28 May 2014

Cutting Out

In an effort to use up the stash (well, that's my excuse), I'll be making some quilts from patterns I've had for ages and I've also bought a couple of patterns recently.  One I saw on a blogpost about the Pittsburgh Quilt Market is called "Text Me" - really like this one and decided to use some of my Fig Tree fabrics.

Feature fabrics for 36 blocks

I'm using two different background fabrics - one to make the larger squares and the links between the blocks and the other for the smaller squares within the blocks.  Of course, I ran out of one of these fabrics and was fortunate to find some on-line (considering it is from an old range).   Maybe some more cutting tonight.

Secret stitching is finished and now ready to be added to the present - I've enjoyed this.

Found a photo of my "Not Quite Civil War" quilt top together - this was put together about a month ago.

It's been added to the large pile of tops waiting to be quilted - maybe it's time to sort out the garage and set up the frame.

Took my "Scrappy Trip Around the World" with me to Tasmania to leave with Sarah for quilting.  Will definitely be looking forward to this one coming home.

27 May 2014

Fantastic Weekend Away

Friday night I flew down to Launceston to spend the weekend with some of my stitching buddies.  I was made very welcome by Cathy and her family (including Miss Millie).  It was pretty chilly when I arrived (4C) and an even chillier 3C on Saturday morning.  Lunch on Saturday was at the famous Cherry Shed - I was very happy to have the chance to visit.

Delicious food and wonderful company

After lunch some of us headed off to Sarah's shop in George Town to start some prep work for making the Weekender Travel Bag - as well as more eating etc (great pizzas in George Town).

I took a couple of presents with me:  Sew Together Bags for Sarah (with green zips) and Cathy (with burgundy zips)

and a Work in Progress bag for Sarah

as she celebrated a big birthday last week.

Some of the girls working away on Sunday

The girls threw a surprise party lunch for Sarah and me with presents, cupcakes, bubbles etc.  So lovely.  A few necessary purchases from Sarah for our upcoming class with Camille Roskelley (and a couple of extras)

and a photo of the girls from our on-line group who were there on Sunday

Me, Vicki, Sarah, Leanne, Razzy and Cathy in front
Great fun weekend with such wonderful friends and a bit of sewing thrown in as well (no progress shots of my bag yet).

20 May 2014

Getting Ready ...

Going on a little trip soon and one day of the trip will be sewing with a group of friends making Amy Butler's "Weekender Travel Bag".  Wanted to do a little prep so that I could jump right in to making the bag - took longer than I thought to cut out all the pieces and quilt the main parts of the bag and the outside pockets.  Will be great to see all the different bags when they're finished.

I'm so looking forward to meeting up with some old friends and meeting the other girls from our on-line group.

I love slicing up fabric and, after searching through my pattern folders, have plans for a few quilt tops. First to be cut out is "Basket Case" designed by Cluck, Cluck, Sew.  I still have plenty of this Oh Cherry Oh fabric and need to use it up.  

These "Sew Together Bags" are taking quite a while to make - well, procrastination is the real reason.  Hope to finish them off soon.

14 May 2014

It's all about me!

My cousin sent this image to me on Saturday evening as she was on her way to my birthday party.  Saturday was a big birthday.  I had a huge few days in the lead up to the party but so enjoyed everyone's company and truly appreciated all the effort by my wonderful family and friends to make this a memorable, joyful occasion.

My Princess making 60 cupcakes

Not many photos taken on the night - I think it's a sign we were all having a great time.

Speech Time

Elizabeth had some photo posters printed.

 I received beautiful flowers, including 60 roses from Mum.

A few of my gorgeous presents

Surprise wallhanging from Sarah
Lovely bag and goodies from on-line stitching group
Beautiful love seat from Elizabeth and Matt
and we also raised some money to donate to a sick friend who needs a bit of a lift at the moment.

One fun thing we did was re-create a photo from a few years ago.

I have so much to be grateful for, so many people to thank for a wonderful night.


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