20 July 2011

More Blocks

On Monday night I had enough space cleared around the sewing machine to be able to sew up two more Civil War blocks:

"Railroad Crossing"

"North Star" - I love the pink/milky white Hunky Dory fabric
Last night was stitching group and I took along some completed pies to applique to their backgrounds - it takes as long to do this as it does to make a pie.  Sewed a couple more at home.

I have another 11 pies ready to applique - that will make 30, so soon I'll get around to sewing a row or two together.  In a good week at work I can stitch 5 or 6 pies - by "good" I mean that my lunchtime is uninterrupted.  I love making the pies and tarts.  I plan to make the quilt larger than the pattern suggests and have added quite a few fabrics from my stash.  Jenni has already claimed this quilt - I wonder if she realises what a long-term project this quilt is.

More sorting/tidying tonight and I may do some homework - our next Sylvia's Bridal Sampler block has been announced.

Terrible weather here at the moment - fierce winds, lots of rain etc.  Winter has definitely been here this July.


Sue W ♥ said...

loving the pink, lucky she has made claim to your pie's and tarts as you have no where to hang it :)

Yvette said...

You already know how much I love those blocks. I look forward to your Sylvia block, is it a hard one?

Be safe in that weather!!

Bev C said...

Hello Lynda,

That middle pink fabric is beautiful. Good luck with making a pie each lunchtime.
Happy stitching and stay warm.


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