30 January 2019

Extra Long Weekend

Last Thursday night I spent some time cutting out blocks for this year's Bonnie and Camille Beehive and for my sampler quilt (I'm making one of each Beehive block to add to a sampler quilt I started last year).

Friday night I made the third quarter of "Moda Love".

Saturday was time for some housework and in the afternoon Mum and I went to see "The Mule" - Mum's choice.  The storyline was a bit predictable but it was enjoyable overall - his heart was eventually in the right place.  I'm not a huge Clint Eastwood fan.

Saturday night I sewed up some beehive blocks and some extras for my 2018 quilt and blocks to go into my sampler.  Such a drama-filled women's tennis final.

Scrappy "Summer Nights" for January
"Starry Starry Night" for February
"Starry Starry Night" for my sampler

Scrappy "Summer Nights" for my 2018 quilt and sampler

The Pink Room was a total mess - making scrappy quilts leads to lots of threads everywhere and lots of boxes of fabrics all over the place.  So Sunday was time for a clean up - I think the room is the tidiest it's been since I first changed it to a sewing room.

Sunday night I went up to Mum's to watch the men's tennis final - that match certainly didn't go as I'd hoped.  Sewed down some of "Patchwork Sky" binding during the match.

The family came for lunch on Monday and then little sweetheart stayed over for her last Tuesday with Nanna before daycare and pre-school start for the year.  We had a great day yesterday - swimming lesson, morning tea, some shopping, lunch then we went to see "Ralph Breaks the Internet" - first animated movie I've see for a very long time.  Little sweetheart enjoyed most of it, especially when Elsa appeared.  She decided she wanted to go home right at the very end of the scary section but then happily watched the rest of the movie.

Last night I sewed up the last section of the "Moda Love" quilt top

and sewed the four pieces together.  This has been a great quilt to make while the tennis has been on - straight sewing and not too many points to worry about when assembling the top.  Plus it made use of the lunchtime cross-words we do in the office.

I think I have a piece of backing fabric big enough for this - bonus!

23 January 2019

Quilt Top

"Seaglass" Variation is now ready for quilting.  Looking forward to being able to finish this off - it's a present for someone very special.

The girls are coming over for stitching tonight so Karen can take "Seaglass" home with her to quilt and she will be bringing back two of my quilts ready for me to bind.  "Patchwork Sky"

and "Next Up"

Long weekend coming up for Australia Day and I have lots of secret sewing to get underway plus Mum and I would like to see a couple of movies.  There's also the tennis grand finals, so that will mean binding time in front of the tv.  Will be an extra-long weekend for me because Sweetheart is coming to stay again on Tuesday - can't believe she will be 4 next week!  She and her little cousin are the light of our lives and we're all super excited to meet No 3 in 6 weeks or so.

21 January 2019


Such a great basketball game on Friday night - comeback of the season for the Hawks and so very exciting.  Sister-in-law and nephew were visiting the area for a couple of days, so it was lovely to have dinner with them and for them join us at the game.

We've been experiencing very hot weather over the last couple of weeks - don't know how the people out west cope with the extreme heat.  Saturday was beautifully cool - had much more energy to do a few things around the house.

Christmas decorations are finally packed away and all the tablecloths, tea towels etc have been washed so they can be packed away tomorrow.  The University runs "Goodwill Hunting" during January and February - it's a good opportunity to clean out cupboards and donate unwanted items to students setting up house this year.  Filled a couple of boxes on Saturday and there will be more over the next few weekends.

I had one row to add to "Seaglass" on Saturday evening before sewing up the borders and I ran out of the sashing fabric 3 rectangles short.  Made a quick trip to Karen's yesterday afternoon to buy some more, so might get back to it tonight.

There are enough strips leftover along to make a lap-size standard "Seaglass" quilt, so picked up a different fabric from Karen to use for the alternate blocks.

Sewed up some more "Moda Love" Quilt string blocks and finished off the first quarter on Saturday night.

Last night I started sewing up blocks for the second quarter and, thanks to the Federer/Tsitsipas game taking so long, they're all done.

Was up early this morning and the second quarter is now sewn together.

Mum and I went to see "The Favourite" yesterday - it wasn't at all what I expected.  I have quite mixed feelings about the movie.  Let's say the costumes were beautiful.

Miss ChaCha coming to stay tonight and tomorrow - we'll be having a busy time and will also visit GG.

16 January 2019

One More New Start

Another Two Bonnie & Camille Bee blocks have arrived - I'm expecting one more then I can start sewing my quilt top together.  Definitely looking forward to having this finished and on my bed - scrappy quilts are my favourite.

Karen S.

Karen D.

Instagram is full of inspiration and one of the ladies I follow made a beautiful Moda Love quilt using scrappy Bonnie and Camille log cabin blocks.

At the start of the year Moda fabrics launched a "string along" and, as I have a container full of "strings", I thought I'd join in and make Moda Love with scrappy strings, inspired by Sweet Sue Ellen's quilt.

 There has been some "Seaglass Variation" progress too

and the rest of the strips are ready to sew into blocks - nice, mindless chain piecing while listening to/watching the tennis.

Christmas packing away is very slow this year - too much going on with family and friends (which is terrific) - might have it finished this weekend.

The move went very well on Saturday and Michael, Peta and Gulliver are in their new house - so wonderful having them closer to home and it's an easy drive to their place for Mum as well.  I hope they enjoy life here.

Mum and I went to see "Mary Poppins Returns" on Sunday afternoon - a pleasant afternoon in the air conditioned theatre.  I enjoyed the movie and Mum thought it "better than she expected".  Emily Blunt is delightful.  Hope to find some time next weekend to see "The Favourite".

10 January 2019

New Year, New Starts

"All You Need is Love" was such a fantastic concert - so many highlights.  Hope there is a concert next year.

I'm behind in making cot quilts for family and friends' new grandbabies.  Found "Next Up" cut out in a drawer in the sewing room, so it is ready to be quilted once the backing is made.  The little baby is almost 6 months old so the brighter "Later Alligator" fabric seems a good choice.

Last year I made a quilt called "Seaglass", designed by Susan Ache, a very talented quilter I follow on Instagram, from her book "Start with Strips".

A couple of days ago Susan posted a photo of a variation of this quilt design and, after visiting Karen to pick up some more fabric for the sashings,  I started it last night.  I have someone special in mind to give this quilt to and would like to have it finished for when I see her in April.  I need to make a little change to the smaller blocks before I go any further.

Plenty of other things I should be doing, like packing away Christmas - spent a few hours on Sunday taking down and packing decorations as well as half an hour or so after work each day this week, so that's a good start.

Hawks game tonight and meeting up with Eisteddfod friends tomorrow night before a big weekend.  Michael, Peta and Gulliver are moving down here, so I'm a tad excited.

07 January 2019

Another Bradley Street Cot Quilt

This sweet cot quilt is the third "Bradley Street" cot-sized quilt I've made and is for Jenni's best friend's baby boy.  The quilt was finished last November.  Such a great design to show off beautiful fabrics.

The fabric is called "Guess How Much I Love You" and is designed by the illustrator of the book.  The colours are so soft and gentle.  I've bought more of this fabric to use for our new little sweetheart, who will be here before we know, and also some of the baby girl colours.

I asked Karen to use my favourite clouds quilting again - love this design for cot quilts.

Found the cutest gift bag that suited the colours so well.

Back to work last week - it's always a shock to the system to start a new work year after all the fun of Christmas and New Year.  ChaCha came to stay over on Friday night then came to the basketball with me on Saturday afternoon - it was fun having her there. Sunday plans changed about three times and I spent most of the day packing away Christmas decorations.  Will need a few more hours to finish that job but there's no rush.

Last night I started stitching the new sweetheart's cot quilt.  I'm using Sulky "Stick n Stitch" printable sheets instead of tracing the design - will decide if I like using the sheets after the first block is finished and rinsed.

"Patchwork Sky" is together and ready to be sent off for quilting.

Most of the fabrics are from Bonnie and Camille's "Vintage Holiday" range and the background is the cute dot fabric from their "The Good Life" range.

The backing fabric is also from "Vintage Holiday" - such a pretty shade of aqua.

Received another "Summer Nights" block on Friday.  Another 4 to come and then I can assemble the quilt top.


02 January 2019

Christmas 2018

Christmas celebrations started on 22 December with a party for my brother's children and grandchildren.  Such a lovely afternoon and great fun for Mum to spend time with 9 of her great-grandchildren.  Little Abel is the second youngest (at the moment) and he's such a lovely little fellow.

The only hand-stitching this Christmas was a decoration for each of the little sweethearts - Annie Downs designs.

Finally a stocking for Kurt - it's about time.

Jenni and Kurt arrived on Christmas Eve and we settled down to watch The Carols with Raspberry & Cranberry Frozen Cocktails.

Christmas Day was relatively quiet with 6 for lunch.  Jenni decorated the trifle.

Boxing Day was a bit more lively with the whole family over for lunch plus a cousin or two - so happy they could join us.  Raspberry and Coconut cakes for sweets on Boxing Day.

Gorgeous shopping bag from my cousin - lovely surprise present.

Friends visited Boxing Night and, as always, it was a lovely, relaxing night.

I think these were popular presents this year.

During the days between Christmas and New Year I've had some sewing time (in between spending time with my family).  "All Wrapped Up" quilt top is together.  Love the sparkly fabric for the sashings.

Made two "Long Time Gone" blocks - taking my time with this quilt because, although I'm looking forward to having a finished quilt, I really enjoy making these blocks with the birthday fabric from Elizabeth, Matt and little sweetheart.

"Trip Around the World"
"Plus a Star"

Blocks roughly in place where they'll be in the finished quilt.

Latest sewing has been "Patchwork Sky" - these fabrics were cut out last October.  This is a great design for chain-piecing while catching up on tv shows or watching sport.

Layout next and then sewing the blocks together.

Tonight Lynell and I are off to the Opera House to see "All You Need is Love", a show featuring 35 Beatles songs with great singers and musicians.  Makes coming back to work a little easier.

To finish off - Gulli and Michael playing with one of Gulli's Christmas presents.  The Hawks should sign up Gulli now - after their very poor show on New Year's Eve, the Hawks need a new star shooter.


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