30 November 2015

Social Butterfly

The silly season has hit with a bang - last week and this coming week are particularly busy at work, after hours and the weekends.  Lots of fun things happening, spending time with my little sweethearts (and my bigger sweethearts) and some sewing.

Mum and I went to see Schools Spectacular on Saturday afternoon - it's always a highlight of our year and once again was such a fabulous show.  Mum will be 88 on Friday.

After the show we visited the babies so I could give them each a package of goodies for December.  ChaCha's Christmas dress isn't quite finished - it will be soon.

Saturday night we were invited to an engagement party.  I was so happy to catch up with family I hadn't seen for ages especially for such a lovely occasion.

Machine embroidered a set of towels for Gabby and Mitch.

Another Stash and Dash bag is on its way to the new owner as a little surprise present.

Yesterday I was back in Sydney with The Schoolgirls - we went to see "Matilda" - loved it, and then had such a lovely time having dinner with my dearest friend Lynell - not often we can say we've been friends for over 55 years.

While I was out socialising Karen quilted two of my quilt tops:

Shortcake - photo borrowed from www.quiltingonthecoast.com.au


Off Track - photo borrowed from www.quiltingonthecoast.com.au
Off Track - photo borrowed from www.quiltingonthecoast.com.au
Having dinner with another dear frient tonight.  Wednesday night I'm going to see Hugh Jackman with friends from work.  I need to find some time to start decorating the house.  Everywhere else is looking very Christmassy - maybe tomorrow night as it will be 1 December.

16 November 2015

Busy Weekend

Had a great time with the babies on Saturday and hanging out with friends on Sunday.

A friend of mine has an outdoor pizza oven and she invited a few of us over for lunch.  Delicious.


I should have taken a photo of the chocolate pizza with salted caramel icecream and strawberries - thanks goodness there were a few of us there to share - it was so good.

Most of my sewing is secret Christmas business and I'm making some progress but nothing finished yet.

The embroidery machine has also been busy.

Cleared some space in the loungeroom to take a photo of Orange Swoon - up on a ladder and still couldn't fit it all in.

One last photo from quilt camp with Sarah - was so lovely to see her again.


11 November 2015

Orange Swoon

When I met up with Sarah at quilt camp she gave me back Orange Swoon, which she had quilted - it's wonderful.  I started collecting fabrics for this quilt last year and began the blocks in May this year.

I need to find a space in the house so I can take a photo of the whole quilt and show the true colours - it's a whopper at 104" square.  I sewed on the binding last week when I arrived home from Tasmania and stitched the binding down over the next few nights.

I love the quilting design - it doesn't take over from the piecing but adds a lot of interest with the swirls against the sharp angles.

Quilt Camp

It's been a busy few weeks with a trip to Tasmania and an overnight stay in Sydney.

Our on-line stitching group had a quilt camp near Latrobe and it was a fantastic few days away with the girls.  Met up with some old friends and met some friends I've known on-line for years.  I've had to "borrow" photos because I didn't take many.

We met up at The Cherry Shed for lunch before heading off to the camp.  I love this photo of Helen McC.  Was a sign of things to come over the weekend.

The Queensland Girls (Helen McC, Teresa, Norreen and Sandi) made Survival Kits for all of us

and Lib made each of us a thread catcher

 which she gave to us on Halloween.  There was a bit of dressing up that night.

We also had a swap - something we could use while travelling or at camp.  Vicki made me a great holder for all the cables we need to take with us these days.  Terrific fabric.

I had a gigle when I saw the pink lint remover - I'm always covered in threads.

Jo's present to Helen S was a pair of pyjamas - a friend in the US had also bought some of these pj's for me (perfect for camp).

On the floor is the quilt Sarah was making - Cosy by Cotton Way - it turned out so well.

I made Leanne a Stash and Dash bag (Tanya Whelan fabric) and also made one for her Helen (Whitewashed Cottage) for up-coming birthday.


I was also able to give Helen her teapot block for the birthday quilt she is making for herself.

There was some sewing done over the weekend - 716 four patch blocks to start off my Rainbow Rows quilt (designed by Lissa Alexander) - one of the "Go Four It" quilts in this year's American Patchwork and Quilting quilt-along.  Another 373 or so to go.

It was such a great trip and then the following day I was able to spend shopping with the babies and their Mums - perfect end to a lovely few days.


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