22 July 2011

Sewing Room 2

Views from near the sewing machine

Looking left from the doorway

Looking from the doorway

From the corner where Bendigo Bear is sitting (we bought the bear in Bendigo in early 1979 when we were on a motor bike ride to Adelaide - Bendigo had to travel home by rail - he also attended our wedding).

That's enough tidying/tweaking for a while - a wet weekend coming up - hoping to have some sewing time.  I wish this rain would fall where it's needed - we've had more than our share.

Two more Civil War Blocks:

"Illinois Roads"

"Barbara Frietchie Star"
Homework for this week is finished:

"Right Hand of Friendship" Sylvia's Bridal Sampler


Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

love your blocks.....and your room how good does it look....

Sue W ♥ said...

wow, it looks great, hope you can remember where everything is :)
nice blocks also

Yvette said...

Great blocks, as usual!
I am just going to bring a sleeping back and stay in that room, it is lovely.

Farm Girl said...

Your room looks brilliant! What an inspiring room to sew in, you must be thrilled with the result. Your Civil War blocks are looking wonderful in pinks!

Christine said...

I am very envious of your wonderful, big sewing room ... mine is small and just about bursting with stuff! I do all my cutting on the kitchen table as there's not enough room for a cutting table in my sewing room. Would love to get a quilting frame but it's not going to happen in this house. Thanks for the inspiring pictures.

Sarah said...

Your sewing room looks great! Love those cubes with baskets! Typial you... a PINK tv! Love it! lol

Bec said...

what an amazing sewing room Lynda! It looks like you have lots of room to move about and store stuff, the cube storage looks great! I think Yvette has the right idea....LOL.


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