22 January 2012

Twirling Bliss

I've had a jelly roll of Bliss fabrics for a couple of years.  I bought it just because I liked the colours and designs but could never decide what to make with it.  After looking through a stack of patterns and books a decision has been made.

Jelly roll strips were paired up and sewn together yesterday then while watching/listening to the tennis later last night, 572 diamond shapes were cut.

I'm making Jelly Girl designed by Fig Tree.  I love the red spot on the milky white background.  I bought that fabric before Christmas at a local shop just because I liked it - should have bought a lot more but sadly the shop has closed and there are no details printed on the selvedge.  I have a Bliss layer cake in the cupboard - not sure what I'll make with that yet.  Michael and Peta might get to choose which quilt they'd like - maybe they'll want both.

Had a lovely time with the Schoolgirls at lunch yesterday and Jenni was here when I arrived home - we watched the Vicar of Dibley 10 year special and the wedding specials - so very, very funny.


Sue W ♥ said...

Such a happy fabric and I love your spots, sad you can't get more. enjoy your sewing

Kylie said...

Oh I do love Bliss - the quilt is going to look fantastic. xx

Maria said...

I do hope you had a Go Cutter to do all those beautiful diamonds. Your quilt will be beautiful when put together.


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