30 January 2008

Truly Scrumptious

My friend Sarah and I have started making "Truly Scrumptious", the gorgeous new quilt from Natalie Lymer of Cinderberry Stitches.

I tried to be very good and use fabrics from my cupboard and have managed this pretty well - the only fabrics I've bought are the stripe for the binding, the floral for the outer border (these were both remnant pieces) and the rosebud stripe for one block inner border and the sashings (this was a great special from a local shop).

Because of the fabrics chosen I've changed a couple of the DMC colours from the colours used in the pattern (347 to 600 and 57 to 4210).

There is a bonus block design to use as a label and as this girl's name is Elizabeth (written Elisabeth) I want to make her the centre block of the quilt. So Miss Izzy in the photo will be the label.

The Girls are great fun to stitch.

27 January 2008

Capricorn Quilt' Stitchery BOM

Found this link over on Chookyblue's blog and think I'll join in. Can be a stash-busting quilt/wallhanging using up the blues in my cupboard.

26 January 2008

I Don't Know What Possessed Me

Sunday, 30 December 2007, was a beautiful day here in the 'Gong - sunny, light breeze, not too hot. John said to me "Want to go for a ride?" and for some totally unknown reason I nodded my head. Haven't been on a motorbike for well over 20 years.

When we were going out we went most places by motorbike and we even shipped one overseas to ride around Europe when we lived in Holland for 12 months after we were married but, once Elizabeth was born, that was it - just couldn't do it. Think I've only been for 2 rides since and they were before Jenni was born.

This particular day was probably the slowest John has ridden a bike since about 1985 but boy was I in the good books! We went to Kiama to visit friends (about 1/2 hour away) and this photo shows us about to leave their place. John wanted proof to show the children that I'd actually done it.

19 January 2008

Faith, Hope, Love and ...

"Charity" - she a doll designed by Debbie Magee of Always Stitchin'. Bought this pattern last year at Sydney Quilt Show after admiring it for quite some time. Charity will be moving to a new address later in the year because she's a birthday present for a dear friend.

15 January 2008

365 Challenge

In 2007 Leanne Beasley posted a message on her blog about making a quilt with a block for every day of the next year. Knowing I wouldn't have enough discipline to write up a note for every day, I decided to make one block per month to keep track of highlights and decorate each block with stitcheries by my favourite designers. I've wanted to make a "star" quilt for some time, so thought this quilt was a good opportunity to find various star block patterns and hunt out all my red/cream/white fabrics. Amazing how many fabrics can be called "red". The time has gone so quickly and now I'm working on January's stitchery block.

10 January 2008

"Gracie Anne"

Sharon and I had a sewing day on Saturday and each started making "Gracie Anne" a pattern in Homespun No 32 from Annie Smith of Country Keepsakes. Her star arrived in the mail today from Countin' Crows, so now she's finished:

09 January 2008

Secret Santa

Three Christmases ago I was asked to join a Secret Santa group. That first Christmas there were 4 of us in the group. Next Christmas the group had grown to 8 and Christmas 2007 there were 16 members. We seem to have reasonably similar tastes and if we have a partner who likes something different, it gives us a chance to try something we normally wouldn't, which can't be a bad thing. I've received beautiful gifts and enjoy the opportunity to make all these goodies.
Our fearless leader decides the categories (she has to be fearless to deal with all of us). In an effort to spread the stitching/sewing load (for those of us who work better under pressure) 2007 was split into 2 Secret Santa swaps - Christmas in July and then December.

December presents I made were - Wallhanging ("Find Joy", Bareroots)

Doll ("Tree Top Angel", Rosalie Quinlan Designs) Surprise ("Snowfolk", Judy Golder)


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