28 June 2017

My Big Day Out

For years my children attended Big Day Out, Homebake and various other music festivals in and around Sydney.  At Gulli's birthday party I mentioned that Sydney Quilt Show was coming up and Diann would be visiting from Brisbane.  Michael commented that this is my annual festival and he's so right.

Diann and I had a wonderful few days together - I didn't take any photos at the Quilt Show or during the weekend.  We spent Thursday night in Sydney to save on travel time.  Our hotel turned out to be an experience that we can laugh about.

Loved the Quilt Show this year - more stalls to visit and quite a few new vendors, which was great.  The hall was very crowded from mid-morning till mid-afternoon but I think it's terrific that so many people love to visit.  I found everything on my list except for one book, which I was able to purchase on-line, so I'm a happy little shopper.  The quilts were spectacular and it was so lovely to see quilts made by people with whom I've become friends over the last 15 years or so, especially when they are prizewinners.

We stayed at the show until the very end then met up with Chookyblue, Deb and some others for a drink and dinner.  Such a lovely way to end the day.  Saturday we didn't seem to do a lot - Diann stitched some hexagons then tried out one of the Sachiko stitcheries she bought at the Quilt Show; I did some crocheting and Mum came for afternoon tea (bringing cake, of course).  The weather all weekend was spectacular so on Sunday morning we had breakfast in Shellharbour and then visited Karen so that Diann could go shopping in Karen's cupboards and then it was time to go home so Diann could pack before we headed off to the airport.

On the way home from the airport I called in to visit Elizabeth, Matt and ChaCha to drop off a couple of little presents I picked up at the Quilt Show and also ChaCha's new cardigan.  When she outgrows it, I'll change the buttons and Gulli can wear it.  Bendigo Savanna is beautiful, soft alpaca/wool mix.

I'm almost finished a little bolero/cardigan for ChaCha - this one has knitted lacy edgings and just needs sewing up.

Last Wednesday, my Swoon quilt arrived from Sarah.

I'm so happy with the wavy line quilting.

I thought this quilt would suit a wavy edge so bought a special ruler to try it out.  A few other tools were needed for the corners.

Had a day off on Monday and decided it was the day to be brave and have a go at the wavy edge.

Tickled pink with the result.  The binding is now sewn on but I need a few nights to stitch it down.

I'm going to have a try with the scallop edge on the little Fresh quilt after it's quilted.

Karen has been busy quilting a couple of cot quilts that have been ready for 2 years or so.  They both have new homes to go to.

"Shoo Fly"

"Retro" designed by Camille Roskelley featuring Jacob's Ladder blocks

20 June 2017

Little Sweetheart is 2

Monday was little Gulliver's 2nd birthday and his party was held on Sunday.  Lots of fun and great times with his little cousins and the rest of his family there to celebrate with him.

On Saturday I needed to use the power tools to put Gulli's present together.

Melly and Me's "Giddy Up"

Also made him a reading cushion and added a couple of books.  Gulli loves books and has an impressive library for a 2 year old.

Other recent sewing has been more "Wish Upon a Star" blocks - all are now done and I've started sewing the sashings/posts to make smaller stars where the blocks join.

I need a larger design wall!

Two sleeps until Diann arrives - we're going to the Quilt Show on Friday and looking forward to catching up with some friends there.

13 June 2017

Long Weekend

We've just had a long weekend for the Queen's Birthday, so I decided to make it extra long and take a leave day on Friday to catch up on a few things that needed to be done around the house.  ChaCha came for a sleepover on Friday night and after she went to sleep, I watched the British crime dramas on ABC and stitched down the binding on Pathways and Crossroads

This is the second time I've made this design and I think I have enough of the blue border fabric for one more (one day ...).

On Saturday Mum and I went to the Opera House for the "Last Night of the Proms" - it's such a fabulous concert with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra and a guest singer.

We had fantastic seats - centre of the front row in the circle.

Funniest part of the concert was the "March from Thunderbirds" where Guy Noble, the conductor, was dressed as a Thunderbird and conducting as though he was a marionette - hilarious.

I snuck a photo right at the end of the concert while the streamers were being thrown.

Sunday, after some secret sewing, Mum and I went to see "Churchill" - set in the days leading up to D-Day.  Monday was mostly spent in the sewing room with more secret sewing and then some "Wish Upon a Star" blocks.

Another 8 to put together then sashings and posts to be made.

This afternoon I received a photo from Sarah showing the quilting on my "Swoon" quilt - it's halfway finished.  Pretty excited about having this one finished and on my bed.

06 June 2017


No sewing but there has been some knitting.  Finished off Gulliver's little jumper on Friday night.

and tried it on him on Saturday night when he came for a sleepover.  He's such an adorable little boy and wonderful company.  Gulli had a great time playing with his cousin during the afternoon - I love seeing the two little ones having fun together.

On Sunday the stitching girls came over for afternoon tea.  Karen brought back Pathways and Crossroads.

I asked Karen to use any new quilting design she wanted to try out.  This one is Oasis and it looks great.

The only sewing-related things I've done in the last few days are trim some Wish Upon a Start half-square triangles while talking to the girls on Sunday afternoon

and buy a load of background fabrics as well as a layer cake and charm pack when I called in to Karen's last night to drop off a couple of cot quilts for quilting (they've both been finished for a long time).  We ended up going out for dinner so that was a lovely surprise.


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