28 January 2013

Caring with Quilts

Please visit Chookyblue to find out about donating quilts to bushfire survivors. 

26 January 2013

Sewing Set

Last night and this morning I sewed together a little kit to send away to my online group for distribution to quilters and stitchers in Tasmania.

The wallet is based on a Rosalie Quinlan design and the bag is "BonBon" designed by Monica Poole.

I found a tutorial on-line explaining how to print on twill tape. So exciting when something new works.

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20 January 2013

Iced Tea and Curryoke (lots of photos)

Yesterday was Elizabeth's Hens Day - Jenni and Jared had a lot of fun planning a fantastic day for Elizabeth.  The invitations Jenni made:

The beautiful bride-to-be and her teary Mum on the way to the high tea

To play along with the "housewife" theme everyone was asked to wear an apron, so Jenni made a special apron for Elizabeth - very elegant:

Jared kindly hosted the afternoon tea at his house

Some of our delicious afternoon tea
My gorgeous girls
My third gorgeous girl Peta and Michelle
 Elizabeth's dear friend Mary ordered some special cupcakes:

To help the soon-to-be housewife, I machine embroidered 7 tea towels for Elizabeth's present:

We then went on to an Indian restaurant for dinner and karaoke - so many laughs.
Mum and Jared singing "Hello Dolly"
The highlight of the night was my girls' version of "Manic Monday"
The video is on FaceBook.  Who knew that my baby girl has such a deep voice?

Wonderful fun day/evening.

15 January 2013


Yesterday when I arrived home from work I found a surprise in the mail:  a copy of Joy's new doctor bag pattern.

Thank you so much Joy (and Jo) - it was definitely a big surprise.  Something else to add to the list of things to make.

14 January 2013

Nothing Much

Nothing much to show that is.

Sunday week ago we went to Sydney to be with The Bride while she tried on a dress she liked.  She ended up not buying that particular dress but she does have a dress, which is great news.  We also went shoe shopping (for The Bride), had nice lunch together etc.

On the train to/from Sydney I stitched some hexagons together - was pretty chuffed with how many rows I ended up with by the time I arrived home.  Still working away on these some lunchtimes.

Saturday afternoon Jenni and I went to Miranda for Hens Day supplies (that will be held next Saturday) and we also called in to Ikea - would you believe I bought nothing?  It's the truth!  Saturday night we went to a surprise 30th birthday party at a place called "Madam Fling Flong" in Newtown.  The birthday girl was very surprised - it was a fun night.

Birthday Girl opening one of her presents
Yesterday I was hoping to do some sewing but it didn't happen - the house is clean and tidy though, the washing and ironing are all done, so I suppose that's something.  I did start machine embroidering a present for The Bride for her hens day.

Tuesday Girls are meeting up tomorrow night for the first time since Christmas - I'm looking forward to that.

03 January 2013

Great News

Seems that The Bride has found The Dress. The shop is holding the dress till we can get there on Sunday to see her try it on. Very exciting.

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02 January 2013

Big Hexagons

I've cut out these 1" hexagons for my own version of the Doctor Bag.

They look enormous compared to the 1/2" hexagons I used for last year's bags but they are quick to sew together.  Excellent lunch-time stitching.  Haven't finished the Lynette Anderson Christmas mini quilt I was working on but then there's always next Christmas for that one.  Diann sent me a packet of Lynette Anderson buttons for Christmas thinking they'd be something I would like and they are the exact buttons I need for this mini quilt!  Talk about serendipity


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