02 February 2018

Busy, Busy

Not a lot of sewing time the last couple of weeks in amongst time spent with family and friends, lots of home basketball games at the end of the season and going to work.

A couple of rounds have been added to Medley.  Very happy with how this quilt is coming together but it's going to be a while before it's all together.

I put Medley aside to make the little cot quilt for Mum to give to Lucy.  The heart/star pattern is from Thimble Blossoms' "Handmade with Love" Christmas quilt and it works beautifully for a baby girl quilt.

For the first time I've joined a beehive.  There are 12 members.  Each member chooses a quilt pattern (the theme is Bonnie and Camille patterns/fabrics) and every month one person is selected and each member makes a block from that person's quilt pattern and posts it to the person.  I've chosen "Summer Nights" by Bonnie Olaveson in all scrappy B&C fabrics.

The beehive members will make the star blocks in scrappy Bonnie and Camille fabrics and I will make the Irish Chain filler blocks.  I'll make a few extra blocks because I want the quilt to be a bit larger.

This week I've been going through my B&C scrap drawer and trimming lots of pieces to 2-1/2" and 2" squares to use in "Summer Nights".   Scrappy quilts are my favourite.

"The Post" was fantastic.  I need to watch "All the President's Men" again if I can get hold of a copy.  Mum and I plus a bunch of friends went to see "Darkest Hour" on Monday night - fabulous movie - made more interesting by having Mum giving a running commentary on all the events and people.  Tuesday afternoon Mum had a cataract removed and, aside from a bit of a black eye, no-one would know she'd had surgery.  She is remarkable.

I have a few quilt tops at the quilters. I dropped off the pink hearts quilt and "Nine Patch Waltz" and picked up "Cakewalk" from Karen.  The binding is sewn on and will hopefully be stitched down next week.

Yesterday was little ChaCha's third birthday - unbelievable!  She is now quite grown up, chatters pretty much non-stop and is a delight.  She was very excited about her new fish tank and fish.

Friends are visiting from Queensland - so looking forward to seeing them tonight. 


Chookyblue...... said...

Like the look of your bee quilt..... Enjoy your visitors......

marina said...

Lots of beautiful projects to look at Lynda!
Always love seeing your quilts come together.
Happy birthday to miss Cha Cha that time has flown!

Maria said...

Lots of lovely quilts you're working on...
little ones grown up far too fast...


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