09 May 2011

Our Weekend

On Saturday John participated in Ride Around the Lake - a bicycle ride around Lake Illawarra (~40kms).  My girlfriend, Lynell, and I were marshalls along the way.  She brought along water pistols for us to shoot at the riders.

The parcel delivery person came on Saturday to drop off this parcel - see girls, I haven't opened it yet - honestly.

Yesterday was Mothers' Day - a busy but enjoyable day for us. 

This is one of the presents John bought for me

A little greenhouse for our back yard.  Hopefully there'll be some plants in there before too long.

Mum joined John, Jenni and me for lunch and then we drove to Sydney to have dinner at Elizabeth and Matt's place.  Elizabeth is an excellent cook and dinner was delicious.

Can anyone guess what Michael and Peta bought me?

I love it!


teresa said...

Love your friend... what a brilliant idea to bring water pistols ha ha... Dying to know what's growing out of your jumper Lynda... Have an AWESOME day tomorrow xx

Yvette said...

I love that little greenhouse. What a great idea!! I have never been into growing my own things until my mom got sick. Now I take care of her plants and want to learn more and get dirty.


Strange to have a bird coming out of your chest. You will have to tell us / me anyway. So much fun can be had with water pistols.

Bec said...

Looks like you and Lynell had fun marshalling the bike race! A lovely mothers day for you, love the greenhouse! Looking forward to seeing what was in your parcel.....


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