13 May 2012

A Party

We had such a lovely time at the birthday party yesterday morning.  The Birthday Boy is our dear friends' grandson and it's so nice to be included in the fun.

The Birthday Boy
Poppy arranged for a baby animal farm to visit - all the children loved patting, feeding and chasing the animals.  The little pigs were hilarious.
With his Poppy
This guy from next door really wanted to join the party.

The birthday cake.

Birthday cake with his Mum
It's time for a new hairstyle - I have an appointment with my hairdresser on Wednesday.  Picked up my new glasses 2 weeks ago and am finally used to the new lenses.

These are the two blocks that make up the Stepping Stones quilt - not sure yet if I really like them.  I'm hoping I feel more positive when more blocks are together.

Stepping Stones blocks made with FigTree Fig and Plum
Karen and I will be making our quilts over the next few months.

Yesterday evening finally put a quilt on the frame (Buttercup Squares) - about time I attacked the pile of quilt tops.  This quilt is a wedding present for July.

Happy Mothers' Day!


Maria said...

Looks like a fun day and hope you have another one today.

Anonymous said...

lovely happy post Lynda,happy mother's day.xx

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Happy Mothers Day Lynda..little peoples birthdays are the best....love the new glasses....new hairstyle?? what are you going to do..??

Sarah said...

Happy Mothers Day

How awesome was that cake! Looks like a funny little bday!

Looking forward to seeing your new 'do'!

Your blocks look great too!


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