11 July 2011

Where did we go?

A couple of secret sewing projects were finished on Saturday afternoon.

One needs to be posted straight away and the other in a few weeks.  Then I started sorting through my Fig Tree fabric stash to organise backings for two of the quilt tops in my pile waiting to be quilted.  It will be pieced backings for Floral Bouquet as I don't have one piece of fabric large enough and I've made another pieced backing for Whirlygigs.

Yesterday John and I went for a drive to Ikea.  After 4-1/2 hours of shopping we were ready to come home along with some goodies I bought for the sewing room.  I need to do some sorting/chucking out/tidying before we assemble these purchases but I think the room will be much neater and my stuff will be more accessible in its new home.

We also had a look at all the great things they have to organise wardrobes and kitchen cupboards.  I thought John did really well lasting so long - I did let him have lunch at the cafeteria, and his patience at the check-out was miraculous.


Sue W ♥ said...

A food bribe works every time, can't wait to see what your sewing room looks like, gotta love the minds behind Ikea storage systems

Roseanne said...

don't for get to take a photo of the room after you have finished.

Bev C said...

I think you both deserve something special for shopping that long, I would have been out of there quick as. Hope you have fun managing sorting then putting together your new furniture. You will feel very special when it is finished.
happy days.

Lorraine said...

Oooooooo....Ikea.....! haven't been there in ages.....it's easy to spend many hours in Ikea though....I would love to get my rooms organised.....I need to take some time off and just do it!

Sunshine & Fabric said...

Have fun setting up the storage system....always nice to tidy up our 'stuff'


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