31 July 2009

Yesterday's Mail

Yesterday the postman delivered a parcel from Quilt Fabric Delights. Such gorgeous fabrics for the Pies and Tarts BOM.

Every so often one of the Schoolgirls goes to a meeting in Sydney right near Ikea and this coming Monday is the day so I'm going with her but I'll be visiting Ikea - I hope to find some more storage for this part of the sewing room cupboard. The white drawers hold my little pieces of fabric and the hanging shelves contain fabrics and patterns for some quilts I want to make one day (Gingham Girls, Breast of Friends, Butterfly Garden, Tail Feathers, Quilt Aid). I have plenty of space in the room but it's not well organised and I feel like I'm constanty in a mess.

All of my machine sewing over the last few weeks has been making a "Very Hungry Caterpillar" Quilt based on this kit. One of Jenni's friends saw the quilt I made last year for Jenni's birthday and asked Jenni if I'd make one for her niece but I didn't want make another quilt exactly the same, mainly because that is Jenni's quilt (and I made up the pattern as I went along). The new quilt is a simpler design and I've added a couple of extra borders. The quilting was finished tonight, the binding is sewn on and I might have it stitched down by the end of the weekend. Still stitching Sweet Pea bugs and grubs at lunchtimes and Sweet Christmas Dreams occasionally at night.

It's the weekend - yahoo!!

27 July 2009

An Unusual Weekend

Unusual in that I was home alone for most of the weekend. John and his motorbike mates rode to the Blue Mountains. I spent most of the time catching up on some girlie movies and stitching "Sweet Christmas Dreams" designed by Leanne Beasley for last year's Honeysuckle Cottage Christmas Club. There is a lot of stitching in this doiley.

I also had lunch with The Schoolgirls and went to a family friend's 18th birthday party. I was happy/relieved when John arrived home in one piece - he'd had a great weekend (and so had I).

25 July 2009

Ornament Swap

For Christmas in July our on-line group had an ornament swap. Earlier this week a parcel arrived from Tereasa

All the parcels were opened last night and I received these cuties and the matching card - I was thrilled to bits.

My other partner was Roseanne and I made her some Goody Tags designed by Wildcraft Farm.

Made some extras to put away for decorating Christmas presents, so I have my Christmas finish for this month.

21 July 2009

Weekend with the Family

Last Thursday the travellers, Elizabeth and Matt, arrived home from their holiday in Japan. The whole family got together for lunch on Sunday - was so lovely to have them home safely. They brought us loads of presents - Elizabeth's favourite passtime is shopping. I received a pink bag from Chiri Men Craft Museum containing glittery phone bling, sparkly shoe laces for my pink sneakers, piece of cake trinket box, wet wipes in a cupcake-decorated container, teacup photo holder - all lovely. I'll post a photo of John's Samurai when he's finished building it.

Miss Bee and Thomas Turtle are finished

and also the final doiley from Leanne Beasley's "Butterflies and Blossoms" pattern I received at the Day of Inspired Stitches.

Wonders Never Cease

Miss Diann who shall remain blogless, is no longer blogless! Her blog is here.

15 July 2009

Little Frog and Bubbles the Fish

Surprise Mail

The postman came early today and I received a lovely surprise birthday present from my dear friend

Leanne Beasley's "Couch Companion" and choccies - just what every girl needs.
Beautiful stitching and fabrics as well as some dmc's. Thank you so very much Peg.

07 July 2009

Doiley and a Baby Butterfly

On Sunday night I also finished off the second doiley from Leanne Beasley's pattern "Butterflies and Blossoms":

This is the first "Sweet Pea's Quilt" block finished. Good thing I like bright fabrics.

Next machine sewing project is a "Very Hungry Caterpillar" quilt for one of Jenni's friends - won't be making the same quilt as I made Jenni last year as I made up that one as I went along. I was able to find a kit for Jenni's friend.

06 July 2009

Fun Weekend

Our family loves a good birthday celebration and we're always happy for the celebrations to be spread over a day or two.

Saturday night we had dinner at a local Mexican restaurant - this is where Michael first started work and where Jenni now works. Michael wanted to go here. Food was wonderful (as always).

Sunday morning the Nannas joined us all for breakfast before Michael headed back to Sydney.

Sunday night I finished Kirra's 18th birthday quilt (we've known since she was a tiny, little girl), "Happy Days" designed by Anni Downs. This quilt is a little larger than the pattern suggests because I wanted to use up all the jelly roll strips. When I first made this quilt I didn't add the frill because I didn't think it suited the fabric Elizabeth chose, but I love the frill in the Soiree fabric.

I'll be giving the quilt to Kirra tonight.

02 July 2009

Happy Birthday Michael

Today Michael turns 27. We are looking forward to seeing him and Peta on Saturday when they are coming here for the family celebrations - dinner out on Saturday with Jenni, Ian and us (and I'm sure the four of them will go out afterwards), then the Nannas will join us all for late breakfast on Sunday.


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