09 January 2017

Wipe Out

Second weekend of December I was sidelined by a virus that turned into a chest infection and hung around for the rest of the month and into the early new year.  Consequently I didn't finish as much Christmas sewing as I would have liked but, thankfully, I had most of the Secret Santa presents made that I needed to send to Teresa.

I didn't take photos of the smaller Advent presents, only the Christmas Day gifts:

"Super Tote" designed by Noodlehead


"Sew Together Bag" designed by Sew Demented

I received the most wonderful gifts from Lorraine:

Days 1 and 2:  Christmas Tea Towels and Christmas Coasters
Day 3:  Christmas Potholders
Days 4 and 5:  Ornament (pink antlers and tiara) and Clotted Cream Fudge

Christmas Day's present was this fabulous Doctor's Bag in beautiful Union Jack/UK fabric - so beautifully made and Lorraine also sent some coins in the zipper pocket.

I made each of my sweethearts a pair of Christmas pj's

 and a couple of little dresses for ChaCha with patterns I'd made for her mother and auntie.

Finished off a couple of Annie Downs decorations for the sweethearts

and a Christmas stocking for Kurt to add to the family swag that hangs in the loungeroom.


I am said...

Hi Lynda ,boy what awesome swap gifts sent and received, all those bags are amazing.
Love the PJ's and decoratioms.
Hope you feel better now,my mum has a chest infection and it has knocked her for six.
Hope you have a lovely week my friend xx

Maria said...

Oh no do hope you are completely over your virus now.....
Sew many beautiful gifts sent and received...
Love those sweet PJs and those cute dresses never go out of style.....

Chookyblue...... said...

Lovely gifts here........ Funny how a little bug can lay you low for so long.....

creations.1 said...

Beautiful gifts coming and going. I hope you are feeling much better now.

marina said...

Happy new year Lynda hope you have recovered from your illness. Not much fun being sick during Christmas.
What amazing gifts sent and received!
Lovely dress patterns for Cha Cha,a classic is a classic!

Michelle said...

What great gifts that you received and swapped!! I love all the decorations you made especially the stocking. Hope you are feeling better now!


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