29 August 2013

Busy, Busy, Busy

That's how life is at this time of year - so much happening at work, weekends at the eisteddfod and not much time for anything else.  No stitching at lunchtimes over the last week or so and very little crossword success.

I have managed to send away my secret sewing - it should arrive at Vicki's place in time for Friday night's opening.

My present from Leanne arrived last week and it's still unopened!  I'll be out on Friday night, so will miss the opening fun.

Last Saturday I went to a baby shower - Kellie, the mum-to-be, had a great time.  I really wanted to make the "Sit Me Up Donut" but didn't have time - I'll try to make that for when the baby is born (due in 4 weeks).  Instead, I machine embroidered a towel set - very cute.

Yesterday John found a photo that's been missing for 9 years - when The Schoolgirls and Jan (my dear friend from UK) went to Melbourne for our "zero" birthday trip, someone kindly took a photo of us all together and it's been missing ever since.  One lovely friend thinks I look younger now - not so sure about that, but she is a fantastic friend!

A couple of weeks ago someone took a photo of the eisteddfod committee - this eisteddfod has been running for 22 years now.  We're hoping to make it to 25 years.

We have a break from the eisteddfod this weekend so will be going to Sydney on Saturday afternoon to visit Elizabeth and Matt and Sunday I might put a quilt on the frame.  That would be wonderful.

16 August 2013

The Chair

Horn emailed excellent instructions and I was able to put the chair together.

Very comfy and a great height at the sewing table.

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14 August 2013

Present to Myself

Two packages arrived yesterday

Too busy to assemble it last night - out having dinner with friends.  Maybe tonight.

05 August 2013

Spring is in the Air

My favourite time of the year is almost here.  I love spring - the warmth in the air and lots of sunshine.  Very busy each weekend for the next two months helping out at our local eisteddfod.  Lot of baking, not much stitching/sewing.

Elizabeth and Matt came to visit for lunch yesterday so that was an extra-lovely Sunday.

Almost finished the first BFF BOM block - maybe finish it off at lunchtime today.

Hope to do a bit of sewing over the next couple of weeks - have some secret sewing ready to start as well as making this

for a baby shower later this month.

01 August 2013

Melbourne 2

We had such a great road trip on last Thursday when we travelled east of Melbourne, we decided to go on another road trip on Saturday heading north west of Melbourne to Ballarat.  Not so many photos this time.

First stop was beautiful Ballarat Patchwk - I loved this shop - so much more my style of fabric, patterns etc.  I bought some wideback for my Oh Cherry Churn Dash quilt and some beautiful baboushka linens.

Next stop was Gail's Patchwork Emporium in Sebastopol - what a shop!  The range of beautiful trims and gorgeous floral fabrics is unbelievable - Helen was in heaven.

We headed on to Mill Rose Cottage in Ballan and had lunch at the restaurant next door.

Ploughman's Lunch at Mill Rose Cottage

Mill Rose has a huge range of beautiful fabrics.  Last stop was Patch and Quilt in Gisborne - another lovely shop.

Sunday morning flew by but, of course, we managed to fit in morning tea at Laurent Boulangerie.

I definitely need to plan another trip to Melbourne even if just to explore all the laneways and arcades in the city.  Thanks Helen, Jenny and Noreen for a wonderful few days away.


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