30 August 2016

Oh Darlin'

Lynell and I had such a great time on Friday night.  Sydney Harbour at night is one of the best views in the world.

Dinner at the Opera Kitchen

Opera Kitchen Tasting Plate - yum!

followed by the most wonderful show - brilliant songs, singers and band.

Jack Jones is such a superstar and his version of "Oh Darlin'" had the audience on its feet.

Saturday I was back in Sydney - took Mum up to visit her great-grandbabies.  Shouldn't call them "babies" now they're both walking/running, talking and singing non-stop.  Sunday was a busy day at the eisteddfod - 2 weekends to go then it's all over for another year.

Last night I turned on the sewing machine and sewed some Spool Sampler blocks - it seems a long time since I did any sewing (but not really).  I think the little house blocks are my favourites so far.

26 August 2016


Last weekend was spent at Smiggins Holes in the Snowy Mountains with Lynell and Robyn so that meant a roadtrip - 6 hour drive and fortunately I didn't have to drive. Did a fair amount of crocheting on the way there until it was too dark.

Once we were through Jindabyne the driving conditions deteriorated rapidly and it was a pretty hairy drive up to the lodge.  This was the scene through my bedroom window on Saturday morning.

Lynell was keen to go for a ski so Robyn and I rugged up to walk down the hill to the ski slopes with her.  Mum had made each of us a beanie and they were very much appreciated.  The wind was bitterly cold and snow fell all day.

We ventured out again later in the afternoon to go to Mt Blue Cow but couldn't see any of the view because of the weather conditions, so travelled back to Perisher for an affogato.  The wind howled all Saturday night and conditions seemed to be worse on Sunday morning, so we decided to pack up and head home via a few stops on the way - Wild Brumby Schnapps Distillery, Bredbo Christmas Barn,

THE most fabulous Christmas shop
lunch at Bredbo Pancake Cafe and then afternoon tea at Trappers Bakery in Goulburn - a very enjoyable 10 hour drive home with lots of crocheting on the way.

As well as the basketweave scarf, I took along ChaCha's little pinafore and made some good progress on that.  Finished it off last night and so pleased with it.  Size 2 with a bit of extra length so should fit next winter.

This week was extremely busy with another quick trip away and a day in Sydney with my other little sweetheart who was unwell.  Thankfully he's recovered and full of beans.

Lynell and I are going to the Opera House tonight to "Beatles Back2Back" - "St Peppers" and "Abbey Road" albums performed by Russell Morris, Jack Jones, Kav Temperley and Jon Allen. It's going to be fantastic!

No time for sewing over the last couple of weeks - hopefully next week.

17 August 2016

Not Much Spare Time

Not much happening in The Pink Room at the moment - a few Spool Sampler blocks have been made and a couple of backings sewn up, and that's about it.

Another 57 to put together so it will take a little while with the Eisteddfod running till mid-September and other commitments.

I bought some beautiful wool from Bendigo Woollen Mills and it arrived on Monday.

The dark blue is for Gulliver, the grey is for ChaCha and the rainbow is for another someone special.  Tried out the grey on Monday night and it works really well with the other colours for ChaCha's little pinafore.

Couldn't resist starting something with the rainbow wool last night when the girls were over for stitching.  I used a tutorial that came into my FaceBook feed (http://crochet.diyeverywhere.com/2016/08/10/how-to-crochet-the-basketweave-stitch/?src=fbfan_54740&t=fbsub_crochetguide).  This is a really cool design and works so well with the rainbow wool.

Jenni is knitting a blanket using 20 ply wool - it felt quite strange strange when I tried those 1.5cm thick needles.  Jenni brought her knitting when she visited Mum recently.


08 August 2016


Took a day's leave on Friday to spend the day with ChaCha and Gulliver (and their parents).  Always the best kind of day off.

A few months ago I machine embroidered a set of towels for a new little baby boy.  ChaCha and I visited the baby and his Mummy on Friday.  It's so delightful to see a little one with a baby and ChaCha is so entertaining - lots of talking and singing.

Friday was my daughter-in-law's birthday and I was so pleased that her presents were finished in time and ChaCha and I could visit Peta at her work.  I finished sewing in all the ends on the blanket on Thursday night.

I love the photo of Peta modelling her scarf.

I spent Friday evening with Gulliver while Michael and Peta went out to dinner - always a fun time with the Little Guy.

Most of the weekend was taken up with the eisteddfod except for Saturday night - I was invited to a 50th birthday party with a dress up theme of character from a musical.

I was very impressed that my friend Barbara managed to get my hair into two braids.

02 August 2016


No sewing happening in the pink room lately and now that the eisteddfod has started, no free weekends till late September.  I have been crocheting more hexagons with the lovely Bendigo Woollen Mills 8 ply Luxury and have started crocheting the hexagons together.

Three rows are together - four to go and a couple of borders then I'll do some sewing.

Jenni has been crocheting up a storm and most of these circles have been crocheted together with white to make a baby blanket for one of her friends - the colours are terrific.


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