28 January 2009

Vintage Valentines

Blocks 9 and 10 finished and two to go. Am so looking forward to this quilt being finished; it's been on the go for so long. Am determined to have the top together by the time I go to a quilting retreat in Qld in June.

This is the Rose of Sharon machine embroidery quarter block. I've darkened the photo so that the stitching will show up.

There's a lot of leftover Sharon's Roses fabric in "Vintage Valentines" - will be very happy to start something new with different fabrics.


Finished machine quilting "Sharon's Roses" last night and the binding has been attached. Did this while watching/listening to Jelena Dokic's match - every time I looked over at the tv she lost a point so I stopped looking (in the end that didn't help her but what a fantastic match). I love this backing fabric.

All that's left to do is some sort of quilting in the space between the swag/flowers and the zig-zag border then the binding can be sewn down. I thought about using a machine embroidery quilting design and I found a half Rose of Sharon block design on the Embroidery Library website and it will fit beautifully into the space, and there's a quarter block design to fit in beside the corner oval.

John and the rest of the family are going to see Leonard Cohen tonight, so I'll set up the embroidery machine in the family room, stitch a swag or two and see how it all looks.

25 January 2009

Holiday Snaps

Some photos from two weeks ago: when we went to Bateman's Bay we were amazed at the number of Police in the town. Turns out that was the location for their blitz on the south coast. Here's our friend Bill alongside some of the Police motorbikes at a hotel near where we stayed.

Michael, Peta, John and I went to the opening night of Sydney Festival to see The Cat Empire, Bangarra Dance Co, Sydney Dance Co, various other bands and Grace Jones

Yesterday was an awful day weather-wise - we had planned to drive to Sydney to visit Elizabeth and Matt but it was just too hot (and the aircon in our car isn't working). Today is much cooler and we, along with our friends Phil and Louse, went for a bike ride to Berry and Shoalhaven Heads - very pleasant riding alongside the river listening to Fleetwood Mac (on Jenni's old MP3 player).

This is every biker-girl's best accessory - a backpack just big enough to hold a purse, camera and a few pieces of fabric from The Berry Patchwork Shop.

21 January 2009

Christmas Table Toppers

The Hatched and Patched "Christmas Table Toppers" are finished (but not ironed). I started "My Angel Garden" last night while watching the tennis. Have a look at Jenny's blog - she has made "My Angel Garden" as a shop sample for where she works - it's lovely.
The quilting on "Sharon's Roses" is coming along - 8-1/2 blocks are finished; 11-1/2 blocks to go; I'm taking it easy, just doing a bit before and after work. By the time I get to the 20th block my outline quilting may have improved a bit. The quilt really does require/deserve much more quilting but I haven't done enough free-motion practice yet to fill in all the spaces. Am hoping to get a fair bit of quilting done on the weekend - might even surprise John and suggest we go for a ride on the bike on Sunday (if it's not too hot).

19 January 2009


Last year I found myself easily caught up in all the excitement of the free BOM's etc that were available in blogland. I started two but have since fallen way behind and have no idea, at this stage, when I will be catching up. This year I've decided that I won't be "signing up" to any of the new BOM's, challenges etc - my only goal is to make at least one Christmas-themed goodie each month and anything else I start or finish will be a bonus. No "to do" list, a "wish list" instead.

On the weekend I did some more machine quilting on "Sharon's Roses" - will it be finished in time for Sharon's birthday (3 February)? We'll see. This has definitely been a "work in very slow progress". My lunchtime stitching is "Vintage Valentines" blocks 9 and 10. Check out Helen's "Vintage Valentines" blocks - they are absolutely gorgeous. At home I've been stitching Hatched and Patched's "Christmas Table Toppers" - they are very cute but gee I still need a lot of needleturn practice. The kit was part of Honeysuckle Cottage's 2008 Christmas Club.

For Christmas Sharon bought me "My Angel Garden" kit and pattern - I traced the angels while I was on holidays, so this little tablemat will be ready to stitch while watching the tennis once I've finished the Christmas mats. Very pretty fabrics in the kit.

10 January 2009


Thank you to everyone who left a comment or sent an email after my message about Ziggy - it was lovely to hear from you and I appreciate all your kind thoughts.

Just when you're feeling so sad something wonderful can come right out of the blue to make your heart happy again.

Last Monday was my first day back at work after the Christmas break and, after losing Ziggy, I was feeling pretty down. Received a text message from our dear friends telling us they were 6 hours away and would we like to go out for dinner on Tuesday night. After a few messages/phonecalls back and forth, plus a phonecall to my boss, I was on holidays after work on Monday and Diann (who shall remain blogless) and Bill arrived at our place on Monday night and stayed until Friday morning.

We've had such a lovely few days - drove up the mountain on Tuesday to visit Berrima and Mittagong followed by dinner at Wollongong Harbour. Wednesday we decided to take off to Bateman's Bay, visiting Gerringing and Nowra on the way. Spent the night in Bateman's Bay then drove to Moruya on Thursday morning to find Steph's Patchwork Shop (what a treasure-trove that place is!). I could happily make so many of the patterns/samples on display - they are all in colours and fabrics that I love. Drove home via Ulladulla, Berry, Kiama and Shellharbour. We've visited lots of patchwork shops (the boys found a few motor bike shops), had some great seafood but mostly enjoyed a wonderful time with our friends.

John has another week left of his holidays and I will go back to work on Monday - who knows what will happen next week.

03 January 2009

01 January 2009

Happy New Year

What a lazy few days I've had! It's been wonderful - reading, nanna naps, no cooking. John, our girls and their partners went motorbike riding for 2 days - I stayed home with the dog and only made it into the sewing room to loll on the couch and watch an episode or two of "The Vicar of Dibley". Don't know how I will go next week when I'm back at work and not able to have a nanna nap.

On Tuesday I had a surprise visitor - my nephew, his wife (Monique) and baby were visiting Monique's family, so we were able to meet Mum's great-grandson for the first time - Levi is a gorgeous little guy, very placid and happy for anyone to cuddle him.

We had dinner with friends last night - we don't usually do anything to celebrate the occasion and last night was so enjoyable. The 6 of us were chatting away and it was well after midnight when we realised that it was the new year.

The "Radetsky March" at the Vienna New Year's Day Concert has just finished - think it's time for this little duck to head off to bed. Happy New Year and I hope 2009 is the most wonderful year ever.


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