28 October 2010

A Visitor

Late last week I received an email from Vicki asking me if I was free on Monday night to go to Sydney for dinner - of course!  Asked Karen to come with me and, even better, she volunteered to drive.  We met up for dinner at the hotel where Vicki was staying and spent such a lovely couple of hours participating in two of our favourite activities (talking and eating).

Unfortunately no photo of Karen - she was busy taking photos of us.  Thanks for getting in touch about your visit Vicki - it was a lovely surprise and evening.

24 October 2010

Baby Bento Boxes

 Last night finished off Baby Bento Boxes - the final cot quilt.  It's been raining since yesterday morning, so I'll have to wait a while before I can take some good photos outside.

The backing:

This quilt is stitched in the ditch around the main boxes and then diagonally with a diamond shape on the middle squares.

Here you go Peg  - the stack:  Jelly Girl Blush, Last Beatrix Potter, Beatrix Potter, Pink Teddy Bears, Pink Check Beatrix Potter, Hey Diddle Diddle, Zig Zag Quilt, Baby Bento Boxes, Alphabet Soup. 

John and I are off to Sydney this morning to have lunch with the Intrepid Skydiver - tomorrow she is flying to Vietnam for a holiday.

21 October 2010

Jelly Girl Blush

Second last cot quilt finished off last night.


Don't know how I'd go making a full-size version of this quilt - the basic block is a very clever Fig Tree Quilts pattern but there are so many points to line up.

We're visiting the skydiver on Sunday and will see the dvd of The Great Leap.

20 October 2010

Happy 7th Anniversary!

This is what Matt's Mum bought Elizabeth and Matt for Christmas 2009 - they made the jump 10 days ago on their anniversary weekend.  I couldn't believe she actually did it - way to go Sweetheart!

19 October 2010

Last of the Beatrix Potter Fabrics

Wet and windy again today after our beautiful weekend weather.  This quilt contains the last of my Beatrix Potter stash and is now finished.  Difficult to take a decent photo today in the strong breeze.

Love this backing fabric and I'm pleased I have some leftover.

Started quilting Jelly Girl Blush yesterday afternoon - I think this will be my favourite of the recent batch of cot quilts.  I've used the Moda Bella Solid Snow for the backing and the pale pink quilting shows up well.

Stitching Girls coming over tonight so I may finish off this quilting.  One more cot quilt to go after this one and then I'll think about finishing off one or two of the larger quilt tops in the cupboard.

18 October 2010

Hey Diddle Diddle

Another cot quilt finished - thank you very much to Karen for the binding fabric.  John really likes this one and wants us to keep it for our hope chest.

This one was quick and easy to quilt - ditch-stitching around the blocks and borders with some meandering inside the blocks and the outer edge of the border.

I'm really enjoying my retreat-at-home this long weekend.

17 October 2010

Babushka Friends

Last Christmas I made Melly & Me's Feathered Friends for a young friend.  The bag is a great design and I thought would come in very handy on shopping expeditions etc.

I had plenty of the Babushka fabric leftover from Jenni's bag, so I traced some of the Babushkas to use as the stitchery rather than the design supplied in the pattern.

Pink Check Beatrix Potter

I never know what to call a quilt; find it very difficult to come up with something quirky.  Sewed down the binding last night while watching "New Tricks" and a movie.

Lovely spring day today - nice change from the last two days and the big winds have calmed down to a breeze - enough to keep the quilt moving on the clothes line.

Another flannel backing - I've had this Peter Rabbit fabric in the cupboard for quite some time - may have been saving it for a bunny rug.  It is just right for this quilt.

I think Phillip Island Moto GP will be on our tv for most of today. 

16 October 2010

Another Long Weekend

October is a great month with lots of long weekends - rostered day off, Labour Day and now Steelworks Picnic Day this coming Monday.  Today is a good day for quilting - very unpleasant winds and lots of rain.   I'm quilting the Beatrix Potter cot quilt with pink check borders.

Finished putting together Jelly Girl Blush last weekend - very difficult to photograph this one to show the colours properly.  I'll take some outside phots when it's quilted.

Will be great if Ican finish one cot quilt each day of the weekend.

Anthony Warlow singing "This is the Moment" is blaring from the stereo - fantastic!

10 October 2010

Baby Bento Boxes

I've seen a few Bento Box quilts on blogs over the last few months and thought the design would be cute for the apple green teddy bear fabric.  Those quilt blocks have been made using either scraps or one patterned fabric with a plain fabric for contrast.  I decided to use 4 different fabrics with 3 in each block - took me a while to work out the block placement.

This photo shows the colours a bit better.

Something else I've been playing around with - "Jelly Girl" designed by Fig Tree Quilts using some very pretty Moda Essentials (spots, stripes, checks) in a blush colour with Moda Bella Solid in snow colour for the extra triangles (as in the top row) - a bit difficult to see against the while background.

08 October 2010

Two Down ...

Two of the cot quilts are finished.
Pink Teddy Bears (41" x 51-1/2"):

Beatrix Potter (33" x 44"):

Both quilts are backed with lovely soft flannel and some strips of the top fabrics.  Flannel on the back makes the quilts very cosy and cuddly.

I've been trying to upload photos all day - don't know what's being going on with Blogger.

03 October 2010

Oh When the Saints ...

Go the mighty Dragons!  Soggy long weekend here in the Gong but I don't think it will put a stop to all the celebrations tonight.

Last night some friends came for dinner and their extremely sweet grandson and his mum came to visit too.

Friday night I finished putting together a quilt top using the last of the Beatrix Potter fabrics (I hope it's the last).

Spent this morning basting 5 cot quilts and was able to quilt the Teddy Bear Irish Chain while listening to the football.

Spotted binding is now on and ready to be sewn down.  Might watch a movie and do some knitting.


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