30 September 2012

Hexagon Bag No 3

I've had my fill of little hexagons for the next while.

Over the last couple of weeks I've also sewn some Sylvia's Bridal Sampler blocks together.  The blocks have been cut out for a while just waiting for an opportunity to sew them up.

Contrary Husband
Birds in the Air
Broken Dishes
Card Trick
Children's Delight
Chimneys and Cornerstones
Chinese Coin
Clay's Choice
I might cut out a few more blocks tomorrow.  We are going to see "Mental" tomorrow afternoon - I hope there's a laugh or two in the movie.

24 September 2012

Le Dîner d'Anniversaire

Last Friday was Elizabeth's birthday.  After spending the day shopping (she hasn't told me yet if she bought anything, just sent window-shopping photos)

Louis Vuitton - LOVE all those spots
These are all chocolate!
Matt took her Elizabeth for a special dinner to La Truffiere http://www.la-truffiere.fr/

Saturday they went to Versailles for the day.  Such a beautiful place - I remember going there SO many years ago (1976 and 1979).

Cycling around the gardens of Versailles

"I'm a little teapot ..."

23 September 2012

Hexagon Bag No 2

The Fig Tree Hexagon Bag is finished

and I'm done for the day.

Hexagon Bag 1

The first bag is finished and my fingers are sore from sewing on the frame - not my favourite part of the process.

"Little Hexagon Purse" pattern purchased from the designer, Brigitte Giblin
The friend this bag is for doesn't use shoulder bags so this handle is perfect for her.

Bag No 2 is ready for attaching the handle.

Back to it.


Had a lovely afternoon yesterday. Karen came to visit and told us all about her new caravan and the adventures she and Bob are planning then I had some time in the garden before going into the sewing room.

I started outline quilting the white hexagons in the Pink Hexagon quilt.

Will take a few quilting sessions to do these hexagons. I've been using the BSR with the foot pedal and it's going quite well. I sewed black/white/grey/red hexies together while watching tv last night. Actually I sat in the sewing room watching "The Pallisers" on DVD because John was watching football. Think I'll put "Seachange" on this afternoon while I'm sewing.

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22 September 2012


Last weekend I put the One Bizillion Years BC quilt top together - it was very quick and easy using a panel I cut up.

The top turned out bigger than I'd originally planned so I'm just waiting on some more backing fabric to arrive then I can think about quilting this one.  This afternoon I'm going to sew up a pillow case using one of the leftover dinosaur panel pieces.

Now that I'm working again I have lunchbreaks so I've been handstitching.  The second hexagon bag outer layer is finished.  This one is all Fig Tree fabrics - they are all repeated 3 and four times (I don't have 260+ Fig Tree fabrics).  Last night I prepared a third lot of hexagons for another bag.

This one is black and white with a little touch of grey and red.  The girls in my stitching group gave me a good selection of black and white scraps to add to my own.  About time I tried making up one of these bags I suppose ... maybe tomorrow.

Spoke to the travellers last night as it was Elizabeth's birthday yesterday.  They are having the most wonderful time and have booked a little side trip to Rome for a couple of days next week.

20 September 2012

Bonjour Paris

The travellers are having a fantastic time exploring Paris.

At Sacre Coeur

Outside the Louvre

A bridge crossing the Seine

A typical deli

View from Sacre Coeur

Teresa, I hope you enjoy these photos.

16 September 2012


On Friday night Elizabeth and Matt flew to Paris.

Elizabeth and Matt at Sydney Airport
They arrived safe and sound in Paris very early this morning.

After the housework was finished yesterday I cut into my One Bizillion Years BC fabrics to start a custom quilt I've been asked to make.  The dinosaurs have been "bordered" and have been sewn into row.  Next step is to add some fabric to either side of the large dinosaur in the top row.  The stripe fabric for the border is fantastic.  I hope the little one loves all the bright colours and friendly dinosaurs.

We've had a lovely day today - friends came over for lunch - ate too much, as usual.

This going to work is taking a toll on me - so tired each night I can't be bothered doing anything much except sit on the couch for a little while then I fall asleep.  I have been sewing some little hexagons together in my lunch breaks, so that's something positive.

10 September 2012

A Change

Some of the quilting has been done on the pink hexagon quilt but quilting came to a standstill on Monday night as I started a temp assignment on Tuesday, which is full-time for 2 months. So far so good and I hope it continues that way. The people in the office are friendly, the office is lovely and it's not too far from home. Not used to the traffic at that time of morning though.

Still need to quilt two of the borders and I'd like to do some straight line quilting just inside the borders in the white hexagons.

Beautiful spring weather is continuing on the South Coast.

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03 September 2012

Hunky Dory Spin

The last stitch went into the binding last night - 3 nights of tv watching to sew down the binding on this large quilt.  I love the fresh colours.  I used a pattern called Spin Cycle by Cluck Cluck Sew for the block design.

Hunky Dory Spin, 82-1/2" x 94-1/2" (209 cms x 240 cms)

The pink hexagon quilt is now on the frame ready for when I have some time over the next few days.

Yesterday was a lovely day:  birthday lunch for Jenni and Fathers' Day.

Elizabeth and Matt came down.  Still no wedding date but looking more like February as they leave in two weeks for their holiday in France.

01 September 2012

Spring has Sprung

First day of my favourite season - lovely sunny day (although a big chilly).  Time to change the quilts in the family room.

"Truly Scrumptious" on the wall and "Spring Blooms" on the couch.


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