31 December 2009

Best Time of the Year

I love this time of year - a few days holiday, no rushing around, time to read a book, iron everything in the ironing basket (using the new iron bought in the sales - it is trimmed with red so must go faster) while watching a movie, finish off some stitching that was started ages ago

Stitch another "Sweet Pea" block while watching tv

And start a new quilt.  I know I shouldn't because the half-finished pile is growing.  Earlier in the year I started buying/hoarding Patisserie fabrics and have been wanting to make a Whirligig quilt for a very long time, so I cut into a couple of charm packs and cut extra blocks from some of the yardage.  Love the colours in these fabrics!

Months ago I saw something on Bec's blog about a "fabric diet" and, although we didn't officially sign up, Diann and I have not bought any fabric for the last few months.  A couple of interventions have been required but we are managing to keep strong.  No time limit has been set for this diet - I think I have enough in the cupboards to keep me busy for a little while.

28 December 2009

Hand-made Presents

I received this dilly bag (designed by Anni Downs of Hatched and Patched) and the four fat quarters from Leanne - we are members of an on-line stitching group and we have a Secret Santa each year.  The bag has already been used and, as well as being beautifully made,  is a great size.

My partner to send to was Helen and for her I made a clock from Natalie Bird's book "With Needle and Thread" (terrible photo - the fabric is actually pale green "Winsome" by Nancy Halvorsen)

and I also made her one of these "Faerie Noelle" dolls (designed by Annie Smith of Country Keepsakes) - ended up making 8 of these dolls (the body parts in a previous post)

I received all this lovely hand-made booty from my dear friend Diann - the apron is very girlie and I love the Cinderberry Stitches needlebook (still trying to work out the settings on the new camera)

Also made a little "Rudy" for Jenni and Peta - they were a big hit.

Happy 4th Day of Christmas - 4 Calling Birds.

Christmas Day 2009

We had a lovely Christmas this year - lots of rain so the weather was very pleasant and cool enough to have baked vegies and roast meat.

Peta made the Gingerbread House for us - so cute - I think the time has come to eat it.

This year's present frenzy was fairly orderly and a lot of fun

Elizabeth was thrilled to bits with her expensive salt mill (which matches her expensive pepper mill)

Jenni bought me a new Christmas t-shirt

Elizabeth bought me a ticket to "Sing-Along Sound of Music" and also tickets for Jenni, Mum, our friend Jared and herself, so we're very much looking forward to that in March; Michael bought me a stack of dvd's plus the 3 children bought me a new camera so I can give John's back - lots of beautiful presents.  We are so fortunate to be able to spend this time with our family and have lots of laughs.

After the main course we played the Secret Santa game, which seems to be very popular these days.  Have to admit I expected more squabbles and fighting over presents - maybe next year will be a bit more ferocious when they bring along their own choice of presents to donate to the game.

Elizabeth's boyfriend's mother (Patti) joined us for Christmas Day and made the most delicious pudding ever.  Don't think the blue flames from the brandy are showing up well in the photo - it looked pretty spectacular.

So, after all the build-up to the big day, we very very happy to have spent the day with Elizabeth and Matt, Michael, Jenni, Mum and Patti (Ian and Peta spent the day with their families and we saw them on Boxing Day and yesterday).

One last photo - this is one of the presents Michael bought for Peta this year

22 December 2009

Christmas Preparations 2

Busy, busy, busy - I think everyone is in the same boat.  Last week Jenni graduated from Uni (again) - this time with her Diploma of Education, so she is now qualified to teach infants/primary school.  A job would be a good Christmas present for her and I'm sure something will turn up before too long.  Here she is on the big day with her very proud Nanna.

Jenni has been sewing again and made this little raggy for a friend's new baby.  It is a free pattern from here - Jenni's not into the traditional raggedy look.

Doll and Rudy body parts ready to be put together

and this year's Christmas cakes.
I gave my girlfriend the Poky Little Puppy quilt yesterday - she was tickled pink.  Plenty more going on but I'll have to wait until after Christmas to show the photos.

I've had to activate "moderate comments" because I've receive quite a few unsavoury messages in the last week or two.

11 December 2009

Poky Little Puppy

The "Poky Little Puppy" quilt is finished and ready to be delivered to my friend so she can give it to her baby great-niece for Christmas.

There was plenty of fabric leftover so I made a couple of pillow cases.  When I bought the fabrics I purchased an extra cloth-book panel so I could make the book for baby Bonnie.

The pattern was a free download from Quilting Treasures.  I put a Peg's peeper between the border and the binding.

10 December 2009

What's in the parcel?

Present all wrapped for the wedding on Saturday.

The Scrappy Spiderweb Quilt.  I haven't been able to get a good photo - it's been very overcast here the last few days and so the colour in the photos is not correct.  The quilt and backing are very bright and fresh looking.

The photo in this post is a better indication of the colours.  I found the Scrappy Spiderwebs pattern on crazy mom quilts' blog.  I believe the pattern originally came from Quiltville.

All the fabrics for the quilt top are from my stash/scrap box, the ballon/streamer fabrics used for the backing were purchased for a quillow a few years ago and the only fabric I needed to buy was some more black/white stripe to finish off the last little bit of binding (that involved an emergency phonecall to a friend in Queensland to go shopping for me).  The quilt measures 74" x 84".

07 December 2009

Christmas Preparations

The tree is up (but not decorated), some lights are in place and most decorations are hung.  A couple of presents are finished - Christine Book aprons with Bronwyn Hayes stitcheries on the pockets.

Machine embroidered bathsheets and face washers

"Feathered Friends" designed by Melly & Me and made using "Ava Rose" fabrics

Christmas cake fruit soaking

Lots more to do.

The Scrappy Spiderweb quilt is finished - waiting for a sunny but not windy day so I can take some photos outside (hopefully before the wedding on Saturday) and the Poky Little Puppy quilt is finished - a busy couple of weeks but enjoyable kind of busy.


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