16 May 2011

Little Kids/Big Kids

Yesterday was a beautiful day on the South Coast.  We were invited to Wil's first birthday party - we had a lovely time.

Little Wil with his Mum and Dad
Birthday boy with his Poppy and Nanny
Face painting had been organised for the children and some of the adults had to join in.

Wil's Uncle Shaun and Auntie Kellie bought him The Best Present - what every one year old needs in his garage:

Auntie Kellie, Wil and Uncle Shaun
Uncle Shaun had a fun time driving Wil around.

"Floral Bouquet" is now together - we've moved the clothesline to another area of the back garden, so I need to find somewhere to photograph larger quilts.  This quilt is 80" x 81" - I changed the setting a little bit by making two extra blocks, adding one row to the width and taking two rows from the length, so it now fits a queen bed.

Floral Bouquet
Progress so far on Butterfly Garden Block 5

"Butterfly Garden" Block 5


Lorraine said...

Another busy weekend for you Lynda! I have been thinking it would be nice to work a 9 day fortnight....but I still don't think there would be enough hours in the weekend to do what I want/need...now if only I just had to do the "wants"....LOL

Yvette said...

Oh Lynda! Your floral bouquet is gorgeous. You already know how I feel about your Butterfly Garden.

Have a great week!

helbel19 said...

OMG what a pressie for a 1 year old, bet he has lots of fun in that beauty. Love the quilt suck beautiful colours, well done.


helbel19 said...

Oooooops thats ....such...... oooowa looks bad hey


Sue W ♥ said...

Happy birthday to Wil, wonder what he will get when he's 21?
Love your floral bouquet, it's such a gorgeous pattern, mine is on my bed keeping me snug.
Butterfly Garden is coming along nicely too.

Bec said...

happy birthday Wil! what a fantastic present from his aunt and uncle!
Love FB, looking divine....so gorgeous! Love how you have altered it but it is still the same quilt.
BG is coming along beautifully. Do you use a hoop? this is your last block isn't it????

Leanne said...

Wow an Audi at 1. Looks like a nice weekend.


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