy to have Kylie for my partner this year in our online group's birthday swap and an opportunity to make the sewing basket.

28 October 2013

Quilting The Girls

I enjoyed Saturday lunch with Mum and Jenni - we all went to see "About Time" - just as good the second time.  I've bought some of the music from the movie - great songs, especially "Il Mondo".  My brother and sister-in-law popped in on Saturday night - was lovely to see them.

Quiet day at home yesterday spent machine quilting Gingham Girls.  A couple of week ago I had a brainwave to use the frame to stretch out the three layers while pin basting.  Much better than leaning over the dining room table or breakfast bar (I've never been able to manage pinning on the floor).

Just starting.
Pretty backing.
Machine quilting all done.
There are plenty of spots to be hand-quilted (not my favourite passtime) along with buttons, beads and pearls to be added.  A bit of variety amongst my secret stitching.

23 October 2013

About Time

It's about time I finished this block - it's taken me 11-1/2 weeks of lunchtime stitching - just shows how little stitching I generally do at lunchtime :)

"Best Friends Forever" - block 2
At this rate it will take me over 7 years to finish these stitcheries - think I'd better start doing some at home when I've finished my secret stitching.

Last night Barbara and I went to see "About Time" - a lovely Richard Curtis movie starring Rachel McAdams, Domnhall Gleeson, Bill Nighy and other wonderful actors.  Loved it and will be taking Mum to see it soon.

20 October 2013

Borders are on.

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Sewing the Blocks Together

Last block, minus 1-1/2 leaves.

All the blocks ready to start sewing together this morning.

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19 October 2013

Last Block Blues

One and a half tiny leaves to stitch and I've run out of thread. Of course, I have hundreds of skeins and not that colour.

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18 October 2013


Update:  what a duffer I am. Forgot that I'd blogged about this label a couple of weeks ago.

Gingham Girls label is finished - one colour stitcheries are great to take along to stitching group etc.  Think I started this one when I went to Melbourne in July withe Helen, Jenny and Norreen.

Will look much better when ironed.
Picked up the final big Gingham Girls block last night, after a long break, to find I have one small stitchery block to go.  Will be very happy when it's finished and I can sew all the blocks together.

Time to start thinking about Christmas sewing and stitching.

Quiet weekend coming up and, hopefully, the weather will be kind to the bushfire fighters.  Scenes of utter devestation on the news this morning.  Can't imagine how the families returning to what was their homes must be feeling.

13 October 2013

Another Long Weekend

I was able to have a flex day on Friday so that meant two long weekends in a row - could get used to that.

There has been a bit of sewing happening although it's secret sewing.

All wrapped up and ready to go in the post.

And some 1/2'" hexies for another secret present - hexagons are always fun to make/sew.

I've been on a couple of shopping trips over the last few weeks:  new computer and desk

as well as tv and cabinet.

Had lunch with Mum yesterday and we went to see "Diana" - although I enjoyed the movie, it wasn't fabulous but it did remind me of what a sad life she had and that it was never her own life once she married into the royal family (and especially after the divorce).

05 October 2013

Long Weekend

I can't remember when I last looked forward to a long weekend so much. A bit of tidying up and lots of relaxing today, dinner with friends tonight, shopping with Paula tomorrow and hopefully some sewing on Monday.

My Peg's notebook had a big workout this week.

We've had the biggest week at work starting on Sunday night with a dinner near Luna Park

followed by our symposium in Sydney

View from the Secretary's workstation at MLC Centre
and Wollongong. The last event finished at 2.00 pm yesterday. The admin staff had a little get together and Michael, the project director, handed out thank you gifts.

I was so thrilled to receive these beautiful flowers.

I'm very fortunate to have found this job and the lovely friendly people I spend each day with.

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