30 April 2013

Paula's Quilt

On Sunday afternoon Paula came over to play on the doover (the quilting frame).  As it was her first time I set her up with a practice piece.

It didn't take long until she had the hang of it so we loaded up her beautiful Bento Box quilt. - the colours are fabulous.

The first row is always a bit nerve-wracking but she was off like a champ and I think she's hooked.

I even talked her into having a go at an easy free-hand border design (pseudo feathers) - excellent first effort.

Two more borders to go and she's done.

I've quilted the hexagons for my doctor's bag and the piece is now on the way to being made into a bag.

28 April 2013

Plans Changed

ANZAC Day plans changed a bit - spontaneity is always a good thing.  Paula's quilt wasn't quite finished so she decided she would bring her bag-making supplies over to join Rhonda making bags.

The Sweat Shop

Rhonda quilting her main bag piece
"Kiss Me" homework for this weekend was to cut out all the block fabrics and make one block.  So far I love this.

There is also some secret sewing happening - lots of Bonnie and Camille fabrics here for two secret presents.

Pieced, cut and the rows ready to be sewn together.

The hexagon piece for the doctor's bag is now being quilted (that will take a while) and I'm hoping to start putting it together today.

Paula finished her quilt top yesterday and is coming back this afternoon to have a play on the frame.  Sarah, I've told Paula your advice - the bottle of wine is cooling in the fridge.

25 April 2013

Lots Happening

Well, I'm hoping that lots will be happening today.

Diann and I have decided to make a quilt each:  Kiss Me designed by Fig Tree & Co.

Today's task was to choose our fabrics:  this was easy for me.  I'm using a "Vintage Modern" jelly roll along with the cream/beige spot for background, pink floral for borders (maybe) and the red spot for binding.

The weekend is for cutting out.

On Tuesday night the stitching girls came over - I put them to work helping me lay out the "Picnic" blocks - my least favourite part of the quilt-making process.

Looks like the girls got the colour placement right first go - there are a few blocks I will need to turn 90 degrees.  It's looking great.  Might sew a few together this morning.

This pretty tub is filled with all the half-square triangle off-cuts - over 1200 pieces of fabric.  One day, maybe, one day I will do something with them.

The girls are coming back this afternoon for a play-date.  Paula will have her first turn on the quilting frame.  Perhaps I should take Sarah's advice and offer Paula a couple of glasses of wine before she starts :)

Rhonda will be making her first bag.  Yesterday at lunchtime I took out my hexagons and decided that the row I was stitching would be the last.  I'm over sewing these particular hexies, so I'll be starting to put my bag together along with Rhonda.

Had a great time last night:  had my usual hairdresser appointment (Adage in Church Street).  Barbara and two other friends were there.  Barbara and I decided to go out for dinner afterwards.  Dinner was so delicious and I had way too much (of course).

"Lest We Forget"

My Dad - WW2
My Grandad - WW1

23 April 2013

Exterminate, Exterminate

Jenni is going to a fancy dress party on Saturday night - Dr Who theme.

She started making her Dalek outfit at home on Sunday (in between making the bag); even bought herself a dressmaker's model.  I'm looking forward to seeing some photos of her in the finished costume.

22 April 2013

The Bag

Jenni has just sewn the final stitch into her beautiful new bag.

"Les Petites Fleurs" designed by Marie-Pierre Theus in Homespun No 119.

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20 April 2013

Rainy Day

Poured all night and all day and it's still raining. Great day to be in the sewing room.

I had a stack of fabric cut for more Picnic blocks. Lots of chain piecing, pressing and trimming.

Then more chain piecing and pressing.

75 blocks to add to the 76 already made.

Going to a surprise party tomorrow afternoon - should be fun.

18 April 2013

My Clever Girl

A couple of weeks ago Jenni came over and was looking through the current "Homespun" magazine. She put in a request for one of the quilts and decided she would make the embroidered bag for herself using black fabric and bright colours rather than the pretty colours in the original.

Jenni is on school holidays at the moment (she is a primary school teacher), came over to visit last night and cut out a piece of fabric for the embroidered section of the bag. When I arrived home from work tonight Jenni was here to show me her finished embroidery.

I was so surprised and happy to see this. The photo at the top of my blog is Jenni about age 7 doing a cross stitch (which is still not finished). I love that photo.

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15 April 2013

Great Little Holiday

Bags packed.


Birthday brunch.

Party preparations

Party fun.

Bill the Builder browning the creme brulees

Birthday cake

Blowing out the candles

A bit of sewing at Diann's - all the Picnic blocks (80+) are pieced.  I'm waiting for some more fabric to arrive to make more blocks.

I flew back to Sydney on Sunday afternoon, met up with Jenni and some friends - we all went to see

I so enjoyed this show - much more than I expected to.  

Last night I finally finished off Block 7 of Gingham Girls.  This quilt is taking me for-e-ver to make - I blame that on going back to work and being too tired at night to feel like doing anything more energetic than lolling on the couch.

10 April 2013

Stepping Stones

Today is my dear friend, Diann's, BIG birthday and I am very fortunate to be able to spend today and another few days with her and Bill the Builder.

I've had a little pile of special Fig Tree fabric put aside for Diann for quite a while and I wasn't sure what to make for her birthday present using this Fig and Plum until, almost a year ago, Karen suggested we make Stepping Stones together.

The quilt was finished about 2 weeks ago and has turned out pretty well.

"Stepping Stones" from "Layer Cake, Jelly Roll and Charm Quilts" by Pam and Nicky Lintott 72" x 96"
I'll be at Diann's till Sunday ... so good to be having a holiday.

09 April 2013

On the Plane

On my way to spend a few days with Diann.

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07 April 2013

A Wedding Present

The trip to Sydney last night was so that my friend, and Elizabeth's Godmother, could deliver the wedding present she'd made for Elizabeth and Matt to the newlyweds.

And this is what was inside the box.

So very beautiful.  This is a present Elizabeth and Matt will treasure forever.

Lynell is so clever and her stained-glass work is beautiful.  She made a fabulous mirror for Michael and Peta's wedding present.

We had such a fun time with the kids at the Korean BBQ - another new experience for me.

At one stage the conversation turned to Magnum icecreams and the various flavours, particularly the specialty flavours that were out over 10 years ago.  Matt and Michael slipped out to the ATM and when they came back Michael pulled Magnum Egos out of his jacket pocket for all of us.  Fantastic dessert.

06 April 2013

Swap Presents

Last night was opening night for our on-line group's first swap of the year.  The theme was Natalie Bird and, as usual, so many beautiful presents were made and sent across the country.

My first partner is Fiona and I'm going to use the photos she took of what she made because they are much better than any I take.

 Fiona made me "True Friends Tote Bag" from Natalie Bird's Red Home book - the stitching and sewing are so lovely.  I don't have any French General fabrics so this bag is a lovely introduction.

 Fiona also included a very sweet purse that will be great for threads, scissors etc and a Hatched and Patched notepad.  I love anything from Anni.

My other partner was Lorraine and I made her the Patchwork Caddy from Natalie's Book "With Thread and Needle" using red and white fabrics from the Oh Cherry Oh range (from reading Loz's blog I gather she likes redwork).

Was lovely chatting with the girls last night - fast and furious as always.

During the week I cut out a quilt for some people who are so dear to me - "Picnic" by Kim Brackett from her "Scrapbasket Sensations" book - so many great quilts in her books.

I'm using some of the fabrics I won in Di Mill's giveaway.  Some of the other fabric has gone to the Tuesday girls and the rest I'll use over the next while.

Going to Sydney tonight for dinner with the children - hard to believe it's Michael and Peta's first wedding anniversary tomorrow week.  My friend Lynell has made a wedding present for Elizabeth and Matt and we are going up so she can give it to them.  Can't wait to see what she's made - something using stained glass.


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