27 June 2010

Slicing and Dicing

I love cutting up fabric and like everyone else starting something new is great (doesn't matter how many other things are on the boil).  I've had the Hexagon Quilt pattern for quite a while and a few weeks ago thought it would look great made in pink/red/white.  While I was on holidays recently most of the fabrics I bought were to add to my stash for this quilt.  The pieces are all cut and ready to sew together.

I want to make the quilt for the qs bed in the guest bedroom so it needs to be larger than the pattern.  Think I'll keep making strips till I've used up the already cut pieces and then decide if it's big enough - can always add a border or two.

Sunday again - time is flying these days.  The day for a new Sylvia's Bridal Sampler block to be chosen.  Very chilly winter weekend (well, chilly for us), so a good opportunity for some sewing, cutting out (softie swap and a filly Giddy Up).

Anyone else making Butterfly Garden?  Have a look at May Britt and Hanne's blogs.

23 June 2010

Butterfly Garden

Early last year Peg and I decided to start this quilt and encourage each other along the way.  Peg showed her first block finished here and has been silent on the subject ever since.  I got as far as piecing all the mini blocks and no further until today.  I've finished Block 1 - I started doing some of the stitching while I was on holiday and over the weekend decided to tackle the applique.  I am determined to make this quilt using needleturn and I think that was the reason I was procrastinating.

Anyway, last Saturday night I traced the daisy petals and just started - the needleturn is far from wonderful but I'm sure there'll be a big improvement by the time I reach Block 9.  I think this quilt is going to look extremely busy and that's why I've chosen to use the plain fabrics from the backgrounds of the large floral prints for the daisy petals.  A little birdie told me that last weekend Peg brought out her next block.  I hope so.

This week's Sylvia's Bridal Sampler block is Providence - another doozy with small pieces, some with interesting shapes.

This month's block for our on-line group is called Framed Friendship Star - lovely block.

21 June 2010

New Shoes

Elizabeth bought these Mary Poppins shoes for me - so perfect for the shy, little poppet that I am.  Lolly pink patent leather with satin bows.

We arrived back at Elizabeth's place yesterday afternoon and what's on the tv?  Mary Poppins dancing with the chimney sweeps in her pink shoes with bows (not quite lolly pink but close enough).

18 June 2010

For Sale - Breast of Friends

I also have a stack of "In the Pink 2" fabrics, which were featured in Homespun's "Breast of Friends" quilt last year.

45" (1.15m) gold/pink/off white swirl;
69" (1.75m) beige/off white check background fabric (this fabric has no description in the selvedge); 20" ( 0.5m) cream small floral (there is a 3" square cut from the edge of this piece)

5 x 12" (30cm) strips 

1 fat quarter

All up 4.9m plus one fat quarter.  $A60 including postage within Australia.  If anyone from overseas is interested, please email me re postage.  This package weighs 800g.

For Sale - Dear Jane - SOLD

I've been tidying up the fabric cupboard and have a couple of fabrics packs I'd like to sell. 

Since starting "Sylvia's Bridal Sampler", I realise that there's no way I'll get around to making Dear Jane so the following is for sale as one lot:

4 Charm Packs - each charm pack contains a different number of charm squares

12 "Colonies Reserve" 1830-1865 Windham Fabrics fat quarters

5 "Charlston V" 1850-1865 Judie Rothermel fat quarters

4 yards poison green fabric from Williamsburg "The Providence Collection" Windham Fabrics (the colour was called "poison green" in the description but, to me, it's more of a dull gold/mustard colour) plus the Dear Jane book and rulers.

$A120 including postage within Australia.  If anyone from overseas is interested, please send me an email re postage - the package weighs 2.75kg.

17 June 2010

Merc Magoo and Friends go on a road trip

John and I as well as Merc Magoo and his friends, Giddy Up 1 and Giddy Up 2, went on a road trip heading north.

On the way we visited my brother and his family in Lake Cathie, where Giddy Up 1 is now living, and we also visited John's sister and family in Coffs Harbour.  We arrived at Diann and Bill's last Friday evening, after a very speedy shopping expedition into Pacific Fair.  That night Giddy Up 2 moved to his new home with Diann and Bill's grandson.

Saturday saw the boys visiting numerous motorbike shops while Diann and I had a lovely day visiting her local patchwork shops.  Managed to find a few things to buy.

On Sunday Diann, Bill, Maurice, Merc, John and I all took off for a drive

to Fernvale

Gus Beutell's Lookout

Esk, Crows Nest and Highfields and stayed overnight in Toowoomba.  Monday morning we had a look around Toowoomba then drove back to Diann and Bill's via Nobby.  Had lunch at Rudd's Pub - where Steele Rudd wrote "Dad and Dave".

On Tuesday John, Merc and I drove back to Sydney - big trip, stayed overnight and then yesterday met up with a bunch of friends to visit the Darling Harbour Quilt Show.  I didn't buy too much there.  The crowds were huge this year - I found it a bit overwhelming in the morning.  We have lots of photos of the quilts - some unbelievably stunning quilts on show this year, but I'm not sure if putting these photos on blogs is allowed.

An excellent few days.  And this afternoon Merc is moving to his new home with Baby Wil.


We arrived home last night and this parcel was on the kitchen bench

Inside it was a kit to make up a block holder with beautiful fabrics

I was a lucky OPAM winner.  Thank you very much Peg and Kris.

09 June 2010

But wait ... there's more

Giddy Up's friend came home yesterday afternoon

and then he came to work this morning to help me tidy up before my holiday.

08 June 2010

Horsing Around

In November last year I won this pattern from Melly & Me.

I bought this fabric from a local shop

Last weekend I finished making this

Later this week he will be delivered to my great-nephew.  I made 2 but Mum borrowed one to show her neighbour.  I should have taken a photo of them together beforehand - maybe tomorrow if he comes home before we leave.

I've caught up on blocks due this week/month:

Sylvia's Bridal Sampler - Diamond Friendship

Album 2

On-line group's BOM, Colorado Beauty chosen by Bec

No more machine sewing until I'm back from our road trip, which finishes next Wednesday at Darling Harbour Quilt Show.

04 June 2010

Zig Zag Quilt

For well over a year I've had this tutorial in my favourites.  I decided to make a large cot-size version.  Instead of cutting 3" strips, I cut 1-1/2" strips.  I needed 1-1/2 widths of two fabric per row of zig-zags (if that makes sense).  I used some of the leftover Beatrix Potter fabrics plus a few other yellows and blues from the stash along with white Moda Bella Solid.  It was very windy outside this morning when I was taking the photos.

The border is the wider section of Beatrix Potter's "3 Kittens" border print.

The outer corner blocks pattern is from the birthday miniature quilt pattern I received from our on-line stitching group - such tiny pieces.

The zig-zags were stitched in the ditch and I machine sewed a row of running stitch on every second white row:

The backing is lovely soft pale blue/white polka dot flannel I bought on our road trip last Saturday.

Weekend again - 6 sleeps and we're going on a little holiday so I think I'll spend some time this weekend tracing a few stitcheries to take along.

03 June 2010

Lucky Me

Arrived home from work yesterday afternoon to find this parcel waiting on the bench:

Inside was this fabulous covered folder from Peg; beautiful Polka Dot Girls stitchery on the front:

The back:

Inside the folder were these: 

Thank you so much Peg - definitely a lovely, lovely surprise.

Last night I had a go at making this week's Sylvia's Bridal Sampler blocks.  I thought we would ease into the more difficult blocks but no, Dear Diann chose 2 blocks for this week - one (New Mexico) a nightmare, such tiny pieces and I haven't done much foundation piecing.  Some repairs need to be made to this block.  Many lessons will be learned while making these blocks.

The other (Yankee Puzzle) was easier, although I have chosen fabrics with not enough contrast:


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