30 September 2009

Lego for Grown-Ups

This box came home with me after an expedition to Ikea a couple of weeks ago.

Michael was visiting yesterday and I asked him if he felt like playing with Lego or doing a large puzzle - being The Good Son, he said yes and his younger sister offered to be the site supervisor/project manager. So we put on an excellent music dvd ("The Last Waltz" - The Band) and the building began.
Here it is all together with no leftover bits (which amazed all of us).
The chest of drawers will be used for fabric storage when I get around to sorting out the sewing room (again)
and also as a cutting table because it's an excellent height for me.

27 September 2009

Stitching ...

A couple of little stitcheries finished for apron pockets - hoping to make an apron or two for Christmas presents and the peek at the stitchery below is for a secret present - I'm actually making three of these: one for me and two for presents.

Mary, Elizabeth's dear friend who was married earlier this year, is pregnant and Elizabeth told Mary I would make a quilt for the baby. I showed Elizabeth all the pretty baby quilt patterns I have and what did she choose? "Sweet Pea's Quilt"! This time in red and white/cream. I was hoping she'd choose a different quilt as this is the fourth SPQ I will have made. A friend's daughter is having a baby next year so I might make "Tail Feathers" for her baby.

21 September 2009

Our Princess is 30 Today

On Saturday night Elizabeth had a "Rocky Horror Show" themed birthday party. What a fantastic night! Everyone dressed up and we had such a great time. She requested a cake in the shape of the red lips "Rocky Horry Show" logo - we were pretty pleased with how it turned out.

I love this photo Ian took of Jenni

Our family is going out for dinner tonight - looking forward to that very much.

11 September 2009

What Every Man Wants ...

John came across these photos on his motorbike riders' forum - talk about extreme crocheting/knitting:

10 September 2009

The Heart of Christmas

"The Heart of Christmas" designed by Natalie Lymer (Cinderberry Stitches) for last year's HSC Christmas Club.

09 September 2009


The label for "Sweet Pea's Quilt" is finished and stitched onto the quilt (I've blocked out the message).
Tonight Jenni took the quilt home so Ian can give it to his sister for when Baby Emily is released from hospital.
It's amazing what's lying around in the sewing room - I haven't stitched any of the "Noah's Ark" blocks for months and months. Over the last week I've been stitching Noah at lunchtime and also this month's Christmas project, which should be finished shortly.
Mum and I are going on a road trip this coming weekend. My great-nephew, Levi, Mum's only great-grandchild, turns 1 on Monday, so we're off to spend the weekend with him and all his extended family.

04 September 2009

This Week ...

Jenni ready to blow out her candles on her birthday cheesecake.

"Sweet Pea's Quilt" is all but finished - Ian and Jenni are writing on a label and will bring it over on Monday. A bit windy outside this evening when I took the photo.

While fossicking around in the sewing room during the week I came across this "Girls Day Out" block - it needed about 10 minutes stitching and now it's finished.

02 September 2009


The Family Festival of Birthdays continues. Our youngest, Jenni, is 22 today. Happy Birthday Baby Girl.

(Jenni and her Superman cousin Angus)

(dancing at SeaWorld 2004)
When Jenni was 13 she wanted to make a quilt and as her bedroom had an "Under the Sea" theme she chose "Magic Beach" design by Chook Shed Pattern Co. Jenni did all the blanket stitch applique and her stitching is very even. The quilt's been languishing in the sewing room for a few years - a palm tree needs to be appliqued onto the beach hut block and some name need stitching onto a few of the other blocks (angel fish, green turtle etc) - these can be done after the quilting is finished. I prepared the backing this morning and I'm hoping to do the quilting over the next couple of weeks.
As you can see from this photo, the first day of spring in the 'Gong was glorious.


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