30 May 2010

Tail Feathers

Tail Feathers is finished.  I'm tickled pink with it.

Some close-ups of the quilting - I'm not a fan of quilting over the top of stitcheries but too many large-ish areas would not be quilted enough if the quiltig didn't go into the stitched blocks.

Feathers over the log cabins:

I really wanted to use the green damask print for the binding and thought I didn't have enough.  In the end I joined the strips using a straight seam rather than bias seam and I had 8" to spare.

Patisserie would be up there with my favourite fabric ranges of all time (along with Nancy Halvorsen's True Frends and 3 Sisters' Paris Flea Market) - I have plenty leftover to make another quilt or, maybe, two.

29 May 2010

Excellent Day Out

Today I went on a road trip to a few quilt shops in Sydney with some friends - we had a great day and I've added a fair bit to the stash (along with a fair bit of on-line shopping over the last two weeks).

Bought some fabrics (cotton and flannel) to use for baby quilt backs and more baby fabrics to add to my stash.

Also bought some goregous lime green/white fabric just because I like it, matryoshka fabric to make Jenni a bag (maybe), pink/red fabric because I like it and a few other bits and pieces for an upcoming swap.

We visited Jules Craft Shop (Loftus), Logan's Patchwork (Leichhardt), Quiltsmith (Annandale), Remnant Warehouse (Alexandria) and also Gordon Smith (clothes shop).

I've made my first block for Sylvia's Bridal Sampler - Ladies' Aid Album, position F-8 in the quilt.  These Oh Cherry Oh fabrics are lovely and fresh.  Diann's block is here.  Our quilts couldn't be more different.

Finally stitching down the binding on Tail Feathers then it will be finished and ready for one of my brother's new grandbabies due later this year (if one is a girl).  I've been really enjoying the straight machine sewing/piecing; nice change from all the stitching.

24 May 2010

Beatrix Potter

I have a couple of baby girl quilts all ready and waiting but everyone seems to be having baby boys these days.  A friend from work had a baby boy on Thursday and I wanted to give him a quilt because I really like this family and they are moving interstate very soon.  So over the last few days I made this quilt with very cute Beatrix Potter fabrics:

The back:

The label ready to be written on:

20 May 2010


For my birthday this year, Diann bought me this book.

She also bought herself a copy so our plan is to have the blocks made in time for our trip to Kingaroy in 2012.  Diann is in charge of the schedule.  Perhaps making this quilt will encourage Diann to update her blog.

My Sylvia's Bridal Sampler will be very different to the original - I bought these lovely fabrics from Bec to use in this quilt with white for the background.  I'm very keen to make a block or two.

(photo from Bec)

14 May 2010


The new baby is the first grandbaby for our dear friends,  His name is Wil.  I went to visit Wil and his mum at the hospital on Tuesday afernoon - he is a beautiful baby.  Tonight I've made some nighties and a little t-shirt/pants set for him.  It's been such a long time since I've sewn baby clothes - I used a very old Knitwit pattern.

Tomorrow I hope to have some time to start making a couple of Melly & Me soft toys for him.  Jenni and I bought this fabric the other day for one of them; we think it's very cute.

One of my friends from work has taken up roller derby and tomorrow night is her first at-home bout.  John and I have tickets - should be a fun way for us to spend Saturday night.  I remember seeing roller derby on tv when I was a child but I think it's evolved somewhat since the 60's.
This is the latest block in our on-line group's BOM - Virginia:

The block was a good challenge with set-in seams.  All the blocks so far:

10 May 2010


Little stitcheries to use as labels for Tail Feathers

Quilting is not quite finished - no stitching/sewing over the weekend - maybe next weekend I'll finish the quilting and sew on the binding.  Baby Tail Feathers was born at 2.15 am yesterday - first Mothers' Day baby in the Illawarra.  He's doing well and I hope to visit him and his mother tomorrow.  I've decided that the quilt looks too girlie and will make him something else.  Jenni and I went shopping for fabic at lunchtime.

Found out over the weekend that I will be a great-aunt two more times by the end of the year so I'm sure Tail Feathers will find a home with one of those babies (I hope one is a baby girl - we have one niece, 7 nephews and one great nephew).

03 May 2010

Quilting with my Mum

Over the years Mum and I have made some quilts together, mostly with Mum doing the embroidery and me doing the piecing/quilting.  Our first quilt was "Hearts and Checks" made in 2002 from a very early Australian Country Threads.

We made another quilt from ACT designed by Bronwyn Hayes - not sure what this one is called (I'm pretty sure "Country" was in the title somewhere).

In 2004 Mum made a whole stack of hexagons for Bouquet Garden from Homespun No 21 (2004 YearBook).  Being the not-so-good daughter, these hexagons have sat in a cupboard along with all the cut borders (9 of them), waiting to be joined together to form the centre medallion.

The medallion was finished over the weekend, except for pressing and removal of some of the papers.  Mum, bless her heart, even made half and quarter-size hexagons for the edges and corners - these will need the seams pressing out so that they can be sewn in the first border seam allowance.  The top and bottom edges will be appliqued onto the border fabric.  There is another bag of hexagon flowers to be appliqued to border 4 along with some appliqued swags.  I'm hoping this quilt will be next on my list.

"Tail Feathers" is on the doover and quilting will, hopefully, be finished tonight.  Still undecided about binding fabric other than it will be a Patisserie fabric.

Again, I could not envision the finished size of this quilt and it's turned out too big for a cot, even with leaving off the outer border.  Patisserie has to be one of the loveliest fabric ranges ever.

01 May 2010

Calendar Girls

Last night Mum and I went to see Calendar Girls in Sydney.  We laughed so much and there were a few tears.  Jean Kittson as the down-trodden wife with the cheating husband was outstanding - her photo-shoot was the funniest thing I've seen in ages.

Last Tail Feathers blocks are finished

and I've sewn the rows together and added the first border.  Log cabin border to go and I can start quilting.  Baby Tail Feathers is due in 10 days - here's hoping no early arrival.


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