17 December 2014

Santa Visited Yesterday

Such a lovely surprise on my verandah when I arrived home from work - a parcel had been delivered and I have no idea who sent it.  The only details in the return address were an unknown mobile number and North Pole and I can't decipher the town it was sent from because the ink on the stamp is smudged.  All I know is that it's from someone or a group of someones from our on-line stitching group.

Each year we have a small Advent and Secret Santa swap.  For a couple of reasons I thought it would be best not to participate this year but someone decided to send this wonderful surprise.

See, there really is a Santa Claus - he came to my house yesterday.

11 December 2014

Heads Up No 2

This little doll has been a long time in the making - received her head as one of my Christmas presents last year from Helen (along with 3 other heads)


"Angel Gatherings" is designed by Annie Smith from Country Keepsakes.  All of her patterns are so gorgeous and very easy to follow.

A friend in Tasmania called her "Little Puddin'"  and I think that suits her very well.

Last Christmas I stitched a few "Jingly Dangly Things" also designed by Annie Smith.  Actually got around to finishing them off last night.

The tablerunner in the background was a Christmas present from Christine a couple of years ago - it is so lovely.

Yesterday I had an appointment in Randwick, so took Mum with me, picked up Elizabeth and we went to Peter's of Kensington for lunch and a bit of shopping.

A few things are ticked off the Christmas list.

09 December 2014

Fun Few Days

On Saturday I went to a party to celebrate my friend's Dad's 90th birthday - it was a lovely afternoon and so nice to catch up with so many people I've known forever.

After the party Mum helped me finish off the Christmas decorating - 

Family Room
Family Room
"Christmas Belles" - my favourite Christmas quilt

The following day Robyn, Lynell and I went to IKEA - we were hoping to buy a couple of Christmas presents but came away with a bagful of shopping each and no Christmas presents.

Always a good day out with these girls.

Last Christmas I received one of the best presents ever from Helen.

A bagful of beautifully painted heads.

I made up one of the dolls straight after Christmas

Wishs Do Come True

and that was as far as I got till last night.  "Angel Gatherings" is finally underway

and I'm hoping to finish her off tonight.  She is so sweet and will look wonderful with all the other angels and santas in the loungeroom.

The Lori Holt Instagram SAL wallhanging is together - hoping that my backing will arrive this week so the wallhanging can be quilted and hung in the family room - there is a space waiting for it.

04 December 2014

Last Night

I love these photo of Barbara, Diann and me - they were taken at Michael and Peta's wedding.  Just wish I could remember what we were talking about - obviously it was hilarious and I'm positive Diann was behind it - she looks too innocent.


Had dinner with Barbara last night - always enjoy her company and I'm sorry that life has got in our way too many times this year for us to meet up as often as we would like.

Wasn't tired at all when I arrived home last night after dinner - maybe it was the two coffees I had - so finished off the last of my Lori Holt Instagram SAL blocks and made replacement blocks for the two I wasn't happy with.


The blocks ready to be sewn together:

The only fabric I have bought for this walhanging is for backing and I'm hoping it will arrive in the next day or so.  Only one fabric is used twice (turquoise spot on white).  Great project for using up lots of tiny pieces of fabric.  The borders will be very cute 4 patches and squares so I'll be able to use up lots more little scraps.

Today is Mum's 87th birthday - she's an absolute star!

27 November 2014

Instagram SAL

I've joined the crowd and am making Lori Holt's Christmas quilt (#haveyourselfaquiltylittlechristmas on Instagram).  All the instructions are on Instagram - just search for @beelori1.  After making the blocks not in her book, I am waiting (impatiently) for my book to arrive so I can get on with the rest of these cuties.

They really are sweet and it's great using up last little pieces of favourite fabrics.

Last night I finished off the last Best Friends Forever block I will be stitching.

18 out of the 32 blocks have been stitched, 11 are going into the quilt I'm making and the other stitched blocks plus the unstitched blocks and patterns will be going to a new home soon.

Mum and I are going to see Schools Spectacular on Saturday, so that means on Sunday it's time to start decorating the house for Christmas.

25 November 2014

Road Trip

On Saturday Paula, Karen and I drove to Bathurst to meet up with the other girls who were in Bathurst for the blog meet.  First stop was Anni's shop, The Home Patch, where we met up with some of the girls (Chooky and Ros and a few others).  I bought a few things at Anni's - a couple of her sweet patterns, some of her lovely Christmas fabric

and some chocolate brown linen for an Anni-designed bag I hope to make one day.

Next stop was the retreat venue for lunch, show and tell and "make it, bake it or fake it" swap.  I took 4 photos - 3 of them are some of Chooky's show and tell.

I took along this bag as my swap present:

The swap was a lot of fun with many girls wanting to steal each other's gifts.

Sunday was such a hot, humid day at my place.  I spent most of the day in the sewing room with the fan for company working on a Christmas present.

Last night I sewed a few Best Friends Forever blocks together and then felt like doing something different so I made a couple of Lori Holt's blocks that have been all over Instagram (#haveyourselfaquiltylittlechristmas).  These designs are so gorgeous - am very much looking forward to making the rest of the blocks.

The last Best Friends Forever stitchery block is coming along - might be finished this by the weekend.

21 November 2014

2nd Last Block

Another Best Friends Forever stitchery block completed at lunchtime - one more to be stitched and I can put the quilt together; then I'll find a new home for the blocks I don't need.

I want to make an orange and white quilt for someone in my family and thought "Swoon" would be a great pattern choice.  This pattern requires 18 fat quarters plus background.  I had a few oranges in my stash

and plenty more are on their way in the post.  Last night I cut out and started to assemble one block - these are very large blocks (24") and I love the orange and white.

Finished this little cotton crochet cardy recently.

Road trip to Bathurst tomorrow!

18 November 2014

I've Got Mail

A parcel was delivered to my place yesterday - Sarah had sent back my Red Letter Day quilt.

Love the quilting!  The quilt is going to look so fantastic when the binding is finished.  Might get to that on the weekend.

Finished another Best Friends Forever stitchery block last night - 1 and a bit stitcheries to go.

Saw two movies over the weekend.  Lynell and I went to see "Love, Rosie" on Saturday - was very enjoyable.  Mum and I saw "My Old Lady" on Sunday - much different than I expected but loved it.  Can't go wrong with Kevin Kline and Maggie Smith.  Turns out there was a huge wind storm while we were out - came home to find this big branch fallen in the back yard.  Very fortunate it landed where it did.

Stitching with the girls tonight - might finish off another stitchery block, then again might chat all night.

13 November 2014

Stitchery Blocks

Another two "Best Friends Forever" stitchery blocks are finished.

I enjoyed stitching this block as there is no satin stitch:


Starting to feel like I'm on the home straight with 2-1/2 stitchery blocks to go.  There will be 11 stitched blocks in the quilt, excluding a few I had stitched before deciding to change the purpose of the quilt.  There has been very little progress since this photo was taken - am hoping to sew some more blocks over the weekend.


11 November 2014

Red Letter Quilting

Last Friday, Sarah started quilting my Red Letter Day quilt.  It's looking fantastic and I can't wait for it to arrive back at my place.

10 November 2014

Sewing on Buttons

Another weekend has come and gone so quickly.  Had a lovely time stitching withe the girls on Saturday afternoon.  Made some good progress on a "Best Friends Forever" block

and felt motivated enough over the weekend to stitch more.  I really like this block.  Need to stitch another 4 blocks.

Saturday night was spent sewing buttons and ribbons onto some knitting that has been done over the last few weeks - not all pink.  I have a couple more knitted garments to sew together.

Yesterday the housepainters (my brother and sister-in-law) came over unexpectedly to do some more work.  Their grandchildren also turned up and they did a fantastic job painting the garage and watering the gardens.


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