28 April 2017

Scrappy Log Cabin

I love this quilt and was hanging out for Karen to finish the quilting.  With the exception of the red spot on white fabric, it's made completely from my scrap boxes.  I had no idea what size it would end up:  93-1/2" square is pretty big.  Really happy with the scrappy binding too.

I love clamshell quilting and think it looks great on the log cabin blocks

I've been saving this Moda 40th Anniversary fabric for a large scrappy quilt and it works so well for this one.

Funny thing happened - I had 18 blocks left after putting the quilt top together.  When I was tidying up the sewing room, I found a string of 17 more half-finished blocks.  Those blocks are now finished along with another 6 and I have enough for a lap quilt.  I'm currently sewing these blocks together - no sashing and posts this time, except on the outer border.

More binding to be made over the weekend for Snippets.

26 April 2017

Easter Break

Easter this year was pretty much perfect - lots of time with the family and friends, such great weather along with a break from work, lots of cutting out and some sewing.

The Spiegeltent has been in Wollongong and I went along to see Paul Capsis, a fabulous cabaret artist, with Jenni, Paula and Tania.  Good Friday was spent at Karen's place for a sewing day with Karen, Paula and Rhonda.  I was working on a new secret project.  This is all I have to show for my day's efforts:  I am definitely not a fan of foundation piecing but will persevere with this one (maybe in June).

Afterwards, I went to see "Their Finest" - such a wonderful movie.  I took Mum to see it on Monday and she thought the movie was so authentic, having lived through The Blitz in UK during WWII.

Saturday I picked up Gulliver for a sleepover at Nanna's - we had lunch with Jenni and Kurt The Favourite and a visit/play with ChaCha on the way home.  Easter Sunday all the family came for lunch - was so lovely to have everyone together around the table and that night I went back to the Spiegeltent with Lynell, Robyn and Paula to see "Velvet", a fabulous show - the best part was the hula hoop guy.  So entertaining.

Easter Monday was spent in the sewing room - I had cut out a jelly roll quilt called "Zen and the Jelly Roll" - very quick to piece.

The whole quilt top was together by Tuesday morning.

Wednesday was another trip to Sydney and a quick visit with my sweethearts and on Thursday my girls came to visit.  Friday night ChaCha came for a sleepover.

One of the quilts I cut out during the break was for a Low Volume Log Cabin Quilt:

It's great to be using up so much of the stash and loads from my scrap drawers.

Picking Petals

"Picking Petals" is a mini quilt pattern designed by Carried Away Quilting and the original is made with FigTree & Co fabrics.  I loved the block design and fabrics and decided to make a quilt with nine of these blocks.  Karen quilted it for me using Twisted Tatting design and I was so delighted with how the quilt has turned out.  It is now on its way to a new home in USA.

I've had a little holiday from Easter to ANZAC Day.  There has been more cutting out than sewing in The Pink Room lately.  One of the quilts I cut out was Swoon, a Thimble Blossoms design, using the beautiful Kumari Holiday fabrics my friend Elizabeth sent to me.

The quilt is made up of 9 large blocks (24" finished) and the last block was completed on Monday night.


I finished sewing "Scrappy Log Cabin" just before Easter and picked it up, along with "Snippets", from Karen last night.

Might make some bindings tonight :)

10 April 2017


Last night I finished stitching down the binding on "Colorway" - another Thimble Blossoms design made with Bonnie and Camille fabrics as well as white/black spot background fabric I bought in Singapore last year.  The quilt was cut out in November last year and the blocks were sewn together last month.

The backing is a favourite red strawberry print from Bonnie and Camille's "Hello Darling" range and I used the same fabric for the binding.

I think I like the colours in this block best.

I made up one "Wish Upon a Star" block to see how it all went together.  It's a big block - finishing at 18" and it's lovely to work with some larger pieces of fabric for a change.

Over the last few weeks, I've been thinking about making some more Scrappy Log Cabin blocks.  According to Instagram I last worked on these blocks on 16 April 2016.

Yesterday I took out the Scrappy Log Cabin scrap boxes and found another 15 blocks that had been cut into 4 and were half-made.  The purple box is now empty but there is a chest of drawers in The Pink Room with three drawers full of scraps - I'm thinking about starting another Scrappy Spiderweb quilt.

Each block has the large red spot fabric at the centre and the same fabric will be used for setting triangles at the outer edges with white pin dots on red for posts in the sashings.  I'm going to undo these few blocks and use narrower sashings and smaller red squares.

ChaCha had a sleepover with Nanna on Friday night then on Saturday morning we picked up GG and went to Sydney to spend some time with Michael and Gulliver.  The little ones had a great time at the park.  Visited some friends on the way home and then Mum and I had dinner with Elizabeth, Matt and ChaCha - a terrific day.

07 April 2017

No Sewing

The sewing machine wasn't switched on from last Sunday till late lat night.  I've been cutting out fabrics to start some new quilt tops.

FigTree fabrics for another "Pathways and Crossroads" and a FigTree version of Cakewalk

Bonnie and Camille reds with white/red spot background (bought in Singapore last year) to make Bonnie's "Wish Upon a Star"

Had to try make some of the half-square triangles last night to see if I was happy with how they look.  Trimmed them before work this morning - love them.

Barbara and I went to see "Beauty and the Beast" last night - I really enjoyed it but didn't love it as much as I wanted to.  I still prefer the original animated version.

03 April 2017


After making "Medley", I wanted to make another medallion quilt - I love how they go together once all the parts are made.  "Summerville" is a medallion quilt designed by Thimble Blossoms and I've used the same fabric ("Vintage Picnic") as in the original quilt with one navy blue added from another of Bonnie and Camille's ranges.   Not very often that I use the same fabrics but I had enough in my stash.

Stitched down the binding while watching lots of tv on Friday night.

The quilting design is called "Party Streamers" - another great design Karen found for me.


I love the backing fabric - it's such a pretty colour.

Most of Saturday was taken up with yukky housework etc and then family and a friend came over for dinner.  On Sunday the rain was back and it's been so terrible in Queensland and northern NSW (many of my friends have been house-bound for days) - I pretty much sewed all day and finished putting together the "Pretty Petals" quilt top.  Not a great night-time photo of the lovely colours in these FigTree fabrics.  I was so happy to be able to make this quilt completely from my stash.

The background is actually a very pale pink on off-white.

Karen spent yesterday afternoon quilting "Colorway" - chose "Party Streamers" again for the quilting.

Not sure what I'll work on next.


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