14 August 2017


Rainbows (and the rainbow flag) are a very topical symbol in Australia just now.

A few months ago this brightly coloured wool appeared in my Instagram feed and I knew Elizabeth would love it, so bought 4 balls to knit something for my granddaughter.

The jumper and beanie will fit next year or the year after.

Last week Mum and I went to see "Dunkirk" - I've seen so many rave reviews about the movie but I could have done without seeing it.  I think the main problem was the sound was too loud in the theatre - probably would have enjoyed it more at home.

Had a very busy weekend.  Saw a local production of "Wicked" on Friday night - so, so good (except for one character) then the rest of the weekend was spent in front of a computer at Wollongong Song and Dance Festival - troupe weekend is always huge.

Hoping for a quieter week coming up - have some sewing that I really need to get on with and haven't switched on the machine for ages.

07 August 2017

Crochet Wreath

Over the last few months in my lunchtimes I've been crocheting all sorts of shapes:

2 Layer and 3 Layer Flowers
Holly and Leaves

Little Balls
 and making more pompoms

 all to be stitched onto a covered polystyrene wreath

 to make this

for my daughter-in-law's birthday present.  She was thrilled to bits with it.

All of the designs are from Lucy's blog - loads of photos and very detailed instructions.  Lucy is very generous sharing her very clever ideas.

Still no sewing but maybe back into it tonight - working on a special present at the moment and have a deadline.

02 August 2017

Pompom Mania

Last year I bought a load of wool

to crochet a rug

and a scarf

for Peta for her birthday.  There was a fair bit of wool leftover so I added a couple of other balls of wool from my stash and knitted jumpers for the two little ones for next winter.


I think the wool is magic - there's still more leftover.

Spent yesterday with my favourite little man - we had such a great day.

No sewing over the weekend but I did cut out two cot quilts - Kaleidoscope and Dresden Plate.  Looking forward to starting these when I finish up my current sewing.  (Think it's time for a new ironing board cover.)

27 July 2017

A Big Few Days

I've had three trips to Sydney in 5 days and all for wonderful, fun events.

Saturday's trip was for Gabby's cooking class hens night

and Monday night's was to attend the annual Helpmann Awards (Australia's answer to the Tony's).  I go for the entertainment as there are performances by the casts of shows currently running (or coming soon) in Australia:  "Kinky Boots", "Book of Mormon", "Aladdin", "My Fair Lady",  "Greenday's American Idiot", "Construct", "Beautiful", "Velvet".  Any opportunity to see Michael James Scott (The Genie),  Reg Livermore and the hula hoop man from "Velvet" perform - count me in.

Last night's Sydney visit was for a genuine treat -

a birthday present from Jenni, Kurt, Elizabeth and Matt.  kd lang is a truly exceptional talent and I was thrilled to be at her show with Jenni and Kurt and Kurt's family.

Nothing to show from The Pink Room - all secret stuff happening in there; and there is secret crocheting at lunchtimes:

The jumpers for my sweethearts are almost ready to be sewn up.  Lots of ends to sew in.

Hopefully a quiet weekend coming up.  Might take Mum to see "Dunkirk" - looks like WWII is movie flavour-of-the-month these days.

25 July 2017

Pineapple Sherbet

My daughter Jenni and her cousin Gabby were born 5 days apart and our families always celebrate birthdays and other major occasions together.

3 year old sweeties

In September the girls turn 30 and we will be celebrating Gabby's wedding.  Saturday night was the Hens Night and we had such a fun time at an Italian cooking class in Sydney "making" a 5-course feast.

My cousin Stephanie (mother of the bride) stirring the risotto
Making ricotta ravioli

I wanted to make a quilt for Gabby's birthday present so last August I asked her big sister for ideas.  Danielle immediately suggested pineapples and I was tickled pink because I'd seen many pineapple blocks designed by Jackie Padesky Quilts on Instagram over the previous year or so and had been wanting to make some of these cute blocks mainly using some bright and fun Me and My Sister fabrics in my stash plus a few others I bought.

Sewed the last stitches in the binding on Friday night so I could pack it up to give to Gabby on Saturday.


Came across a fun shopping bag in Coles a few months ago, so wrapping was sorted.

Such a happy quilt to make.

18 July 2017

Out and About

No sewing for a while but there has been lots of going out.  On Saturday afternoon Mum, Lynell, Robyn and I went to see "Kinky Boots".  It's a fun musical and Lola is just sensational.  A kind stranger took a photo of us at the boots.

On Sunday Robyn, Lynell and I met up with our friend Wendy.  We all travelled around Europe together a long time ago and it's always great to catch up with Wendy.

Gulli's scrappy block jumper is ready to sew together and I've started one for ChaCha.  The couch arm is a good landing place for the knitted pieces.

Last year I bought 14 balls of Bendigo Wool (mostly Luxury 8 ply) for Peta's blanket and scarf and I've been trying to use them up this winter.

There has been some crochet happening at lunchtime and I'm almost ready to put it all together.  Was pretty happy with my bird even though it's a a bit larger than I envisaged.

This rainbow wool has appeared in my Instagram feed a few times and I caved and bought some for ChaCha next winter.  Not sure what I'll be making with it

or the multi-coloured wool below.  The purple is for ChaCha's scrappy block jumper bands and sleeves and the two balls of grey are for something for Gulli for Christmas.

Some sewing from the weekend before last - started something very different for me to make and it will be taking up most of my sewing time for the next few weeks.

11 July 2017

Kumari Holiday "Fresh" Lap Quilt

When I made my "Swoon" quilt there were a lot off off-cuts from the half-square triangles that were large enough to make into usable blocks.  My first thought was to make a cushion for the bed but I had enough pieces to make 6 "Fresh" blocks (at half of the original size) and plenty of left-over fabrics to use for more blocks, the borders and binding.

"Fresh" is from Camille Roskelley's "Simply Retro" book.

I wanted to try out the other side of the Scallops, Waves and Vines ruler and it worked out so well with this wide border.

For the quilting, I asked Karen to try out a design she hasn't used before.  She chose "August Rain" and it looks wonderful with these fabrics.

Using up a left-over larger piece in the backing.

It always feels so good to make an unexpected/unplanned quilt and to make a sweet quilt from fabrics that were such a lovely gift, is extra special.

Wish Upon a Star

"Wish Upon a Star" is a quilt designed by Bonnie Olaveson (Cotton Way) and made using Bonnie and Camille red fabrics along with a white/red spot Japanese cotton I bought last year while on holiday in Singapore.  Finished stitching down the binding on Sunday night.

This won't be my last red and white quilt.  I love how this turned out and have plans to make a scrappy version of the pattern.

I love the Orange Peel quilting (done by Karen) and it suits this quilt so well.

Had a lovely weekend.  Was able to spend time with both of my little sweethearts and most of the family (two are travelling around Japan at the moment).  I looked after Gulli for a few hours on Saturday evening.  He was so worn out from all of his bicycle riding that he fell asleep before he'd had his bottle or finished his "GG biscuit".


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