15 February 2018


Stitched the last section of the binding down on "Nova" last night - it was pretty hot but I've worked out a way to hold the part I'm stitching without having the quilt on my lap.

"Nova" is a quilt designed by Kim Brackett from her book "Scrap Basket Sensations".  I have a few of her books and the designs all feature clever use of 2-1/2" widths of fabric.  The beautiful colours in these fabrics show up better in the following photos.  This quilt isn't very big - a good lap size - it's as big as I could make it from the fabrics I had.

The fabrics are Hofman Batiks and the colour range is called "Splash".

A floral batik fabric for the backing and multi-coloured batik binding.  Jenny at AngelCake Quilting quilted this one with a spiral design, which looks good against all the sharp angles of the blocks.

One small Christmas quilt to bind then I'm up-to-date.  Not much machine-sewing time this week.  Hope to finish off the "Bradley Street" and "Clambake" cot quilt tops over the next few days and possibly get back to "Medley".  Going out Friday night and no other plans for the weekend, except usual household stuff, so definitely looking forward to some time in The Pink Room.

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Chookyblue...... said...

Lovely quilt..... Always great to get the binding finished.....
I have one too stitch down...... One 1/2 done and two quilts waiting to get the binding attached....... .


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