29 June 2008

Another Weekend is Over ...

Spent some time last week writing up the April block - last block in my Leanne Beasley's 365 Challenge quilt. The pieced block is "Combination Star" from an older Quilters' Cabin newsletter. Sashings are cut out - a few pinwheel blocks to make for the posts then the quilt can be sewn together. Might be a quilt to qualify for Peg's Challenge.

This block is Truly Scrumptious "Elizabeth" - all of these girls are gorgeous.

This has been another social weekend.- John and I went to see "Keating!" - loved it. Yesterday had lunch with The Girls at the refurbished Scarborough Pub - fantastic location, delicious food and the added bonus of whales playing off-shore.

It is our baby boy's 26th birthday later this week and we all went to Elizabeth's today for a bbq. Freezing cold day but fine and sunny. Was lovely to spend the afternoon with our family.

25 June 2008

Another "Truly Scrumptious" girl is finished and I'm stitching "Miss Elizabeth" at the moment - she's a bonus girl meant for a label but I'll be putting her front and centre in my quilt.

Received an email this morning advising that "The Quilter's Kitchen: An Elm Creek Quilts Novel with Recipes" will be out soon. Always happy to have another Elm Creek book to read.

This morning is Jane McGrath's memorial service. I was heartbroken on Sunday to hear the world had lost this wonderful, inspirational, courageous woman.

19 June 2008

Peg's Challenge

In a moment of weakness (seems to happen quite regularly) I signed up for Peg's "Finish 5 Quilts by the end of July" Challenge. Not sure about 5 quilts but will try to finish 2 "Sweet Pea's Quilts" and one of the Travel Quilts. Never know - might be inspired enough to make a start on quilting "Ruth's Quilt" and do a bit more of "Sharon's Roses". Thanks Peg (she says through gritted teeth).

17 June 2008

On Sunday John and I went to the Sydney Quilt Show at Darling Harbour. The quilts on display were sensational and the Best of Show was won by a local quilter Merilyn Pearce. I was lucky enough to attend a machine quilting class with her when I first started quilting.

Some of my favourite quilt shops weren't there this year, so I didn't buy everything on my list but found enough to keep me happy for a while.

The best part of Sunday was meeting Ruth Buchanan - she was taking lots of photos of the quilts for the NSW Quilters Guild - recognised her red Converse sneakers that she had blogged about a few weeks ago. Was wonderful to chat with such a great designer - Ruth won an award for her quilt "100 Glimpses: Fact and Fiction". Many of Ruth's quilts feature in AP&Q and she is a regular contributor to Country Threads.

Last week the odometer on our Tarago turned over 400,000 kms - the time is coming for us to look at replacing the car but it's difficult to part with a car that has been such a huge part of our everyday life.

10 June 2008

Social Butterflies

We are back at work after a long weekend mostly spent in the company of friends having a wonderful time chatting, eating etc.

Saturday I visited Sharon to help her make a bag for her daughter's upcoming birthday. John came over later in the day and Gary then cooked us a delicious dinner.

In the photo I'm finishing off the stitchery for a surprise present that will be posted to a friend in the next few days.

On Sunday John's cousin (Stephanie) and her husband (Allan) visited us. Lunch turned out really well - especially liked the roast pumpkin/feta salad. We haven't seen Steph and Allan for ages and really enjoyed their visit.

Finished off another "Truly Scrumptious" block (it's been half done for a couple of months) and also finished sewing together the "Ruth's Quilt" blocks - the quilt has turned out to be very pretty. I'll take a photo when it's quilted - am hoping to do this one on the doover (quilting frame).

Yesterday was another eat-fest. We'd been invited to lunch with some friends of ours, along with another couple of friends. Such a great afternoon. Shame I'd forgotten to put new batteries in the camera - the table was so beautifully decorated - Royal Albert Country Roses dinnerware, crystal glasses etc.

05 June 2008

Next Trip is Booked

This photo was taken two months after our baby girl (the gorgeous blonde in the centre) turned 18 (2 September 2005). Can't believe that Jenni will soon be turning 21. Jenni has decided that she doesn't want a party, so the weekend before her birthday, the 7 of us will be heading off to Melbourne for a long weekend to celebrate the big event and so that her mother can take her shopping. Flights and dinner on the tram are booked. Next task - find accommodation. Can't wait.


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