13 February 2018

Scrappy Crossroads Cot Quilt

Last December we learned that Mum's best friend's first great-grandchild had been born and Mum decided she'd like a quilt for Baby Maggie.

I've been saving Bonnie and Camille mini charm squares to make a full-size Scrappy Crossroads quilt (designed by Lori Holt) and thought Maggie's quilt would be a great opportunity to make the block and see how I liked it in a quilt.  I love it and this pink Kona Solid "Peony" is such a beautiful colour.  I used it in two cot quilts late last year as well and have now only scraps left.

This was quilted by Jenny at AngelCake Quilting and I used a cute strawberry fabric for the backing - bought the strawberry fabric when on a little holiday with Diann last year.

I had just enough of the "Old and New 30's" fabric left for a border.

We went to see "I, Tonya" last night - another in-your-face style of movie with even more bad language than "Three Billboards ...".  Very well cast and acted.  If this version of Tonya's life in any way reflects the truth, I can't help but feel a lot of sympathy for her and hope that she's happier now.

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Patchwork and Play said...

Very pretty quilt Lynda. We watched an SBS documentary on Tonya Harding recently. It may still be available ‘on demand’? Anyway it did give further insight into the whole affair. I’m not convinced she was totally innocent in it, but she was treated rather harshly. She seems pretty happy, all things considered. Add Lady Bird to your must-see list. It’s a cracker too!


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