21 April 2020

Catch Up

I had a small pile of squares left over from the Bonnie and Camille Kindness Project quilt, so I went through the crates holding Bonnie and Camille fabrics and cut more squares to make a "Cakewalk" quilt.

I've made this design a couple of times before and really like how it shows off the lovely fabrics.

My stash of Bonnie and Camille fabrics is dangerously low.  Looks like they have a new range coming out later this year and it's very pretty.

Made a little progress on "Shining Brightly" - the pink, aqua and taupe stars are finished.

The second "Village"blocks are made - no Bonnie and Camille or FigTree fabrics in this one either.  Obviously, I have too much fabric hanging around.

"Summer Nights" blocks have been made for a couple of weeks, so they were sewn together late last week.  Still to make the backing.

Two years ago, Elizabeth and her family bought me these beautiful Alison Glass fabrics as a birthday present.  I started making Jen Kingwell's "Long Time Gone" quilt and it's been in the cupboard since December 2018.  I deliberately wanted to take my time making this quilt because I love making all the different blocks and working out which colours should go where, but didn't realise I had left it for so long.

I made some more blocks over the last few days -

Churn Dash
Courthouse Steps
Log Cabin
Blocks made roughly in position.  I am going to LOVE this quilt - the colours are so beautiful.

Working from home is a whole new world of not speaking face-to-face with people for days on end except via WebEx or Zoom or when I visit Mum to take up some groceries or a couple of meals.

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