30 March 2008


These are some fabrics that arrived this week from The Stitching Post. The first two pinks are for "Ruth's Quilt" (backing and border), might use some of the third pink in the quilt (not sure) and the dark red is for sashing around the cream blocks in the 365 Challenge.

These fabrics are what Elizabeth thought Jenni would like from Material Obsession. I didn't buy as many fabrics there as I thought I might. Will have to keep looking for more fabrics to go with these and to find some for Elizabeth and Peta. Elizabeth saw some she liked but couldn't find enough co-ordinating fabrics. I'm not too sure about these fabrics - way different for me but I'm sure the whole thing will look fine when it's done.

27 March 2008

This week in Primbee

This is Leanne Beasley's "Wishes and Lilies". I received this kit as part of Honeysuckle Cottage's 2006 Christmas Club and made it up for one of the presents for a Christmas in July swap as part of the Secret Santa group I belong to.

I've been wanting to make the cushion in blues for our family room and have had the fabrics in my cupboard for quite a while. Started the stitchery this week as I felt like a change from the other things I've been doing (I have a short attention span).

Haven't done anymore quilting on "Everyday Angels" as I've been feeling a bit tired after work this week, so hopefully I'll have some time on Sunday to quilt some more. On Saturday I'm hoping to visit Material Obsession with Elizabeth - think my girls will really love the funky fabrics stocked at this shop.

Definitely autumn here on the lovely South Coast - beautiful days with just a nip in the air.

22 March 2008

"Everyday Angels"

Started this quilt in 2001 (Chookshed Pattern Co - first BOM). It's been sitting in my sewing room ever since waiting patiently to be sandwiched, basted and quilted. The time has come. Yesterday it was pin basted and some time today I just might start quilting it - if I can make up my mind whether to stitch in the ditch or meander.

20 March 2008

Easter Bunnies

This is the first block of Lynette Anderson's "Noah's Ark" stitchery wallhanging. A copy of the pattern is available here.

I'll sew sashings around the block when I've decided what colours I want to use.

Helen and her friend Tereasa are also making this wallhanging.

Free Stitchery Pattern

Helen Stubbings of Hugs 'n Kisses has a free Easter stitchery design here.

19 March 2008

These are the first 3 blocks in Capricorn Quilts' free stitchery BOM. On the first of each month a new pattern is posted and the previous month's pattern is removed. As an Easter present, she is leaving the first two months' pattern on her site until the end of the month.

18 March 2008

Another 12 "Ruth's Quilt" stitchery blocks are finished - 11 to go. Love stitching these. Feels great every time a little block is finished. They are excellent lunchtime stitching.

The weather the last few days has been glorious - so much better than our so-called summer. Hope it continues over the Easter break.

16 March 2008

"It's astounding, time is fleeting"

We've just had the most faaaaabulous night: great dinner with our children, partners and "4th child" Jared, followed by

This is the cover of the original Australian cast album (which I saw in 1974, again in 1975 and 1984, each time starring the great, great Reg Livermore). I "borrowed" this record from my brother some time after I first saw the show and will return it one day. The new show stars iOTA as Dr Frank N Furter and he is sensational - such a wonderful singer and actor. First saw iOTA late last year in Sydney Danco Co's "Berlin" (he was the angel) and was so impressed with his singing - my children already knew about him, have some of his cd's.

Three more "Vintage Valentine" blocks are finished

4 "Vintage Valentine" blocks to go.

Am still stitching "Ruth's Quilt" blocks at lunchtimes and have a few things traced and ready to stitch while watching tv or on a free Sunday afternoon.

14 March 2008

This is a Miracle

I have always had a reputation as the most notorious brown fingers and thumbs on the face of the earth. Any plant coming within cooee of our home has committee hari-kari rather than be tormented by me. Just before Chrstmas I bought a packet of strawberry seeds, planted them in an old wheelbarrow and I found this lovely surprise when I was watering the plants this afternoon.
I was thrilled to bits but John is still mighty sceptical about there being any more strawberries.

07 March 2008

Stitching ...

The central block of "A Girls' Day Out" is now finished (the photograph is a little wonky), except for sewing on the buttons. This will be done after the quilting is finished. I'm really enjoying this quilt and hope to have time over the weekend to trace the stitcheries for the next block or two.

On to Vintage Valentines - promised myself I would finish at least 2 more of these blocks before returning to Truly Scrumptious.

06 March 2008

Lynette Anderson Stitchery BOM

To celebrate almost one year of blogging, Lynette Anderson has designed a free stitchery BOM - the first block has been uploaded. Think I'll have to add this to the neverending list.

01 March 2008

I am Sailing, I am Sailing

Diann and I had the most wonderful couple of days in Sydney. Tuesday night we went to the Rod Stewart concert after driving through the most unbelievable storm and heavy rain. The concert was excellent and Diann was in heaven. He is a great performer. Diann's daughter gave her the ticket and flights for Christmas and invited me along.
Wednesday turned out to be a glorious day. After a delicious breakfast at Cafe xxii, we visited Quiltsmith and Logans Fabrics then a couple of factory outlet shops. Diann's boss's new boat has recently arrived in Sydney (the photo doesn't show it off at its best)
and we were invited to go for a cruise around the harbour that afternoon (bubbles included). Gee life's tough.
That evening we had dinner at Star City while watching the crowd arrive for the Rocky Horror Show - lots of feather boas but not so many suspenders and fishnets (although can't see myself getting dressed up when we go to the show in 2 weeks).

Thursday we saw the Diana exhibition at the Powerhouse Museum. I came away from there feeling quite sad - Diana deserved to have a hapy life and see her boys grow up. Her childhood memorabilia is really touching and her dresses are fabulous. The wedding dress is the stuff of fairytales.

We then had the quickest visit on record to Peter's of Kensington and it was time to take Diann to the airport. Visited Michael and Peta then drove home. Aaaaaah - Diann's Christmas present has finished.


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