29 July 2019

More Sampler Blocks

More Bonnie and Camille Sampler blocks were made over the weekend:

"All Wrapped Up" designed by FigTree & Co
"Beach Day"
"Dashing" designed by Coriander Quilts
"Dashing" designed by Coriander Quilts
"Red Letter Day"
"Spools 2"
"Spools 2"
A new great-nephew was born on Friday - always lovely to welcome a sweet baby.

The Stitching Girls came over on Saturday afternoon - it's been a while since we've seen each other, so there was lots of catching up and Sunday was spent with family - a great weekend.

25 July 2019

Sampler Blocks

Over the weekend I started sewing the "Happy Scrappy Baskets" together.  I was so happy that I had just enough of the Corey Yoda "Lulu Lane" large floral to use for the setting triangles.

By Sunday night the quilt top was together and the backing was made; ready to drop off to Karen on Monday night.

The main reason for visiting Karen was to pick up "Nine Patch Waltz", which was quilted last week.  It looks so lovely.  Might get around to sewing on the binding next week.

I've decided to make another Bonnie and Camille Sampler Quilt - this time making a block from each quilt I start this year as well as blocks made for the Aussie Bonnie & Camille Beehive.  I've made 5 blocks this week

"Moda Love"
"Nine Patch Waltz"

"Starry Starry Night"
"Summer Nights"
to add to the blocks already made.

"Happy Scrappy Baskets" and "Spinning Stars"
Centre of "Fresh"
It's a great opportunity to use up all the leftover pieces of background fabrics.

Last weekend was busy with little Sweetheart staying over.  We went to see "Toy Story 4" on Sunday morning and visited GG (Mum) before heading home to her place.

This weekend the stitching girls are coming over.  My son and his family are moving house next week, so Sunday I'll be packing.

15 July 2019

Quilt Tops

Last Monday the Honeymooners flew out of Sydney to Amsterdam to start their European honeymoon.  Their first couple of days were spent in Eindhoven with family and they saw lots of places relating to the family.

Next stop was Brussels and overnight (our time) they arrived in Paris.

Cruising down the Seine

I had a fun start to the weekend - spending time with Gulliver while he assembled some of his birthday Lego.  He did it all by himself following the photos in the instruction book.

Saturday was lunch with the Schoolgirls - they've all been on long holidays:  Gail to South America/Europe/UK/Iceland; Lynell to Middle East/Scandinavia and Denise on a marathon caravan trip through Qld/NT.  Was fun to catch up with them after so long.

The rest of the weekend was spent in The Pink Room.  Thursday and Friday nights I sewed up blocks to make two rows for my Aussie B&C Beehive quilt "Christmas Cheer" (Sawtooth Stars and Chequerboard)

and then I sewed the lower four rows together.  The stockings were made by the Aussie B&C girls.  This quilt will be large enough to go onto my bed at Christmastime.

Saturday I sewed the "Spinning Stars" blocks into rows and by the end of the night I had a quilt top.

Plain white borders were added on Sunday morning and the backing and binding was made.

Then I started sewing "Fresh" blocks together - even though there are only 16 blocks in this quilt, it took quite a while to sew them together - lots of points to match up.

The backing has been made and the binding will be offcuts from the backing.  This quilt is huge at ~96" sq.

Don't think I have any more piles of blocks in the sewing room.   Might get back to some "Happy Scrappy Baskets" sewing - I'm halfway with this one.

While sewing, I've been binge-watching "Bed of Roses" - first watched this ABC series when it was originally on tv (2008-2011 or so) and I still love it.  Wonderful friendships, fun characters and a nice romance.

08 July 2019


"Nine Patch Waltz" quilt top was finished last week and dropped off to Karen to quilt.  The backing is the same "Strawberry Fields Revisited" fabric as the border - I love this print.

I've been waiting for ages for a bolt of the pretty "Chantilly" fabric to arrive so that I could finish of the "Dashing" quilt top and make the backing.  It's now ready to drop off for quilting when I pick up "Nine Patch Waltz"

Such a great weekend!  Saturday the family all landed at Jenni and Kurt's place for lunch to wish them a fun (and safe) Honeymoon trip to Europe.  They will be away for almost four weeks and are going to have the best time.  Two little sweethearts had such a great time playing with each other - makes my heart happy.

Mum and I called in to Ikea on the way home (it's 2 minutes drive from Jenni and Kurt's house) - I had a shopping list of 2 items and, believe it or not, that's all I bought :)

Yesterday my dear friends, Lynell and Darren, came for lunch.  They, along with Robyn, have been away on a huge holiday to Israel and Jordan and then Lynell and Robyn went on to Sweden and Finland.  So lovely to see them and catch up on all their holiday news.

02 July 2019

Back in The Pink Room

The final "Christmas Cheer" stocking arrived late last week so the two rows (Christmas stockings and Santa hats) can be sewn and put aside for when the rest of the rows are finished.

Haven't been doing much machine sewing over the last couple of weeks - I've been hand-stitching blocks for my grandson's quilt - only a few months behind with this quilt but have been making good headway.

Felt the need to do some machine sewing and made this month's "Summer Moon" blocks - so many teeny tiny pieces in the smallest Birds in the Air block.  I think I'm going to love this quilt once it's all finished.

I have a few piles of blocks ready to be sewn into quilt tops and I was home all day on Sunday so took the opportunity to start sewing "Nine Patch Waltz" together and the top was together last night.  I love this quilt in FigTree fabrics and also the light circles in this quilt design - secondary patterns are the best.  Borders are next - I have a few fabric choices.

Last week I saw "Rocketman" again - so fabulous and I probably loved it more the second time.  On Saturday afternoon Mum and I went to see "Yesterday".  It was written by Richard Curtis - I think he's such a great writer/director ("Four Weddings and A Funeral", "Vicar of Dibley", "Notting Hill", "Love Actually", "About Time", "The Boat That Rocked" and so many, many more).

No movies next weekend - family lunch with the Honeymooners before they leave for their European honeymoon next Monday.  Always a fun time when we're together.


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