27 May 2012

Our Weekend

I thought I had finished this quilt top

and then I came across some more Simplicity fabrics - think I'll make another border of larger pinwheels to finish it off.  I have just enough of the bright pink stripe for binding.

Gosh it was cold here yesterday - the wind was very icy.  A bit better today.  Started work on Thursday and this temp assignment will last until the new permanent appointment is able to start (interviews will be held on Wednesday).  Some lovely people in the office and the work is interesting.

The weekend has been lovely so far:  a 21st birthday party on Friday night

Kirra, the birthday girl
With Dale and Jenni - thinking about doing the "Nutbush" - we did.

My friend Barbara, Kirra's Mum, and her other daughter Blair
followed by dinner last night at our friends' home - it's always a pleasure to see them.

Back to the reality of ironing etc before the working week starts :)


Anonymous said...

love your Shoes Lynda in one of the pics,enjoy your day.xx

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Great quilt....I like the shoes as well....LOL...I do like that new hair cut..

De said...

Gorgeous quilt... will look great with pinwheel borders. That pic of you with your new look is fantastic.

Anonymous said...

Just beautiful Lynda...

Teresa said...

ha ha... I had to go back to look at your shoes...very very nice and I love your new haircut. The quilt looks amazing... where's the photo of you doing the nutbush????


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